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Dynasty 2/21/20

(EAW Logo Buzzes.)

(We get two brief recaps of EAW’s big FPV shows, King of Elite and Clash of Kingdoms, before we get a clear shot of the EAW crowd live from inside The Dome of Doom in Laramie, Wyoming. The fans are raucous and hype as Friday Night Dynasty’s intro cuts in and plays. As the intro ends, we get a bit of pyro fired off as Friday Night Dynasty’s theme plays before we get a shot of the commentary trio ringside.)

Stew-O: Welcome everyone! This is Friday Night Dynasty and we are live here in Laramie, Wyoming and we are here to bring to you the best brand of professional wrestling in all of the land!

Flannery McCoy: That’s right, Stew-O! It’s Flannery McCoy and alongside Stew-O and myself we are joined by the man that did a decent job alongside Gavin Kirkland calling the show at Clash of Kingsoms, Jake Mercer. How do you feel, Jake?

Jake Mercer: I sprained my ankle. I was leaving the arena floor at Clash of Kingdoms and Gavin had spilled so much lotion on the ground that it felt like a fight trying to not fall. I twisted my ankle but I’m here fighting through injury to help the good cause and continue  joining you two at our commentary booth!

Flannery McCoy: Oh how brave.

Jake Mercer: Thanks! I’m juiced up with Motrin and I’m ready to give the gutsy performance of a lifetime!

Flannery McCoy: Oh, that was sarcasm sweetie nobody cares. 

Jake Mercer: :jamienohaira: Am I a joke to you?

Stew-O: You know what’s not a joke? This card! Angel De Plata Jr vs TLA, Lethal Consequences and NvL, champion vs champion between Darcy May Morgan and Justin Windgate, and a main event between National Elite Champ Kassidy Heart and King of Elite Visual Prophet! Plus so much more as-

(‘Zero’ by Crown the Empire blasts out the speakers. Out walks Drake King with the most smug and self serving grin on his face. Drake spreads his arms as he shows off his newly won World Heavyweight championship. Drake beats his chest as he pumps himself up before walking down to the ring.)

Stew-O: The man that finally overcame his last hurdle, the man that dethroned TLA and his incredible title reign. Drake King stands alone as the new World Heavyweight Champ and like it or not he looks capable of keeping that belt for a very long time.

Flannery McCoy: Drake King as World Champion will take some getting used to if I’m being honest.

Jake Mercer: Be honest but be merry. WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT KANG IS HERE!!!

(Drake enters the ring and flashes his belt in front of the booing crowd. Drake turns around and basks in his own glory before being handed a microphone.)

Drake King: I’m sure all of you are expecting me to start this off with some long speech about how I’ve been working to reach this title or whatever, but nah. There’s only one thing I have to say regarding my win at King of Elite. I told you so. I said what I was going to do to TLA, and I did it. I’m not looking for love and support from any of you, I already have Sierra and honestly she’s all I really need in life right now. I’m not looking for any forgiveness after I decimated one of the “fan favorites” around here. I have everything I want, and now it’s back to business. I am here to-


Drake King: Language, people!


Drake King: Alright, screw it! You want to hate me for how I did it? You want to hate me for taking the most prized possession that sloppy Mexican immigrant had, huh? You all should be GRATEFUL and show appreciation to me. I am your new World Heavyweight Championship and you act naive or ignorant as if this day was lit inevitably coming shows the lack of intelligence each and everyone of you have. I am the quintessential Elite Answers Wrestling Star. I am the best professional wrestler this company has ever seen and you guys want to remain salty at me because I didn’t do it the way you guys wanted me to. You are upset at me and Sierra because we capitalize on TLA’s ineptitude and seized our moment. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU ANT SIZED…

(Drake pauses. He stops himself from getting worked up as the crowd continues to boo him.)

Drake King:  I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t beat TLA at King of Elite. I’ve been trying for so long to reach this belt and now that I have it I feel satisfied. Now that I have this and Sierra by my side I feel complete. This World Heavyweight Championship and Sierra Bradford complete me and with both accompanying me on this new journey I embark on I have no doubt in my mind that I will become the greatest World Heavyweight Champion this world has ever seen. While Terry Chambers is blowing his title shots and Jake Smith is blowing his title shots, I am the one standing left as the only one that could get the job done. TLA has a good reign but as The Paragon of EAW it’s time we restore order and truth to this company. As the perfect man to lead this company into this new decade, I promise to not disgrace this prestigious title as he did. I promise not to make a mockery of this division like Impact did. I guarantee that I will be more worthy as champion then that skinny geek Noah was. Jamie O’Hara, Rex McAllister, Chris Elite, all will pale in comparison to me. With Sierra’s love and the World Heavyweight Championship around my waist, nothing and nobody will stop Drake K-

(‘Another One Bites The Dust’ by Queen plays as Drake is stopped mid sentence. The crowd is on their feet as out struts The Visual Prophet while wearing a gold crown and a purple robe over his wrestling attire. Drake Kong’s face turns to a stone cold expression as he slowly turns his head to see Viz on stage hitting the Lil Uzi Vert shoulder dance as fans cheered.)

Stew-O: All hail this years King of Elite, The Visual Prophet is here!

Flannery McCoy: The man that managed to defeat Charlie Marr and Jamie O’Hara at King of Elite, Viz is back here on Dynasty with the crown that so few elitist ever get to wear. 

Jake Mercer: And his ‘buddy’ Drake King doesn’t look that enthusiastic about it.

Flannery McCoy: Would you be excited to see the man with the chance to cash in and challenge you or any of the other World Champions at his time and choice walking out to confront you?

Stew-O: Well, he may not be trying to confront Drake because despite their negative past, Viz always seems excited about them teaming up together.

(Viz enters the ring and stands as Drake rubs his entire face with his hand as he forces a smile on his face. Viz is handed a microphone as his music fades.)

The Visual Prophet: Sup, champ?

Drake King: Oh…hi Viz. What a pleasant…surprise to see you coming out to interrupt my impromptu victory speech.

The Visual Prophet: Oh don’t mind me, go right ahead. Continue my friend.

Drake King: Um, you sure? You came all the way down here, you don’t have anything to say? You even grabbed a microphone.

The Visual Prophet: Nope. Speak your peace, beloved.

Drake King: You positive there is nothing you have to say?

The Visual Prophet: Draaaake! Go ahead! I’m just here for morale support, you know. One King to another. :mjgrin:

Drake King: Oh yeah, congratulations on winning that by the way. Did you get the edible arrangements me and Sierra sent to you hotel room that night?

The Visual Prophet: Nah, must have got lost in transit.

Drake King: Oh, what about the bottle of champagne I ordered for you to be delivered as well?

The Visual Prophet: Oh, I didn’t seem to get that either. Maybe somebody stole it or something I don’t know. Don’t worry about me, Drake. Continue your victory speech. I’m just here to get a front row view of it all.

Drake King: Oh. Ok. Well, where was I? I…oh yeah. Ok, so as I was saying, I think-

The Visual Prophet: I just think it’s funny how…

Drake King: …Um…

The Visual Prophet: I kind of think you forgot to mention me as being apart of this little group you just configured here. You mentioned that you have the World Heavyweight Championship and Sierra Bradford and that’s essentially all you need. That’s cute, I guess Drizzy and Vizzy is chopped liver, huh?

Drake King: Wait, you sure I didn’t include you in that? 

The Visual Prophet: I must be deaf but I don’t think you did. But that’s cool. 

Drake King: Look, I know you Viz. You think I’m stupid don’t you? You are officially King of Elite and you clearly plan on cashing in that title opportunity on me and

The Visual Prophet: Woah now!

(Viz walks over and puts his finger on Drake’s lips.)

The Visual Prophet: That’s blasphemous, Drake!

(Drake lightly pushes his finger off his lip as he begins sniffing his top lift.)

Drake King: Why does your finger smell like fish?

The Visual Prophet: I went back to Jordie Ripley for seconds…

Drake King: Oh…wait! Did you wash your hands?!

The Visual Prophet: Look, Drake…you are my friend! I would never cash in this lucrative King of Elite title opportunity on a friend of mine! 

Drake King: I don’t know if I believe you. You can’t pull a fast one on the Paragon and you can’t honestly think I don’t see you playing mind games and using our tag team record as a way of trying to lull me into a false sense of security? Do you think I’m dumb?

The Visual Prophet: I kind of do, yes.

Drake King: Excuse me?!

The Visual Prophet: You must be dumb to keep ignoring my friendship. Ever since we teamed up prior to the Extreme Elimination Chamber I have been all in on this thing between us. You have stabbed me in the back but I have forgiven you for it. Despite us both being pinned at the same at are Road to Redemption, it was you that was given the World Title shot before me. I try to reach you on social media prior to winning this King of Elite and you shunned me repeatedly. I thought with you being World champ and me King of Elite that, I don’t know, Vizzy and Drizzy could rule over Dynasty and EAW together. But, it seems you are content with just you and Sierra and your belt and I’m here with this crown and this ability to challenge any champion at any time I do choose to and I’m left to make that decision all by myself. 

Drake King: What? Look, I don’t know what you’re thinking but I tried to reach out! I sent the edible arrangements, the champagne, I even bought the new Viz shirt and I was going to wear it out here tonight but Sierra bought the wrong size and then it somehow was set on fire or something but if you say I can trust you I want to believe I can trust you. It’s just, you and that crown makes me uneasy. Not to say I can’t beat you…

The Visual Prophet: I mean, last time we went one on one, you didn’t win…

Drake King: Well, that’s because Cage’s interference.

The Visual Prophet: Yea, cool story. I still beat.

Drake King: C’mon man.

The Visual Prophet: You can trust me is all I want you to know. You can trust me, Champ. Hey, big guy…the suns getting real low.

Drake King: I wish you wouldn’t make references like that because you know I love those movies and it ruins them. It ruins them and makes it hard for me to watch them ever again.

The Visual Prophet: You can trust me Drake, I just need ONE teeny little favor and I promise you will have my trust from now until the end of time, darling.

Drake King: Look, I’m not going to go with you to some strip club, I’m a spoken for man and I don’t like to partake in tricking or cocaine or all those shenanigans.

The Visual Prophet: Jesus, Drake. That’s not what I’m getting at. I want you to trust me and I have one favor I want to ask that will help prove we both can trust each other as a team and as friends. I need you to help me with something, Drake.

Drake King: Ok, what do you need from me?

The Visual Prophet: …Soon you will understand. :mjgrin:

Drake King: Huh?

The Visual Prophet: Until then-


Stew-O: Oh my! The Visual Prophet just slapped the backside of Drake King!

Flannery McCoy: Drake does a small hop as he’s caught off guard at Viz’s pat.

The Visual Prophet: I love you, buddy! DRIZZY AND VIZZY 4EVA!

Drake King: Did you just?!?

(‘Another one bites the dust’ plays on once again as Viz drops down and rolls right out of the bottom rope.)


(Drake sighs as he looks around to see people laughing at him as Viz sashays up the ramp.)

Stew-O: The King and The Champ look to be trying to keep their undefeated tag team together. Both achieved mass success but now the tension they already have may get more intense with Drake as World Heavyweight Champion and Viz as King of Elite.

Flannery McCoy: I mean,  what could possibly be the favor Viz is asking Drake for? 

Jake Mercer: Maybe it’s matching tattoos? Maybe Viz wants to join Sierra and Drake and have a polygamist relationship? Drake already doesn’t curse, maybe he could switch to being a Mormon?

Stew-O: Viz has a huge match tonight but Drake might have a huge task in store depending on what exactly Prophet wants from him. A favor for a friend could be exactly what they both need to build enough trust to guarantee Viz doesn’t cash in his opportunity on Drake and try to take his championship.

Flannery McCoy: Or…Viz could just be toying with Drake this entire time and possibly cash in anyway! If you’re Drake, what do you do? Plus, you never know who will step up to challenge Drake for his first title defense!

(Commercial Break)

(“Come On” by Waterproof Blonde hits, as Ronan Malosi makes his way down to the ring. The fans boo him the entire time, but Ronan gives fans a mean stare as a way of taunting them back)

Stephie Love: The following match is a triple threat match that is set for!!!

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!!!

Stephie Love: Introducing first, from Capetown, South Africa.. Weighing in at 280lbs!! RONANN MALOSIIIII!!!

Jake Mercer: This is my pick to win this match here. The biggest, strongest, and most intimidating man amongst the three competitors.

Stew-O: And the experience that he has gained over the course of this season also plays well in his favor! This should be a great match for Ronan Malosi!

(“VI Allegro Con Fuoco” by Antonin Duvorak hits, as the crowd cheers! Niklas Arnold steps out onto the stage, as he makes his way down to the ring)

Stephie Love: And his opponent, from Cologne, Germany, weighing in at 210lbs.. NIKLAS!!! ARNOLD!!!!!

Stew-O: And here he is! Niklas Arnold! For those of you who don’t know, Niklas has his mind set on showing the world what he is capable of.

Jake Mercer: That and the fact that he wants to get out of his brother Xavier’s shadow.

Flannery McCoy: That’s a tough task, but with the right mindset, Niklas can make it happen!!

(Hysteria by Muse hits, as the fans boo loudly. Gwyn Gilfried steps out onto the stage, as he ignores all of the booing and gets down to the ring)

Stephie Love: And lastly, from Bethnal Green, London, England!! Weighing in at 187lbs!!!! GWYN GILFRIED!!!!!!!

Jake Mercer: Do you hear that? When the fans boo you as loud as they’re booing Gwyn, that’s when you know your doing something right.

Flannery McCoy: What makes you say that?

Jake Mercer: Look at his record. The man still has yet to lose. Not only that, but he’s beaten some solid competition already in his young career. I know I said I had Ronan Malosi winning, but this man is no joke.


Stew-O: And there’s the bell! This match starts off with Gwyn Gilfried quickly landing a jab onto Niklas Arnold! Gwyn follows the jab with a right hook that catches Niklas right in the jaw! That jab causes Niklas to stumble back, as Gwyn now turns his attention towards Ronan Malosi!

Jake Mercer: And Gwyn connects with a powerful right hook onto Ronan Malosi!! No! Ronan catches Gwyn’s arm and blocks the punch! Ronan uses his free arm to connect with a strong punch to the stomach of Gwyn Gilfried! Ronan connects with another punch to the abdomen then whips Gwyn to the ropes behind him!

Flannery McCoy: Gwyn runs to the ropes, rebounds, AND RUNS RIGHT INTO A SPINEBUSTER BY RONAN MALOSI!!! Ronan springs right back up to his feet and stares down at Gwyn!

Stew-O: But look from behind! It’s Niklas Arnold who lands a forearm to the back of Ronan Malosi’s head that causes him to stumble forward! Niklas follows behind Ro-

Jake Mercer: SUPERKICK!!! RONAN MALOSI POPPED RIGHT UP AND LANDED A SUPERKICK THAT CAUGHT NIKLAS RIGHT IN THE JAW!!! Niklas Arnold is stunned as he falls back against the corner turnbuckle behind him! Ronan Malosi now grabs Gwyn Gilfried, but Gilfried manages to fight from his knees, as he connects with a series of jabs to the stomach of Ronan Malosi! Ronan takes a step back, as Gwyn steps up and connects with a quick back elbow then a pele kick that stuns Ronan Malosi!!!!

Stew-O: Ronan got kicked hard right there!

Flannery McCoy: And Gwyn isn’t finished, as he grabs at Ronan Malosi’s arm and attempts to whip him into the corner that Niklas Arnold is leaning against! But Ronan uses his size to prevent Gwyn irish whipping him. Instead, Ronan Malosi pulls Gwyn Gilfried in and drives a hard knee strike to the stomach of Gwyn Gilfried! Gwyn gasps for a quick second, as Ronan grabs hold of Gwyn’s upper and lower body! AND RONAN BIEL TOSSES GWYN INTO NIKLAS ARNOLD IN THE CORNER!!!!

Stew-O: Niklas Arnold moves out of the way at the last second, as Gwyn Gilfried goes shoulder first into the corner turnbuckle!! And Niklas Arnold charges at Ronan Malosi with a running headbutt!! It connects!! Ronan Malosi was caught off guard but still manages to remain on his feet! Niklas Arnold now with a kick to the gut of Malosi! And another! Malosi bends over, but quickly pops up after a right hook by Niklas Arnold!!

Flannery McCoy: Niklas Arnold now grabs at Ronan Malosi’s arm! Niklas walks over to the corner, and uses Gwyn Gilfried who’s still stuck in the corner, as a stepping stool by stepping up onto his back to stand up onto the top rope!!! Niklas walks the top rope with control of Ronan Malosi’s arm!! FREE FALL BY NIKLAS ARNOLD!!!!!

Stew-O: NO!!! THE LAST RIDE DOESN’T CONNECT AS NIKLAS FELL RIGHT INTO A SPINEBUSTER BY RONAN MALOSI!!!! Ronan Malosi gets back up to his feet and begins laughing as he rubs his hands together with an evil smirk on his face.

Flannery McCoy: Ronan now turns his attention towards Gwyn Gilfried who is just now getting himself out of the corner! Gwyn turns around out of the corner, and is met by a hard right hand by Ronan Malosi! Ronan now with a forearm to the top of Gwyn’s head! Gwyn falls back, but Ronan quickly whips Gwyn across the ring! Gwyn rebounds off of the far ropes! BIG BOOT BY RONAN MALOSI!!!

Jake Mercer: No!! Gwyn GIlfried catches Ronan Malosi’s foot! Ronan is trying to kick his leg free, but Gwyn keeps a tight hold! DRAGON SCREW LEG WHIP!!! GWYN CONNECTS WITH IT!!

Stew-O: Ronan Malosi’s back and head hit the mat hard after that move! Gwyn quickly gets on top of Ronan Malosi and locks in the RINGS OF SATURN!! That’s the crossface!! Gwyn is squeezing the head and neck with all of his might!! If he can’t make the giant in Ronan Malosi tap out, at least he can wear him down here!!

Jake Mercer: But Gwyn’s going for the win here Stew! Don’t you see how hard he is squeezing Ronan’s head and neck? His head may just pop off!

Flannery McCoy: I’m pretty sure that’s highly unlikely, but Gwyn does have a tight grip on Ronan Malosi for sure!

Stew-O: Ronan Malosi is losing air! He can barely breathe, as he is no longer able to fully raise his arms to reach for the bottom ropes! Gwyn Gilfried has been suffocating this man for over a minute! The referee may have to call this one!!

Jake Mercer: But here’s Niklas Arnold with a stomp onto Gwyn’s back to break the submission!! Niklas Arnold now grabs Gwyn Gilfried, and lifts him into the air before connecting with a german suplex!! Niklas quickly gets to his feet, as Gwyn slowly follows after. Niklas runs up to Gwyn and goes for the CLAYMORE!! The kick connects!!

Stew-O: What a move by Niklas that sends Gwyn across the ring before falling to the mat! Niklas gets back up to his feet, as he walks towards the downed Gwyn Gilfried.

Flannery McCoy: But look! Behind Niklas!! It’s Ronan Malosi!! Ronan is sizing Niklas from behind!! Niklas turns around.. SAVATE KICK BY RONAN MALOSI!! IT CONNECTS!! Niklas bends over, as Ronan Malosi grabs Niklas’ body and pulls him in! Ronan lifts Niklas up in the air in a fireman’s carry! It looks like Ronan Malosi is going for the.. THE WIDOW MAKER!!!

Stew-O: NO!!! Gwyn Gilfried was able to get right up and landed a powerful shoot kick to the chest of Ronan Malosi that prevented the F-5 from being hit!! Ronan drops to one knee with Niklas still on his shoulders after the kick to the chest. Gwyn Gilfried takes a step back before leaping towards the head of Niklas Arnold with a HESITATION DROPKICK!! Gwyn lands the hesitation dropkick on Niklas, as Ronan Malosi lets go of Niklas’s body due to the impact!! Niklas falls to the mat behind Ronan Malosi!!

Jake Mercer: And now Gwyn kicks Ronan Malosi in the stomach, as Ronan Malosi falls down to his hands and knees!! Gwyn Gilfried now runs over to the ropes, he rebounds.. AND GWYN CONNECTS WITH A PENALTY KICK ONTO RONAN MALOSI!!! Ronan is out cold!! Gwyn covers!!!




Stew-O: NO! Niklas Arnold is there to break the pin with a leaping forearm to the back of Gwyn’s head!! Gwyn slowly gets up to his feet, but Niklas charges at him with a running headbutt!!! No!! Gwyn counters with a big boot that catches Niklas square in the face!! Niklas is stunned as he staggers backwards, but Gwyn is there to connect with another kick to the gut, and pulls Niklas in!! Gwyn lifts Niklas up!! USHIGOROSHI!!!!! The Neckbreaker over the knee connects!! Gwyn covers Niklas!!





(“Hysteria” by Muse hits, as the crowd erupts into boos. Gwyn gets up to his feet, as the referee raises his hand in the air)

Stephie Love: Here is your winner!! GWYN GILFRIED!!!!

Jake Mercer: And the streak lives on!!

Stew-O: What a match by all three of these competitors. It really could have gone to any one of these guys, but in the end it was Gwyn who picked up the victory, managing to keep his undefeated streak going!

Flannery McCoy: Another win for Gwyn! This man has definitely caught a lot of people’s attention here tonight!

(We open up backstage as we see a shot of a very curvy blonde woman with her muscular back to the camera. As the camera pans out it’s revealed that the location is a locker room setting as the woman turns and reveals herself to be none other than Kassidy Heart. The crowd pops for the sight of The Mauler as she grabs and picks up her National Elite Championship and shows off her ring gear as in walks Michael Belfort holding a microphone.)

Michael Belfort: Hello Kassidy. First, congratulations on your big win at King of Elite and congrats on dethroning Lethal Consequences to become the new National Elite champion.

Kassidy Heart: Well, looks like someone has the respect to congratulate me on that feat. So many people had doubts that I could pull it off and so many people believed I’d be exposed by Lethal Consequences yet here I stand. Your new National Elite champion in the flesh with a little LC flesh still stuck in my teeth.

Michael Belfort: Yeah, you biting his lip was a WTF moment that shocked everyone. Mind if I ask, what did his lip taste like?

Kassidy Heart: Hmm. Have you ever had orange chicken?

Michael Belfort: Yes.

Kassidy Heart: It was nothing like orange chicken. LC’s lip tasted like cigarette butts dumped into a room temperature Corona bottle that gets poured into the skin of a dead animal. I don’t get how Lindsey Kingsley even pretended to kiss this guy. Yuck.

Michael Belfort: Well, that’s an image that’s pretty rough to have to imagine. Anyway, how does it feel to capture your new championship and what do you plan on doing as National Elite champion?

Kassidy Heart: Well, LC was a divisive and sexist pig that needed to be squashed so I squashed him. He might have his creepy little cult like fan base that thought the things he said and did was funny or entertaining but he won’t have the spotlight that comes when you have this title anymore to promote his idiotic beliefs. I did what Hilary couldn’t do to Trump; I shut up the big bad man with the loud voice and the ugly merchandise. Now, I take my aim at the entire field in front of me and beg anybody to come and stop me from dominating as the current National Elite champ. Man or woman, it doesn’t matter who you put up with me. They will get beat and if they piss me off enough…they will get mauled. It’s a lot of capable competitors in this division and as champion I will be accepting challenges and fighting all on comers. Despite what my fiercest critics want to say or think, I will be the most devastating champion in all of EAW. 

Michael Belfort: You mention the critics, may I ask, what are some of the things you have heard that people may have said that left you feeling slighted. Anything in particular?

Kassidy Heart: I’m the most accomplished women’s professional wrestler in this company yet people nit pick and dissect everything in my career and I don’t shy away from coming at them. Tonight I’ve got a rematch with The Visual Prophet, the current King of Elite, yet I knew when the match went up people would count me out. Just like they counted me out the first time at House of Glass. I see that crown on his head and I can turn and see people who didn’t like me just infatuated with him and assume this time he will finish the job he couldn’t finish the first time and actually beat me but to him and anybody that thinks that, you can go fuck yourself. I’m not your new National Elite champ because of my husband or because of pity. I’m the champ because I’ve earned it and because I’m the best. I won the Iconic Cup because I was the best, I won the Universal Women’s Championship because I was the best, and I won this title because I am the best. When I beat The Visual Prophet tonight, I’ll make what Jake Smith did to him him look less like an upset and more like a pattern. Instead of questioning if I belong in the ring with the likes of TLA, Drake King, Viz, or anybody that matters…I promise people will start questioning if they belong in the ring with Kassidy He-

???: Spoken like a true spoiled brat.

Kassidy Heart: What did you just say, Michael?

Michael Belfort: What!? That wasn’t me!

???: It was me. 

(In walks Nathan Von Liebert into the frame. Kassidy rolls her eyes as Belfort takes a step back as NvL steps forward and gets face to face with the champion.)

Nathan Von Liebert: It was me calling you out for being a spoiled, pompous, parasitic brat who is handed every opportunity available until she gets lucky and wins against people who have had to claw and fight for everything they have. I may not like Lethal Consequences, but at least he didn’t have to fall in love with the boss to become National Elite champ. LC didn’t have to kiss StarrStan’s ass to get a shot back when he first won it like you.

Kassidy Heart: Really? First off, you shouldn’t even be allowed to speak to me directly you Solomon Hill clone loser. You no name insect, you don’t know anything. Speaking to me directly is a right you haven’t even earned. Let alone being able to barge into my locker room and disrespect me with such false bullshit. Speaking of opportunities, you wanna talk about spoiled, huh? Weren’t you given a chance in the King of Elite tournament despite only being here a few months and ultimately lost to Viz? Then, you were given an opportunity to face Justin Windgate for the New Breed championship and what happened with that? Looks like you blew that because only one person here has championship gold in their possession and it ain’t Mike and for damn sure ain’t you. It’s me.

Nathan Von Liebert: When you’re right, you’re right. Ms Heart…this is all true. NvL went from KOE hopeful to not in one night. Went from New Breed contender to the newest casualty of The New Breed Classic’s reign right after that. Those two opportunities pale in comparison to all the chances EAW has given you since you joined. But, like Michael Belfort did, I want to congratulate you on becoming National Elite champion. You took the last chance you were given and made the most of it. As for me, I’m going to do like you did and try and keep snatching opportunities as they come and I’ll refrain myself from having to marry one of the bosses to do so.

Kassidy Heart: You need to watch your fucking mouth before

Nathan Von Liebert: Before you bite it off? I know all about you and your Mauler persona. But, now it’s my turn to show you a little bit of my personality and-


Stew-O: OH MY GOODNESS! NvL just headbutt Kassidy square on her forehead! Kassidy stumbles backwards as she drops her belt and NvL grabs the back of her head and SLAMS HER INTO A STEEL LOCKER OVER AND OVER! KASSIDY IS THEN FLUNG TO THE GROUND AS NVL GRABS HER BELT UP AND STALKS HER!

Flannery McCoy: This is despicable! He cheap shot the champ! Kassidy is defenseless as she slowly gets off the ground and NVL JUST SMACKED HER ON THE SIDE OF THE HEAD WITH HER OWN TITLE! KASSIDY IS DOWN AS MICHAEL FLEES THE SCENE FOR HIS OWN SAFETY!

Jake Mercer: RUN FORREST, RUN!!!

(Kassidy is down as NvL clutches her belt in his hand and stands over the champion.)

Nathan Von Liebert: As I was saying. Now it’s time I show you and the entire world more of my personality and show this entire company that when one door closes, you blow the roof off the entire building and get what you want. You have what I want now, Kassidy. But, let’s see if you will even have the opportunity to defend it when the time comes. Good luck, champ.

Flannery McCoy: This guy is unhinged and needs to get a clue!

Jake Mercer: Kass still has a huge match tonight, that was blatantly uncalled for. With that said, got to respect NvL for hunting down chances at gold. 

Stew-O: I don’t know about that, because he might have picked the wrong person to assault. Kassidy has shown her ruthlessness before and NvL definitely will not be long for this world if she gets her hands on him for this attack!

(We see Kassidy on her back holding her head as she still feels stunned by the blatant attack by NvL. Kassidy checks for blood but noticed there isn’t any as she slowly gets off the ground and stares furiously at the door NvL escaped out from.)

(Camera transitions back to Stephie Love in the ring)

Stephie Love – The following contest is scheduled for…

Fans – ONE FALL!!!!

(“Battle with Magus” (from Chrono Trigger) – Yasunori Mituda as Melissa O’Malley makes her way out to the stage and towards the ring holding her modified kendo stick in hand. )

Stephie Love: Introducing first… From the Las Vegas Strip! Weighing in at 122 pounds she is The Gladiatrix… MELISSAAAA OOOOOOO’MALLEYYY!!!!!!!

Jake Mercer: Coming off a loss against Ronan Malosi last week she will want to get on the winning track tonight!

Flannery McCoy: I’m still grossed out by the fact Ronan cleared his nose on her though.

Jake Mercer: Thanks Flan! I was trying to forget that!

( “Don’t Sweat The Technique” by Eric B and Rakim plays over the PA system as Lisa Wren makes her way to the ring. )

AND HER OPPONENT!! From British-Columbia, Canada. Weighing in at 150 pounds, introducing LISAAA WRENN!!

Jake Mercer: Here is Melissa’s opponent tonight! Newly signed Lisa Wren!

Flannery McCoy: Promising young talent! Let’s see what she can do in the ring! 

( Ding Ding Ding! ) 

Stew-O: AND HERE WE GO!! Both newcomers are meeting at the center of the ring and Melissa is starting a war of words with the slightly smaller woman WHO BACKHANDS HER IN HUMILIATING FASHION!! 

Crowd: OOOOOOOOOH!!!!!

Stew-O: Wren has a smirk on her lips as The Gladiatrix has the same facial expression that she has last week when Ronan shoved his hand to her face. Clenching her fist she roars and pounces suddenly on her opponent both are on the ground faster than you can say Flash and O’Malley is pounding down on Lisa with a fury of fists and elbows smashes that Wren thanks to her martial art background is able to block somehow! Melissa is looking all sorts of angry.

Jake Mercer: That will teach the newer comer Wren to display such arrogance!

Flannery McCoy: I like her spunk though!

Stew-O: Mel has to be careful though being on the ground like that with someone who has mixed martial art experience can be detrimental and it shows as Lisa suddenly moves to set herself in an armbar position applying pressure to Melissa who quickly recoils back and to her feet! She bounces off the ropes going for a clothesline as Wren gets to her feet but she dodges like Neo from the Matrix Woah what agility and she even goes as far as grabbing a handful of O’Malley’s hair and use her body weight as she lets herself fall to the ground to have her opponent follow but the momentum from O’Malley gets her to slam her back to the mat! Both warriors get to a vertical base but Melissa is quicker throwing in her clothesline again this time connecting with Lisa who quickly gets up only to get slammed again and then a third time! Wren gets up again wanting to show her resilience but O’Malley goes for an Armbar takedown of her own before stuffing a boot against Wren’s face and letting go of her. Grinning the Gladiatrix gets to her feet as Lisa looks up to her with a face saying You Bitch while holding the side of her head. Melissa lets her opponent get up skipping from one foot to the next while Wren moves into a fighting stance leading to the two of them to clinch and try to get the up on the other! Melissa moves quickly against Lisa’s body her arms around her back trying to go for a belly-to-belly but struggles! Wren has 30 pounds more on her slightly taller opponent WOAH!! LISA REVERSES THE HOLD WITH A BELLY TO BACK RELEASE SUPLEX! SHE COUNTERED WITH A SUPLEX OF HER OWN! O’Malley is holding her back while Lisa quickly gets to work and applies a knee to the back of Melissa a few times hard stiff shots before grabbing hold of O’Malley’s arms and pull them backward!! THAT MUCH HURT SO MUCH!! The official is checking on Melissa to see if she is fine but she doesn’t seem like she wants to give up while Wren then switches from her opponents’ arms to holding onto her face in some sort of crossface manoeuver still while applying pressure on the Gladiatrix’s back! The referee counts up to four asking Wren to break the hold and she does before getting disqualified.

Jake Mercer: It would not be a good way to lose her first match!

Flannery McCoy: Keep in mind though she isn’t in it for wins but for good matches. She is trying to make a statement now.

Stew-O: Letting go of Melissa the Canadian quickly gets up to her feet and seems to measu-A KICK TO THE BACK OF THE NECK OF MELISSA FROM LISA!! O’Malley drops to her back like a rag doll! Wren with the first cover of the match!!



Flannery McCoy: Surprising move from Lisa no one saw it coming, especially her opponent!

Stew-O: Right! And she doesn’t seem to be done as she moves Melissa to her feet the Gladiatrix is staggering while Wren bounces off the ropes and goes for a Lou Thez Press… Oh the back of Melissa? Lisa is flailing at her opponent’s back with fists and elbows sort of like what she received earlier in the back before turning the Vegas born warrior and try a cover.



Flannery McCoy: Again! Will O’Malley have an answer against her opponent tonight? 

Stew-O: Let’s find out! Melissa is picked up back to her feet as Lisa was about to go for a headlock but O’Malley springs back to life punching Wren in the face several times her opponent is railing Wren didn’t see this coming and she gets pushed into the ropes! Irish Whip from Melissa sending Wren running and she collects her with a dropkick sending Lisa down! She gets up rather fast though AND GETS AN ENZUGURI FROM O’MALLEY! WREN IS IN TROUBLE! She gets up again, in pain this time AND GETS SWUNG DOWN WITH A BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!! LISA IS DOWN AGAIN AND MEL GETS UP looking for her next bit of offensive Wren is slowly getting up BUT GOES DOWN OUT OF GETTING A SPINNING HEEL KICK RIGHT ON THE BUTTON!!

Jake Mercer: LEG IS HOOKED! COVER!!!


Flannery McCoy: O’MALLEY SAYS NO BY KICKING OUT!!!! The momentum has completely changed in a matter of seconds! What a match!!

Stew-O: Question is though will Melissa be able to cash in on her momentum and put Lisa down for good? 

O’Malley looks to try and want to put this thing to rest as she signals for a finishing move! She wavers her thumb up and down then quickly points it down as Wren is getting up to a vertical back and collects herself. Meanwhile from the thumb waving O’Malley moves her thumb across her throat long and silent before she tunes up the band in a corner she is going to go for the Gladius Kick! Lisa doesn’t seem to know what is about to befall her as she turns to face the charging Melissa who throws in her Kick BUT LISA COUNTERS UNDER THE FOOT AND THEN KICKS MELISSA IN THE MIDSECTION AS SHE TURNS AROUND! SHE GRABS HOLD OF HER HEAD AND DRILLS HER DOWN WITH HER DDT FINISHING MOVE!!! MELISSA IS OUT!! 

Jake Mercer: Cover!!! 

Flannery McCoy: Will it be enough??


( Ding Ding Ding! ) 

Stephie Love: The winner of this bout: LISAAAA WREN!!!!

Flanner McCoy: Impressive win by Lisa Wren here tonight in a successful debut. These two women show great promise and I am confident that if they continue putting in the work we can see them amount to something here one day!

(Commercial break for Dasani bottled water. It’ll clench your thirst.)

(Dynasty returns and cuts to the broadcast table where Jake, Flannery, and Stew-O are sitting.)

Flannery McCoy: Welcome back to Friday Night Dynasty! As if the highlights throughout the night haven’t been enough to remind you, EAW held back-to-back tri-brand events the last two weeks. At King of Elite, the rivalry between Impact and Cage came to a head in an unsanctioned match. Cage and Impact took one another to task but the match was marred by the lights going out, which gave Impact the chance to score the victory over Cage.

Stew-O: And just last weekend in Doha, Sienna Jade and sometimes rival, Raven Roberts, squared off in a steel cage for the Universal Women’s Championship. The match between the two would end when both women decided to climb down the side of the cage at the same time. It would take a replay to determine which woman actually hit first, but in the end, it was Raven who retained her championship with a little bit of luck on her side.

Jake Mercer: Sienna Jade and Impact are not here tonight, but they did send EAW a pre-recorded video. Let’s take a look.

(The scene switches to static for a moment, but then comes into focus. Sienna and Impact are sitting comfy and cozy in their private jet on their way home from Doha. Impact is reclined in what appears to be the most comfortable chair and Sienna is sitting in his lap, with her long legs thrown over the arm. The couple are sipping champagne and it’s Sienna who polishes off her glass first and clears her throat.)

Sienna Jade: Obviously if you’re watching this video, you can see that Impact and I are NOT at Dynasty tonight. It’s not like we would ever lower ourselves to show up in a shithole like Laramie anyways, but this company’s actions the last two weeks just further cemented our decision to take a step back.

Impact: And if you’re curious as to what we mean by that, it means that we can’t be fucked to give our time and effort to Elite Answers Wrestling at the moment.

Sienna Jade: This company has always had a rather questionable history, but there comes a time when you just reach your breaking point and I am fucking sick of watching this place protect people who don’t deserve it our expense. I am Sienna ‘Mother Fucking’ Jade and I deserve to be treated a hell of a lot better than this. A steel cage match for the Universal Women’s Championship was nothing more than a pathetic attempt to placate Raven’s fragile fucking ego and give her a chance to save face. It’s obvious she’s not capable of defeating me in a singles match because she’s never been able to do it before. I have had that bitch’s number since day one and everybody knows that.

Impact: The match at Clash of Kingdoms was nothing but sheer luck on Raven’s part. She got lucky by hitting the floor first and didn’t convincingly beat Sienna. The fact that even now, when their roles were reversed and it was Raven holding the championship, she still couldn’t get the signature championship victory she needed. For someone who is a perpetual overthinking, insecure malcontent who stays inside her own head, a victory like the one Raven got in Doha will do more damage that it does good. Raven’s pathetic championship reign is going to continue to be mediocre, and she still can’t say that she’s pinned or submitted Sienna.

Sienna Jade: If you ask me, that’s a victory within itself because we all know that Raven desperately wants to be Sienna Jade and have the kind of career that I’ve had. But luckily for me, I am the only me, and Raven Roberts can take the Universal Women’s Championship and hold it tightly to her chest. She can thank the Heavens above that she’s still the champion, and whenever this company decides to treat me with the respect I deserve, I will be back to reclaim what’s mine.

(Impact and Sienna exchange smiles with another, and then Sienna continues to talk.)

Sienna Jade: As far as King of Elite goes, what can we really say? The whole world knew the White Mamba was taking that victory. Cage could never compete at the level it takes for someone to actually beat Impact, and that’s just how it is. The lights going out isn’t something anyone can control. Who fucking knows what really happened with that? That had nothing to do with either of us.

Impact: But it really did allow Cage to have an excuse as to why he lost. Nevermind the fact he’s an entitled, lazy, incompetent…

Sienna Jade: Don’t forget unreliable, baby.

Impact: … yes, unreliable, overrated, delusional bozo who really never should have achieved the level of success he did. Can’t really go back in time and undo that, but it’s real sad to watch a forlorn Cage get a chance to run around and act like a tough guy, and try to find out who cut the lights during the match at King of Elite. I’ve been around this company a long time, and this place never really tries to right the wrongs it does to the people who stick around and pour their blood, sweat, and tears into everything they do. Both of us are at a point in our lives and in our careers where we don’t have to put up with the bullshit hands the brass want to deal us. Until EAW decides to make things right and apologize to the both of us, we won’t be showing up to any shows for the foreseeable future.

Sienna Jade: Can’t WAIT to watch those Dynasty ratings plummet with the two of us stepping away from the spotlight. At this point, EAW doesn’t deserve us because we deserve a hell of a lot better than being scapegoats for useless Elitists who don’t deserve to be inside the ring with us.

Impact: Who knows when we’ll return?

Sienna Jade: But one thing’s for sure, EAW needs the both of us a lot more than we need EAW. We don’t need copouts like our opponents do. And we aren’t putting up with the bullshit anymore.

(Sienna reaches across Impact and grabs the bottle of champagne and pours some more in her glass. After that, she tops off Impact’s, and replaces the bottle in the bucket of ice next to their recliner. The two link their arms and toast to their decision to walk away for now, and the scene fades out right as they press their lips together.)

(Dynasty fades back into ringside where Stephie is standing by, ready to announce the next match.)

Stephie Love: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL! And it is a CHAMPION VERSUS CHAMPION MATCH!

(‘Go Off’ by Lil Uzi Vert, Quavo, and Travis Scott begins to play and Justin Windgate comes out on stage with his championship around his shoulder and a joint in his mouth. Windgate takes a long puff of the joint and hands it to a teenager in the audience before making his way to the ring.)

Stephie Love: Introducing first! Weighing in at 225 pounds, he is from Detroit, Michigan — THE XTREME CLASSIC! THE NEW BREED CHAMPION! JUSTINNNNNN WINDGAAAAAAAAAATTTTTEEEE!

Stew-O: Windgate has been on quite the tear recently, proving his worth as New Breed Champion and taking on some tough competitors. But tonight, against Darcy Morgan, we may see him really put to the test.

Flannery McCoy: There’s no doubt about it, this man is going to have a lot on his hands in The Leading Lady.

(‘Spotlight Savior’ by Iggy Azalea begins to play and Darcy Morgan confidently struts out to the stage with her title around her waist. She points to the title and blows a kiss at the camera before putting one foot in front of the other, methodically making her way to the ring.)

Stephie Love: His opponent! Weighing in at 130 pounds, from London, England — SHE IS THE LEADING LAAADDDDDDDDDDY! DARCY! MAY! MORGAN!

Jake Mercer: What an impressive specimen. We saw what happened at King of Elite and since then, Darcy Morgan has been undeniable. She is one of the toughest women in this company and without a shadow of a doubt, she’s going to put this stoner to rest tonight.

Stew-O: Darcy May Morgan is ruthless, she is relentless, and she is certainly a threat. Tonight she wants to prove she is the superior champion.


Flannery McCoy: This match is now underway and Morgan and Windgate are circling the ring, both are looking to get the upper hand early on here. The Leading Lady versus The Xtreme Classic — the Specialists Champion taking on the New Breed champion — LIVE right here on Dynasty in Wyoming. It can’t get much better than this, ladies and gentleman.

Stew-O: Darcy Morgan walks right up to Windgate and gets in his face! They’re trading trash talk back and forth… AND DARCY SMACKS WINDGATE ACROSS THE FACE! Windgate comes back, Darcy swings with a backhand! But Justin ducks it… and COMES BACK WITH A BIG DROPKICK! Justin comes off the ropes, looking for a shoulder block, but Darcy sends him bouncing off the ropes again. Justin comes back around… and Darcy knocks him down with a huge chop to the chest! A knife edge chop that could be heard through the rafters. Darcy picks Justin up by the hair and tosses him into the corner. Darcy connects with ANOTHER knife edge chop. She tells the crowd to shut up, but they just boo louder. She wants him to hear this.

Jake Mercer: ANOTHER BLISTERING CHOP! Windgate’s chest is welting up from these brutal shots. That’s how The Leading Lady gets the job done!

Flannery McCoy: Darcy whips Windgate out of the corner into the opposite turnbuckle. Darcy charges Windgate… but he slips through the ropes and Darcy lands chest first onto the corner turnbuckle. But she recovers quickly, looking to knock Windgate off of the apron. Windgate ducks again! Darcy turns around… AND JUSTIN WINDGATE CONNECTS WITH A HUGE PELE KICK RIGHT TO THE JAW OF DARCY MORGAN! Darcy was sent to the mat from that pele kick and Windgate is now climbing the turnbuckle. Windgate is on the top rope and Darcy is now back on her feet. Darcy turns around — WINDGATE CONNECTS WITH A MISSILE DROPKICK OFF OF THE TOP ROPE! WOW!!! HE CRAWLS OVER AND COVERS DARCY!



Jake Mercer: NO! KICKOUT! You can’t put Darcy away that easy, you lazy stoner!

Flannery McCoy: Windgate still has the upper-hand and he’s taking advantage of that. Windgate picks Darcy Morgan up by the hair and brings her into the corner. Windgate grabs ahold of Darcy’s head — he’s running, looking for a bulldog! — but no, Darcy tosses Windgate off of her and counters. Windgate turns around AND IS DROPKICKED by the Dropkick Darling! This match is moving at a break neck pace with both competitors now trading dropkicks, but the Dropkick Darling gets the upper hand here despite the quick and agile offense from the New Breed champion.

Stew-O: Darcy’s not wasting any time here! Darcy gets on top of Windgate and starts pummeling him with forearm after forearm. Windgate is trying to block it but these brutal shots are getting through his arms and connecting with his jaw and right eye. Darcy stands up and mocks Justin.



Stew-O: Darcy turns around, looking to go back on the offensive after some-





Stew-O: NO! Once again, Darcy gets her shoulder up. That was so close. Windgate kips up back to his feet and Darcy gets to her knees. BUT WINDGATE CONNECTS WITH A SHARP AND STRIKING GROUNDED SUPERKICK! A brutal offensive maneuver from Windgate, another kick to the jaw of Darcy Morgan which has already been weakened. In a hurry, Windgate is on the apron once again and climbs the top rope. He looks to the crowd and signals to his mouth, as if he’s smoking a joint! WINDGATE FLIES… LOOKING FOR THE DIVING HEADBUTT… BUT DARCY ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! DARCY ROLLED OUT OF THE RING AND WINDGATE LANDS FACE FIRST ON THE MAT!

Jake Mercer: That, folks, is called ring awareness! I mean can it get any better than that? Darcy has done her home work and she’s showing it right now by moving out of the way of that hard head Justin Windgate.

Flannery McCoy: Windgate is shacking off the cobwebs but Darcy rolls back into the ring and works her way back to her feet. Darcy picks Windgate up and whips him into the corner turnbuckle again. She charges… AND CONNECTS! With a huge knee to the gut of Windgate, keeling him over. Darcy with all of her strength lifts all 225 pounds of Windgate up to the turnbuckle, sitting him up on the top rope there. Darcy climbs to the second rope and delivers a quick few right hands to Windgate. Darcy hops up… HURRICANRANA ONTO WINDGATE OFF OF THE TOP ROPE!


Jake Mercer: What?!?

Stew-O: Darcy sees this, though! Darcy backflips… AND GETS THE STANDING JUSTIN WINDGATE IN A HEAD SCISSORS! Darcy flips Windgate over the top rope using just her feet!

Flannery McCoy: Yes, but look! Once again, Windgate hangs onto the ropes. And he skins the cat! He’s back in the ring and Darcy has her back turned, taunting the audience. Darcy turns around… WINDGATE CONNECTS WITH A STEP-UP ENZUIGIRI WHICH SENDS DARCY FLYING BACK TO THE APRON ON THE OUTSIDE!

Jake Mercer: I can’t believe this!

Stew-O: Windgate is trying to catch his breath after that amazing and unbelievable series between these two. Counter after counter, move after move, these two champions clearly did their homework and are putting one another through the ringer here. Darcy, on the apron, finally tries to make it to her feet again. She’s holding that jaw of hers which has been hit by the quick agile feet of Justin Windgate over and over. Windgate walks over… he springboards over the rope! THE HAILMARY! THE HAILMARY CONNECTS! THE DDT TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING.

Flannery McCoy: We have to see that again! Darcy Morgan’s head just hit the outside of the ring HARD. And I don’t think Windgate was completely spared either as he’s wrenching backwards as though his lower spine hit the ground harder on that DDT than he would’ve liked it to. Windgate uses that ring apron to help him back to his vertical base. Morgan is out on the ground. Windgate slowly picks Darcy up using her long hair. But she is dead weight right now, Windgate struggles slightly to roll her back into the ring. But he finally does. Windgate rolls in right behind Darcy. He crawls over… HE HOOKS THE LEG OF MORGAN! THIS IS IT!

Jake Mercer: NOT LIKE THIS!





Flannery McCoy: The referee notices the foot on the rope and stops the count, you’re right, Jake! And I think that’s the first time I’ve ever said those words willingly. What a remarkable move by The Leading Lady, who stops Windgate from ending this match after that brutal DDT which connected on the outside.

Stew-O: And Windgate looks frustrated. A little out of character for the New Breed Champion, but Darcy Morgan has shown a lot of resilience. Her ring IQ and awareness has obviously improved tremendously since she became Specialist Champion and she’s showing that tonight, keeping this match close.

Jake Mercer: Darcy said this week she’s the hottest act to have hit EAW in years and she’s not wrong, Stew-O. Time to admit that as fact.

Flannery McCoy: Windgate is back to his feet and he’s signaling for Darcy to get back to hers. It looks like he wants to start this match on an even playing field again. Darcy has to use the ropes for leverage to get on her feet, though. She’s clearly still dazed from that Hail Mary from Windgate which dropped her on her head about four feet from the ring apron. WINDGATE CHARGES AT DARCY-







Stew-O: The look on Darcy Morgan’s face says it all. She saw an opening after Windgate charged her and she took it, and I believe she thought she had this match in the bag. Darcy throws Windgate’s feet off of her and crawls back to the ropes, once again using them for leverage. She’s clearly pissed. She puts her hands up like a pillow. It looks like Darcy Morgan wants to hit the curtain call!

Flannery McCoy: I think you’re right, Stew-O! Windgate staggers back to his feet. Darcy picks him up! SHE’S LOOKING FOR IT! Windgate is wiggling around, though, he’s trying to get out of this very peculiar position that would surely end this match. Darcy, though, is using all of her might to keep Windgate propped up on her shoulders. Darcy is rocking back and forth, like she might fall… OH NO! DARCY SPINS AND JUSTIN WINDGATE’S LEGS JUST HIT THE REFEREE! THE REFEREE JUST GOT KICKED IN THE FACE AND HE’S DOWN NOW HOLDING HIS HEAD!


Stew-O: Not so fast, Jake! Justin Windgate is able to get off the shoulders of Darcy Morgan and he pushes her forward toward the turnbuckle. JUSTIN WINDGATE HITS THE LIGHTS OUT…. OUTTA NO WHERE! JUSTIN WINDGATE COULD VERY WELL HAVE THIS MATCH WRAPPED UP RIGHT NOW! HE BENDS DOWN FOR THE COVER….

Jake Mercer: Hahaha, you idiot! The referee is down, there’s no count! If he didn’t smoke so much weed, maybe he would’ve remembered that.

Flannery McCoy: To be fair, I’m not sure Windgate saw that happen. But Justin Windgate notices now. He’s shaking the referee back to life, trying to tell him he’s going to get a count. Windgate continues to shake the referee, he’s wasting valuable time here. Windgate is checking on the referee who is bleeding from the forehead. Windgate’s foot really connected hard to the right side of the ref’s head and I think Windgate is genuinely concerned for his health here as he is bleeding quite a bit from that cut on his eyebrow. Meanwhile, Darcy Morgan has rolled to the outside of the ring.

Stew-O: Windgate gives up on the referee waking back up, though, and turns his attention back to Darcy May Morgan, exiting the ring to try and get her back in and end this match.


Flannery McCoy: What the hell?! Darcy Morgan just NAILED Justin Windgate with the Specialists Championship! Darcy grabs Windgate by the tights and rolls him back into the ring… and she violently shakes the referee and props him up in the corner.

Darcy Morgan: (off mic) You stay right there, you son of a bitch. AND COUNT!


Flannery McCoy: After that shot from the Specialists title, Windgate was helpless here! This is ridiculous! Darcy hooks BOTH legs of Windgate….






Stew-O: Darcy cheats to win, using that Specialists Championship to nail Windgate in the head, and executing the Curtain Call.

Jake Mercer: Call it what you want, gentleman! Darcy Morgan proves here and now that she is the best competitor, best champion currently reigning on Dynasty. SOAK IT IN!

Flannery McCoy: Darcy Morgan, holding her head, is posing with her Specialists Championship in the middle of the ring. She’s riding high here tonight on Dy-

Jake Mercer: WHAT THE HELL?!?!


Flannery McCoy: Kensington comes out of nowhere and nails Kensington. What a punch! I think she may have deserved that. Oh, but look at this….

Stew-O: Kensington picks up that Specialists Championship and takes a LONG hard look at it. She lays it across the face of Darcy Morgan who is out like a light and poses before exiting the ring.

(The camera zooms in on Darcy on her back with the title laid over her face.)

Flannery McCoy: What a heart-stopping match and an unexpected visit from The Steel Magnolia directly afterward. Folks, stay with us, we’ll be RIGHT BACK!

(An ad for the Voltage exclusive event, Shock Value, airs promoting the wedding of Raven Roberts and Rex McAllister, as well as the EAW World Championship match which will see Andrea Valentine defend her championship against Charlie Marr in an Electrified Steel Cage of Death Match. Shock Value comes to you live on free-per-view, March 7th, 2020 from the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.)

(Dynasty returns and cuts to the backstage area where Molly Waters is standing by.)

Molly Waters: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, ‘The Orchestrator of Violence’ Osamu Arcichida!

(The camera shot widens and Osamu is seen standing beside Molly.)

Molly Waters: Osamu, let’s just cut right to the chase. You asked for this time tonight because there’s something on your mind. What’s going on?

(Osamu flashes her a thoughtful look and rubs his chin.)

Osamu Arcichida: For the last two weeks, I’ve been on the outside looking in, watching while my peers get ready for King of Elite and Clash of Kingdoms. Not being on either event was pretty demeaning, especially since I know what I’m capable of accomplishing. It was just a month ago that I took the then World Heavyweight Champion, TLA, to his limit. I had the ‘Osamu Lock’ locked in but I guess I was so caught up in the moment, I didn’t pay attention to the ring placement. TLA was able to get a rope break and save his championship, and I’ll admit it, I was caught off guard by it. TLA did what champions do and that’s capitalize on the opportunity, and since then I have been replaying that match in my head over and over. I should have left Budapest as the World Heavyweight Champion and booked my ticket to King of Elite that way, but we know that didn’t happen.

Osamu Arcichida: Since returning to EAW last June, I have felt like I’m unable to fully get my head above water. It doesn’t seem to matter how impressive my performances have been since returning, people just want to keep bringing up my past and holding it over my head. I’m well aware that my National Elite Championship reign over on Voltage wasn’t anything to write home about, but since getting injured at Jackson Blayde’s racist hands, I have worked hard to get myself back to the level I was previously at. It’s hard to come back from an injury, and it’s even worse to come back when you have a dark cloud hanging over your head like I did. The busted championship reign has been held against me and it’s hurt my reputation and opportunities. I want to make sure that going forward the men and women of Dynasty know that I’m taking control of my destiny now. I’m not going to keep playing defense and letting people drag me for the past. I’m not going to continue waiting for opportunities to come to me. I’m taking my career back and I’m going to go on to become the world champion I was always projected to be.

(Molly goes to reply, when sarcastic clapping from off-camera stops her. She swivels her head in the direction of the noise and shakes her head.)

Molly Waters: Speaking of world champions….

(An overly arrogant Drake King strolls into the scene. He’s got the World Heavyweight Championship strapped around his waist and he stares at Osamu, laughing to himself a bit.)

Drake King: That’s quite the inspiring speech, Osamu. I’ll tell you what. I’m rooting for you.

(Osamu raises a rather skeptical eyebrow.)

Drake King: Okay, I’m lying. I’m definitely not rooting for you and I really don’t know why anyone else would either. When I first came into this company, I listened to everyone talk about how talented you are, and how bright your future was, and you started off on fire. You bulldozed the competition on Voltage and got yourself in position to win your first championship, and everyone kept saying you could end up becoming one of the best ever. I find that funny because it’s quite obvious that only one of us that is standing here has gone on to become the best. If you had asked anyone who worked here at that time which man would become a world champion first, I can guarantee you that no one would have banked on me eclipsing you and doing everything that I’ve done so far. You were the overnight success who had the EAW Universe in the palm of your hand. I was the gimmick wrestler who was never supposed to amount to much.

(Drake looks down at the World Heavyweight Championship and smirks.)

Drake King: I’m living proof that hard work pays off and that’s exactly why I stand here as the best in EAW and you stand there, wrestling Fight Grid matches, while the rest of us are traveling all over the world competing under the bright lights. Osamu, your biggest problem is the fact you fail to take responsibility for your actions. The reason people hang your past over your head is because you have been inconsistent since returning. You let Darcy May Morgan of all people destroy you at House of Glass in a match and situation she had no experience in, and that right there would have given you a chance to go for whatever championship you want. You couldn’t get the job done, and if that didn’t teach you the lesson you needed to learn, you have continued to pick and choose when you really want to show up for your matches. You did take TLA to the limit last month, and I was getting myself prepared to face either of you to be honest, but then you turn right around and give a half-butt effort against someone like the freaking Ring Master, and that just basically sums you up. That’s why I don’t take the little speech you gave just now seriously, because you will always be a bi-polar weirdo when it comes to wrestling. This company doesn’t owe you anything, and they don’t have to give you anymore opportunities just to watch you squander them.

(Molly turns the microphone over to Osamu, who is staring a hole in Drake.

Osamu Arcichida: It pains me to say this, but you are right. This place doesn’t owe me anything, but if you had bothered to listen to EVERYTHING I just said, then you would have heard that I said I’m taking back my career. But that is typical of you, Drake. You have selective hearing and only reference the things that fit whatever particular narrative you have going on at the moment. The thing is, I never demanded that this company hand me another championship opportunity. I’m ready to work for it. I know that it’s going to take a lot of work to make it back to the top, and that’s work I’m ready to put in. When I was laid up on the sidelines, I watched everyone pass me by. Men and women who weren’t on anyone’s radar are suddenly the ones I have to chase. That’s frustrating to me because I know that I’m better than all of them.

(A smirk crosses Osamu’s face.)

Osamu Arcichida: That includes you.

(Drake scoffs.)

Drake King: Give me a break. How do you figure that? You realize that I just did the one thing you couldn’t do last month and that was beat TLA for this belt, right?

Osamu Arcichida: The match you competed in against TLA and the one I competed in against him were two completely different matches. It seems like everytime you score a big win against a big name opponent, you’ve used some kind of advantage. TLA just straight up got the better of me at the end of our match because I failed to realize where I was in the ring when I locked him in the kneebar. That’s something that will never happen again. On the other hand, you needed your match to fall apart in order for you to be able to pull out a weapon and get the job done. Had it not been for that branding iron curb stomp, who knows if you would have really pulled the match out in the end? TLA was taking care of business and had you reeling, and that match could have easily gone the other way.

Drake King: So what? I still did what I said I was going to do in the end and that was become the World Heavyweight Champion. This belt means I’m the best wrestler in the world, and there’s nothing you can do to change that. Now, if you want to step up and prove it, that’s another story.

Osamu Arcichida: Oh?

Drake King: I’m not here to be a wussy of a champion, Osamu, and if you want to run your mouth and actually claim that you’re better than me, I’ll give you the chance to prove it. Reckless Wiring is coming up and while I can’t control what type of matches the idiot fans vote for, I can promise you that I will be able to defeat you no matter what they decide on. I can only assume they will get a mix of hardcore and normal matches to pick from, but I have proven myself as a wrestler several times over in a variety of matches. I’m not worried about what type of match I’ll be defending my World Heavyweight Championship in, but if I were you, I would be worried about how you’re going to pick up the pieces after another disappointing outing.

???: Hold up, now.

(TLA walks into the scene next, and immediately Drake’s posture gets defensive. TLA grins at Drake, looks at the World Heavyweight Championship, and then shakes his head.)

TLA: You a gringo loco that beat my ass, but I ain’t been sitting around, wallowing in defeat, and brooding over how the match ended. Nah, homie. Yo boi been waiting for tonight to seek you out and let you know he done talked to StarrStan and cashed in his rematch clause for Reckless Wiring. You out here tryna to give handouts, and that’s all noble and shit, but I beat that culo of Osamu’s to retain the World Heavyweight Championship last month. If anyone gunna get they shot at the World Heavyweight Champion down in Rio de Janiero, it’s me, and then Imma live it up like erryday is Carnival. All gunna be right with the world again with La Pantera Sexual as El Campeon once again.

Osamu Arcichida: You did beat me, and we can’t change that, but I’ll make sure you don’t do it again. Drake wants to talk about not being a ‘wuss of a champion’ so why don’t we just raise the stakes a little bit and make this match a triple threat?

TLA: Beat yo ass again? Yo. I ain’t gotta a problem sharing my shot with someone else. I’m always down for a fight, ya know? You both know that I ain’t got a problem with throwin’ hands with multiple people. I came out and won a wild ass Extreme Elimination Chamber to retain that belt.

(Drake frowns, looking a bit frustrated and sighs.)

Drake King: I guess this is what happens when you’re World Heavyweight Champion. Everyone wants to come at you. Luckily for everyone here, I’m ready for whatever so-called challenges come my way. TLA, if you want to get your butt kicked a second time and watch me raise the championship in the air again after the fact, then so be it. I would think you’d find something else to do, but I should have known that you’d be ready to immediately go back to chasing world title gold for the 2700th time. As far as you go, Osamu, I already said we could face one another. So killing two birds with one stone at Reckless Wiring sounds good to me. I’ll go get StarrStan to make it official right now.

(All three men look at one another before heading off in separate directions. Molly watches them go before turning back to the camera.)

Molly Waters: It looks like our main event for Reckless Wiring is set. Drake King is looking to defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Osamu Arcichida and TLA. More details about the event will be released shortly, and so will the voting stipulations for each match. Stayed tuned for news on that. For now, let’s get back to ringside.

(Dynasty fades back to the ring.)

(The camera cuts to Stephie Love in the ring.)

Stephie Love: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

(‘Friend vs. Friend’ by Company Flow hits to loud boos from the crowd.)

Stephie Love: Introducing first he is an EAW Hall of Famer… from Oakland, California weighing in at 230 pounds… he is LEEEEEEEETHAL CONSEQUENCES!!!

(Lethal Consequences comes out to the ring looking like he wants to choke a bitch.)

Flannery McCoy: Lethal Consequences is big mad!

Stew-O: I wonder why.

Jake Mercer: He was robbed! He is still Extreme unlike all y’all sawft Elite losers!!!

Stephie Love: And his opponent…

Flannery McCoy: Wait what the hell?!?


Jake Mercer: Damn! Leave Lethal Consequences alone! LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!

Flannery McCoy: That thunderous chair shot from NVL just savaged Lethal Consequences who has been taken the fuck out! And another chair shot and another. Look at the back of Lethal just spasming under the force of that steel!


Stew-O: Well I guess the referee just rang the bell possibly to save Lethal Consequences life! NVL is forced to drop the chair now or get disqualified but the damage may have been done! NVL goes in for the cover!!!



Flannery McCoy: NVL can’t believe it as he almost stole this one here tonight! NVL tearing out his hair in rage as he reaches down to put Lethal Consequences back into his clutches…




Flannery McCoy: Both men back up now as Lethal Consequences immediately kicks NVL hard in the gut! Down goes NVL to his knees as Lethal begins to deliver hard shots to his face. NVL staggers back hitting the ropes… before slingshotting back with a Lariatoooooo!!! But Lethal ducks it! Lethal lighting up NVL with some hard shots! And a Missile Dropkick for good measure sending NVL flying back into the corner! Lethal not yet finished as he stalks NVL back into the corner looking to do some more damage. Right! Left! Right! Left! It’s gonna take more than a steel chair to stop Lethal Consequences! NVL defenseless as Lethal grabs him by the hair and drags his face across the top rope in the ring! Damn his face being ground up by those hard ass ropes! They may look light and springy but let me tell you they hurt just running up against them! NVL getting his whole face cut open here as the referee forces the rope break.


Stew-O: Lethal Consequences staring in disbelief at the referee who backs away looking ashamed of himself. Lethal then turns back to NVL and lifts him up!!! And drops him neck first across the top rope! Cover by Lethal!


Jake Mercer: Kickout by NVL! Lethal Consequences looking like he is almost happy that NVL kicked out! He wants to inflict some more pain! He looks outside the ring and rolls under the bottom rope. What is he doing here?!?!?

Flannery McCoy: Lethal Consequences finding that steel chair that NVL introduced earlier! The madman!

Referee: NO! STOP IT!

Stew-O: Lethal Consequences hops up on the apron.

Referee: NO! DOWN BOY!

Jake Mercer: Lethal Consequences laughs as he enters the ring with the chair!


Flannery McCoy: Lethal Consequences swings the chair at the referee!!!


Jake Mercer: NVL looks to have regained himself here in this match as he takes down Lethal Consequences with a series of agile arm drags! Wait did you see how he twisted Lethal’s arm there on that takedown? He’s literally trying to rip his arm out the socket!

Flannery McCoy: NVL with a deranged look on his face as he applies a brutal looking armbar onto Lethal Consequences. Lethal screaming out in pain as NVL continues to apply more and more torque to that arm. Lethal tries to reach out to the ropes… so close can he make it?!?!?!


Jake Mercer: No no no he’s just hurt that’s all! NVL with a sadistic look on his face as he rubs his boot across the face of Lethal Consequences and stomps down hard on his nose. NVL kicking Lethal mockingly now urging the Hall of Famer to get back up to his feet. Slowly now Lethal does it as he climbs back up…





Stephie Love: Here is your winner “The Devil’s Right Hand” NAAAAAAATHAN VON LIEBERT!!!!

(‘Redshift’ by Audiomachine hits as the crowd looks too surprised to boo the man who is having his arm raised in victory here tonight.)

Flannery McCoy: Some people may call this an upset. However NVL reminded the entire EAW locker room why he should never be underestimated.

Stew-O: Wow! NVL with an impressive victory over an EAW Hall of Famer and the former National Elite Champion! Between taking out Kassidy Heart earlier, and defeating LC.. he might have something to say in regards to that National Elite Championship.


Flannery McCoy: There there Jake. He lost the title. I think we can let that gimmick go now. It’s all over and you can rest now.

Jake Mercer: I am outraged.

(The camera cuts to a commercial for the Chris Elite “On Thin Ice” documentary. Relive the many backstage altercations of the controversial Elitist who drove thousands out of the company all by himself!)

(The camera transitions backstage to the office of StarrStan. Starr is shown doing work at his desk, he’s interrupted by a knock at the door… more of a bang. Starr’s eyes shoot up, he pauses and takes a long deep breath)

Starr: Just a minute!

(Before the words can even finish leaving his mouth, there’s more banging. Starr slowly gets up from his chair and takes another deep breath. He begins to make his way over towards the door)

Starr: I’m coming!

(A loud crash is heard, the camera zooms over from Starr to his doorway where Cage stands having kicked down the door. Starr begins to plead with Cage but he isn’t having any of it)


(Cage begins destroying Starr’s office. He looks around at the various posters hanging on the wall. He takes the 2011 Territorial Invasion poster and smashes it on the ground, then stepping on it and pulling it up, causing a massive hole to form in the middle)


(Cage continues to pull down and wreck the posters hanging on the walls. All the while Starr looks on in horror. Cage then sets his sights on Starr’s desk and clears everything off it. He picks up Starr’s laptop and smashes it against the corner of the desk. He rips up a few papers, he picks up the laptop again and this time throws it across the room)

Starr: SECUR–

Cage: YOU!!

(Cage finally locks eyes with Starr and rushes towards him, grabbing him by the collar)

Starr: Cage listen, I need you to first know that I–

(Cage moves his hands from the collar of Starr to his neck and he begins wrenching it)

Cage: Shut the fuck up. The only time I want you to speak is when you’re answering my questions, got it?

(Starr doesn’t do anything but Cage begins to loosen the hold around his neck)

Cage: What the fuck was that at King of Elite? The lights, don’t tell me it was just a coincidence or a freak thing, don’t insult me by trying to push that shit, I had him. I had it. THEN THOSE LIGHTS GO OFF STARR, THEY GO OFF AT THE EXACT MOMENT I’M ABOUT TO DELIVER THE FINAL BLOW, GI–

Starr: Cage I really–

Cage*re-tightens the grip*: WHAT DID I SAY?!

Cage: I’m not finished. Because this goes beyond, WAY BEYOND just the lights! This goes way beyond King of Elite… this goes way beyond this year, last year and the year before that. This goes back to 2011, the day that I set foot in here, why Starr? You’ve been General Manager now for what, three years? Certainly you know the ins and outs of this place more than almost anyone, you know the secret dealings, the behind the back, closed doors shit… WHY STARR? WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME?! 

Cage: I’ve achieved everything I have in spite of constantly getting SHIT ON! Constantly getting pushed aside for the shiny, newfangled pet project, getting screwed over and conspired against… no matter the brand, no matter who’s running the brand… it’s the same old song and dance every time… AND MAYBE that means it’s a directive from someone that’s above you, but like I said, with your experience and tenure here, not just as an elitist but as the General Manager, you know what’s going on. So right now I’m gonna ask you clearly and directly… what is going on?

Starr: I underst–

Cage: NO YOU DON’T! You don’t fucking understand. Stop trying to sympathize or empathize with me, you’ve never been in my position. As far as I’m concerned, forget the DEDEDE’s or the Impact’s, you’re EAW’s true golden boy. A successful career as an elitist, then a counselor to EAW’s next generation, taking the likes of Dubian and… not me, under your wing, and now to this. Don’t tell me you understand, this place has coddled you since day 1. So… why me? OR better yet, why you? Why ME with this career, and why YOU with that career? 

(Starr silently mouths a few words in his head, trying to come up with some kind of answer. As time continues to pass however Cage grows impatient, he again tightens his grip around Starr’s neck. Starr begins gasping for air but Cage still won’t let go)


(Starr chokes out a few noises, his face beginning to turn purple. Cage finally releases him and tosses him to the side, Starr begins to gasp for air.)

Cage: We’re gonna try this again next week, you better be more prepared.

(Cage steps out of Starr’s office and as the segment closes, the camera zooms in on Starr on his knees trying to catch his breath)

(“Me Muero” by La 5a Estación hits, as the crowd erupts into cheers. Angel De Plata Jr makes his way onto the stage and down to the ramp, as he’s seen high fiving young fans. One young fan is wearing an Angel De Plata Jr. mask, as the both of them take a selfie together.)

Stephie Love: The following match is set for!!!!

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

Stephie Love: Introducing first, from Mexico City, Mexico!!! Weighing in at 205lbs!!! ANGEL DE PLATA JR!!!!!!

Stew-O: And here he is, Angel De Plata Jr!! Angel has been around for quite some time now, and no matter who he faces, he always gives 110%.

Jake Mercer: He’ll need like 125% if he wishes to beat a former world champion like TLA.

(Ambitionz az a Writer by Tupac hits, as the crowd continues to cheer loudly. TLA makes his way onto the stage, as he high fives fans down the ramp before making his way to the ring.)

Stephie Love: And his opponent.. FROM THE POON PALACE IN MIAMI, FLORIDA… WEIGHING IN AT 210lbs.. T!!!!!! L!!!!!!!!! A!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: TLA recently lost the world heavyweight championship to Drake King. I know this man wants to get himself back on top, and a win here over Angel De Plata Jr. will do just that. Angel is a tough competitor and a great challenge for TLA!

Jake Mercer: I don’t think so..


Stew-O: And here we go! Angel and TLA walk up to each other in the center of the ring as they give each other a quick handshake as a sign of respect. After the handshake, both men begin to circle around the ring!

Jake Mercer: And Angel is the first to strike as he lands a quick kick to the side of TLA’s leg! Angel goes for another! It connects! Angel turns around and runs to the ropes, he rebounds and goes for a running shoulder block onto TLA! It connects, as TLA slams hard against the mat, but pops right back up! Angel with another shoulder block!!

Flannery McCoy: TLA gets back up to his feet! Angel kicks TLA in the stomach and pulls him in! SWINGING NECKBREAKER BY ANGEL!! NO! TLA REVERSES IT AND GETS BEHIND ANGEL!! ZIG ZAG!!! It connects! The back of Angel’s head slammed hard against the mat right there!!

Stew-O: TLA gets back up to his feet as he walks towards the head of Angel De Plata Jr. Leg Drop by TLA! It connects, as TLA gets up and stomps down onto the abdomen of Angel De plata Jr! Angel pops right up in a seated position, as TLA steps in front of him and lands a fast penalty kick to the chest of Angel that sends Angel straight back to the mat!! TLA covers!

Referee: ONNNNN-

Stew-O: Quick kickout by Angel De Plata Jr. there! TLA back up to his feet before stomping down hard onto Angel’s chest and abdomen! Angel clutches at his chest, as TLA makes his way over to the corner. TLA climbs up to the top turnbuckle, as he looks down at his opponent!! TLA leaps in the Air!! 420!!!

Flannery McCoy: NO!!! The shooting star press misses entirely, as Angel rolled out of the way at the very last second!! TLA slowly gets up to his feet, BUT FROM BEHIND ITS ANGEL DE PLATA JR WITH A ROLL UP!!!



Stew-O: But the former world champion gets his shoulder up! Both competitors back up to their feet, as TLA connects with the Swag Shot! The pimp slap smacks Angel right on the cheek, as Angel staggers back! TLA quickly back on the attack, as he lands a mean uppercut onto Angel! Angel stumbles back against the ring ropes, and rebounds back!! PELE KICK BY TLA!!!

Jake Mercer: NO! ANGEL DE PLATA DUCKS UNDERNEATH IT! TLA gets back up but is quickly kicked in the stomach by Angel! Angel pulls him in!! SNAP SUPLEX!!! TLA smacks the mat hard, but gets back up to his feet quickly. Angel beats him to his feet, as he kicks TLA in the gut again! Angel pulls TLA in!! DDT!!! It connects!!!

Flannery McCoy: These fans are loving the action they are seeing between these two fan favorites.

Jake Mercer: Or they just love hearing my voice on commentary.

Flannery McCoy: I don’t think they can hear you Jake..

Stew-O: Back in the ring, we have Angel De Plata getting back up to his feet. Angel walks over to the side ropes, and exits the ring as he stands on the apron. Angel looks at TLA in the ring, as he pulls back on the top rope!! SPRINGBOARD LEG DROP BY ANGEL DE PLATA JR!!!

Flannery McCoy: NO! TLA rolls out of the way, but Angel was able to land on his feet just past TLA! TLA still on the ground, as Angel leaps up! STANDING MOONSAULT!!! IT CONNECTS!!!! Angel going for another pin!!




Stew-O: But TLA gets his shoulder up! Angel is looking really good early on in this match against the former world champion.

Flannery McCoy: You’ve got that right Stew! Two close pins. Angel has really brought his A-game against TLA tonight!

Jake Mercer: And here goes Angel with multiple stomps onto the chest of TLA!! Angel is stomping away as hard as he can, as fast as he can, as TLA takes each stomp at full force!!! Angel now runs over to the corner, and leaps up onto the top turnbuckle!! Angel looks down at TLA, then leaps in the air! MOONSAULT!! NO!! TLA again rolls out of the way, as Angel lands on his feet!!

Stew-O: Angel now walks over to TLA, and grabs him by the head. Angel gets TLA up to his feet then connects with fast chops to TLA’s chest! TLA’s chest is now beat red, as Angel whips TLA over to the far ropes! TLA rebounds off of the ropes, as Angel goes for a shoulder block! No! TLA dodges it and gets behind Angel! Angel turns around and.. HURRICANRANA BY TLA!!! It sends Angel across the ring, as he lands bent over the middle rope!!

Flannery McCoy: And we all know that TLA loves when he gets his opponents in this position!! TLA bounces off the ropes and charges at Angel De Plata Jr!!! THE 305!!! TIGER FEINT KICK!!! NO!! Angel ducks his head underneath the legs of TLA, as TLA spins back into the ring!!





Jake Mercer: But TLA was able to get that shoulder up! Angel gets back up to his feet, as TLA follows right after. Angel with a kick to the side of TLA’s leg! It connects as TLA drops to one knee! Angel steps back and goes for a kick to the chest of TLA, but TLA catches the leg! TLA now stands up with Angel’s leg, then drives his elbow right into the quadricep of Angel!! Angel screams, as TLA does it again!!

Stew-O: And now TLA drops Angel’s leg, as he gets back up to his feet. TLA now connects with a kick to the side of Angel’s leg, as he falls down to one knee! TLA now with the swag shot again!! It connects!! Angel slowly trying to get back up to his feet, but he’s struggling after those elbow shots to his leg moments ago! TLA takes advantage of this, as he strikes with a hard back elbow to the chest of Angel as Angel was just getting up!!

Flannery McCoy: And now TLA with a right hook to the side of Angel’s face! Now a left!! TLA with an uppercut!! Now another right hook! TLA with a kick to the stomach of Angel, as Angel bends over!! TLA now with a kick to the chest of Angel, as Angel pops right up and is met with another fast right handed jab by TLA!!!

Jake Mercer: This is where TLA is the most dangerous. When he can start unloading these fast strikes, he is in full control.

Stew-O: Angel is definitely taking a beating out there, as TLA connects with another quick jab followed by another right hook! Angel falls down to one knee!! TLA now runs to the ropes, as he rebounds and connects with a running dropkick onto Angel De Plata Jr!!! TLA covers!!




Stew-O: But Angel kicks out!! TLA gets back up to his feet, as he grabs Angel and gets him up to his feet as well. TLA whips Angel across the ring, as Angel crashes hard up against the corner turnbuckle! TLA now charges at Angel as he connects with a powerful corner body splash! Angel slowly steps out of the corner, as TLA climbs up to the top rope!! Angel turns around!! DIVING CROSSBODY BY TLA!!!! IT CONNECTS!!! TLA with another cover!!




Jake Mercer: No!! Angel kicks out! TLA gets back up to his feet once more, as he stomps down on Angel’s stomach before bringing him back up to his feet! SWAG SHOT!!! NO!! ANGEL BLOCKS THE SLAP!! But TLA with another quick jab with his other arm! Angel staggers back, as TLA leaps!! HURRICANRANA!!!!! NO!!! ANGEL REVERSES IT!!! SITOUT POWER BOMB!!!!!

Flannery McCoy: What a match by these two! TLA and Angel are both flat on the mat, looking at the ceiling, trying to figure out what they need to do in order to defeat their opponent.

Stew-O: Angel has definitely stepped up tonight, as he continues to show how talented he actually is.

Flannery McCoy: But back in the ring, we have Ange De Plata Jr, and TLA slowly making their way up to their feet. Angel grabs a hold of TLA, and quickly connects with his swinging neckbreaker!! TLA clutches at the back of his head, as Angel starts to climb back up to the top rope!! Angel is now up top, but TLA is no longer on the mat! TLA is clutching his head, as he makes his way over to Angel’s corner!! TLA climbs up to the middle rope and connects with a quick jab at Angel! Now an uppercut by TLA!

Stew-O: Angel now goes from standing on the top rope to sitting, as he tries to regain his balance! But TLA again with a hard right hand to the face of Angel!! TLA now hops off of the middle rope, then leaps up and connects with a pele kick onto Angel De Plata Jr!! Angel falls off of the top rope, and lands on the apron!! Angel nearly falls off of the apron, but he hangs himself over the middle rope from outside of the ring!!

Jake Mercer: And now it’s TLA who exits the ring and stands on the apron! What could he possibly be thinking right here!?! TLA runs on the ring apron, and connects with the.. THE 305 TIGER FEINT KICK FROM THE RING APRON!!! IT SENDS ANGEL DE PLATA JR STRAIGHT TO THE RINGSIDE FLOOR!!!

Flannery McCoy: Incredible move by TLA!! TLA re-enters the ring, as he sees Angel De Plata Jr. slowly making his way back up to his feet. TLA runs to the far ropes, he rebounds!! SUICIDE DIVE ONTO ANGEL DE PLATA JR!!! IT CONNECTS!!! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN!!!

Referee: One.. Two.. Three.. Four.. Five…

Stew-O: And it looks like TLA is the first one to his feet. TLA grabs Angel by the mask, and gets him up to his feet as well. TLA whips Angel to the apron, as Angel crashes back first against the edge of the ring!!! TLA now takes a step back before charging at Angel De Plata Jr with a running forearm!!! NO!!! Angel lifts his boot up, as he catches TLA square in the jaw!! TLA is stunned, as he takes a step back! Angel quickly rolls into the ring, then grabs the top rope!! Angel uses it to slingshot himself into the air!! SPRINGBOARD CORKSCREW CROSSBODY!!! IT CONNECTS ONTO TLA ON THE OUTSIDE!!!!

Flannery McCoy: Both men are down! Neither of them showing any movement, as their bodies are being pushed to the very limit!!

Referee: One… Two… Three… Four… Five… Six… Seven…

Stew-O: And its Angel De Plata who gets up onto his hands and knees first. He’s crawling his way to the ring! He’s trying to beat the count!!!

Referee: Eight..

Jake Mercer: And Angel De Plata Jr. slides right into the ring and lays flat on his back!! Meanwhile, TLA slowly gets up onto his hands and knees on the outside of the ring!!! TLA crawling over to the ring. He’s almost there!!!

Referee: Nine…

Stew-O: Angel may just win this by count out! Both men barely having the energy to get back into the ring!!

Referee: TEN-


Stew-O: And now both Angel and TLA get up to their feet in the ring. Angel De Plata Jr kicks TLA in the stomach! Angel pulls him in!! CRANIOTAMY!!! THE SPINNING PACKAGE PILEDRIVER!!! NO!!! TLA REVERSES IT WITH A BACK BODY DROP!!! TLA now goes over to the corner, and climbs up to the top rope!! TLA leaps in the air!!! BURNOUT!!!! CORKSCREW 360 SENTON!!!! IT CONNECTS!!! TLA COVERS!!!





(Ambitionz az a Writer by Tupac hits, as the crowd erupts into cheers. TLA looks down at Angel De Plata Jr with a smirk, as he acknowledges the effort Angel put up against him in a close match. TLA stands up and gets his hand raised by the referee.)

Stephie Love: HERE IS YOUR WINNERR!!!!!!! T!!!!!!! L!!!!!!!! A!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: What a matchup by both individuals.

Flannery McCoy: Fast paced, a lot of action, these two definitely put on an incredible match!

Jake Mercer: Definitely!

Stew-O: TLA with the bounceback STATEMENT win against one of Dynasty’s fastest rising elitists. The road to becoming a two time world champion begins now, and for Angel.. following an effort like that against a former world champion, the future is bright.

(Commercial Break)

(The camera cuts to Stephie Love in the middle of the ring)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen THIS IS THE MAIN EVENT! And it is scheduled for…

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

(‘Monster’ by Kanye West plays to cheers as Kassidy Heart comes out with a big smile plastered on her face. She holds her newly gained National Elite Championship in her grasp before raising it high in the air to even more cheers. She places it over her shoulders as her face turns to a smirk as she looks around and makes her way down to the ring)

Stephie Love: Introducing first… from Sydney, Australia… SHE IS THE NATIONAL ELITE CHAMPION… THE MAULER… KASSIDY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: Kassidy obviously has high hopes heading into this match that she can keep her reign as National Elite Champion off to a good start for sure as she heads into this match with the intent to win.

Flannery McCoy: That’s always Kassidy don’t defer this to her usual behavior. But are we sure that that is determined? Her opponent heading into this match is someone she has unfinished business with.

Jake Mercer: Do not doubt the mighty Kassidy Heart! Did you know she bit off Mike Tyson’s ear?! I know me neither! 

(Kassidy enters the ring and goes to the top rope holding the National Elite Championship up once more with a pleased look on her face as he jumps off the top rope and warms up as ‘Monster’ fades out. ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ by Queen then plays up to cheers as The Visual Prophet ravishingly comes out to the stage. He takes a spin brandishing his King of Elite crown on his head with a smirk before slowly making his way to the ring taking his time in doing so)

Stephie Love: And her opponent… from Detroit, Michigan… weighing in at 240 pounds… HE IS THE KING OF ELITE… THE VISUAL PROPHET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: Meanwhile at King of Elite it was a shining moment for Viz as he finally managed to grab ahold of the King of Elite title. Whilst that went off to a rough start a week after at Clash of Kingdoms I’m sure one of his goals set in stone is hanging that to solidify himself as the role he has been bestowed upon, king.

Flannery McCoy: I’m sure he will do that cause I know he’s capable of doing so. Despite everything Viz has a lot left in the tank when it comes in-ring competition I’m sure you aren’t so far from the truth with that one Stew.

Jake Mercer: I don’t think so… I have a new theory that will shock the World. The Visual Prophet is secretly an old man who thinks he knows how to play basketball but in reality really sucks, he’s also shaved. He is not who he claims to be! I saw it with my own eyes on Battleground :wow:.

(The Visual Prophet enters the ring and throws his arms in the air before walking up to Kass and holding out the King of Elite crown to her which she quickly slaps away as Viz looks at her with a shocked look and blows a kiss to her before she grabs it in the air and stomps it to the ground as ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ fades out and the Ref signals for the bell)


Stew-O: Here we go as our main event is underway two people with history with one another are about to go at it once more! Last time we saw Kass and Viz in the same ring was at House of Glass when the match ended in a draw as both competitors were unable to compete. Could we see a change tonight and see this match come out with an actual winner? Kass quickly locking up with Viz as both of them slowly begin to jockey for position. Kass surprisingly was able to push Viz into the ropes as she sends him into a irish whip. KASSIDY WITH A SHOULDER BARGE QUICKLY TAKING VIZ DOWN TO THE GROUND WASTING NO TIME AT THIS POINT!

Flannery McCoy: Viz in a little bit of shock as he quickly begins to pull himself up to his feet. Kass attempting a lockup but Viz with a quick gut kick right to the gut of Kass stopping her right in her tracks before she could do anything. Viz taking the opportunity grabbing her and lifting her up in the air. VIZ WITH A BIG SUPLEX TAKING HER BACK DOWN TO THE CANVAS! Viz manages to grab the early advantage as he slowly brings her up and sends her into the corner as he takes a big run to her. VIZ WITH A RUNNING EUROPEAN UPPERCUT RIGHT TO THE CHIN OF KASS SENDING HER DOWN!

Jake Mercer: Kass quickly getting up as she quickly tackles Viz right to the ground! Kass with the ground and pound slamming his fist right into the face of Viz trying to bloody him up! Kass forced to split from Viz as Viz quickly sits up trying to recuperate before any damage can be done. BUT KASS STOMPS ON THE FACE OF VIZ SLAMMING HIS HEAD RIGHT BACK DOWN TO THE CANVAS!

Stew-O: Viz rolling around in pain as Kassidy slowly brings him up. But Viz quickly pushing her into the ropes but Kass is quickly dropping punches right down to his back! Viz though managing to let go as Kass runs right at him. VIZ SLIDING UNDER KASS AS HE QUICKLY ROLLS HER UP INTO A SCHOOLBOY PIN!



Flannery McCoy: QUICK KICK OUT BY KASS! Kass quickly getting up to her feet but she looks to be falling right into Viz! VIZ WITH A SPINEBUSTER OUT OF NOWHERE! Kass sprawls out in pain on the canvas as Viz looks with a smirk as he seemed to gain the advantage once more slowly bringing Kass up again. VDT! NO! VIZ TRYING TO GO FOR THE REVERSE STO TWISTED INTO DDT BUT KASS QUICKLY SLIPPING OUT! Viz confused as he doesn’t know where he is as Kass quickly grabs him! KASS WITH A DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!  

Jake Mercer: Kass catching Viz in every little moment as it seems Viz is having trouble keeping afloat in this match. Viz slowly retreating away as he crawls to the ropes and Kass runs over to him. BUT VIZ WITH SNAKE EYES RIGHT TO THE ROPES STUNNING KASS! Kass stumbling backwards as Viz grabs her. BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX LAUNCHES KASS ACROSS THE RING! Kass rolls into a KNEE as Viz runs right to her. VIZ WITH A RUNNING KNEE STRIKE RIGHT TO THE HEAD OF KASS!

Stew-O: Viz quickly bringing Kass up as she’s clearly stunned by Viz’s quick onslaught upon her. Viz attempting to irish whip her but Kass drops her weight! BUT VIZ CLOCKING KASS RIGHT ON THE SIDE OF HER FACE SENDING HER DOWN TO A KNEE! Viz grabbing Kass once more setting her up! MILITARY PRESS SHOWCASING THE STRENGTH OF VIZ AS KASS IS DROPPED RIGHT BACK DOWN TO THE GROUND! Kass quickly rolling herself to the apron as she pulls herself up slowly. Viz attempting a shoulder thrust but Kass quickly dodging and going to the top rope! DIVING CROSSBODY! NO! VIZ GRABBING KASS IN MID AIR! VIZ SWINGING HER AROUND AND CONNECTING WITH A SIDEWALK SLAM TAKING HER BACK DOWN!

Flannery McCoy: But Kass with an iron will still managing to pull herself up to the shock of Viz! Viz running to the ropes as Kass is stunned as she turns to him! THE IKE TURNER SPECIAL! KASS CRUMBLES DOWN TO THE GROUND! But wait! Kass is slowly pulling herself up as Viz can’t believe it! The Mauler lives as Viz runs to the ropes again! ANOTHER IKE TURNER SPECIAL! Kass falling down but she still gets up again with a face of enraged anger as Viz can’t seem to process this in his head. What is Kass doing?! She’s asking for another one! Viz running to the ropes once more. ONE MORE TAKES KASS DOWN! Viz quickly going for the pin as Kass is finally down for the count!




Jake Mercer: KASSIDY! HEART! KASS JUST KICKED OUT AS VIZ CANT BELIEVE IT! Viz shaking his head as he believed he had this match done and through with him walking out supreme finally. But Kass still kicking out managing to show why she became the National Elite Champion in the first place! Viz dragging himself slowly over to the turnbuckle as he begins to climb up slowly as I think he’s leaning towards a big move while Kass is still recuperating! WHAT COULD IT BE! BOW TO THE HEART!








(‘Monster’ plays up once more as Kassidy Heart let’s go of Gawd’s Gift in exhaustion as she crumples down to the floor quickly. She’s out of breath as the Ref kneels down and hands her the National Elite Championship as she can only look up at it with a smirk. She slowly begins to pull herself up with cheers from the crowd as she lifts it up in the air in pain)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner, THE NATIONAL ELITE CHAMPION! KASSIDY HEART!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: KASSIDY DID IT! She did what she couldnt do at House of Glass and get the pinfall on Viz! Even better Kassidy did it as he was King of Elite! Viz gave it his all but in the end Kass managed to take him down with expert strategic moves and pass him out for the win.

Flannery McCoy: At the end of the day Viz is still the King of Elite, but at what cost? Viz hasn’t been doing so hot but there’s always chances to turn this around. Viz will get his moment but at this point the spotlight shines down on Kassidy Heart!

Jake Mercer: Can I do the outro?! I never get to do it! Thank you for tuning into Dynasty- OH GODDAMMIT!



(LC is in the ring staring a hole through Kassidy Heart as he looks livid. Kassidy adding salt to the wounds raises the National Elite Championship high in the sky for everyone to see as she keeps a smirk on her face as the camera finally fades to black)

(EAW logo buzzes.)

Written by John Helms

BREAKING NEWS: EAW World Championship Match Confirmed for Shock Value!

Showdown 2/22/20