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Dynasty 1/3/20

(EAW Intro plays.)

(The show opens with a cold opening as we get a shot of the beautiful audience inside the Birmingham Arena in Birmingham, England. Fireworks blow off as excitement is shown and the crowd is live and hot for tonight’s festivities.)

Stew-O: Welcome everyone! New year, new decade, new episode tonight! It’s 2020 and we are ready to usher in some wrestling for all of the fans tuning in as Friday Night Dynasty has the privilege to be the first televised wrestling show for this brand new year! Stew-O here as always along with me is Flannery McCoy…

Flannery McCoy: Happy new year Stew! So glad to be here with you and these lovely London people here!

Stew-O: As always, we are joined by the third member of this commentator trio…Jake Mercer! How are you doing, Jake?

Jake Mercer: I’m still a bit hung over from a crazy New Year’s Eve party I attended. A lot of EAW people showed up, namely Impact and Sienna Jade! We had a karaoke station where those two sang “What’s New Pussycat?” At least ten times before breaking down in the middle of their last performance as they began aggressively making out. I had four shots of henny, a shot of patron, and a shot of “Dirti Diva”.

Stew-O: Mind me asking, what’s a shot of Dirti Diva?

Jake Mercer: It’s when you drink this one yellow drink that has you in your feelings and forces you to leave the party really early. It was fantastic! But I showed up here and you know I got that 2020 VISION! Feel me!

Flannery McCoy: :facepalm: I hate him so much.

Jake Mercer: 2020 vision, Flann!

Stew-O: Speaking of vision, it’s clear we will be seeing a lot of EAW’s most eye catching talent as we concluded 2019 and head towards some very huge shows this year. We saw what the Road to Redemption had for our stars, including Sienna Jade becoming the number one contender to the Universal Women’s Championship, TLA defending his World Heavyweight Championship in a jaw dropping elimination chamber, and so much more. We also witnessed Drake King win at Christmas in Dubai and later on attack and cost TLA the match he had against Charlie Marr!

Flannery McCoy: Lets not forget, Sienna Jade possibly ended the career of Serena Bennett to earn that number one contender’s spot to face the reigning and defending champion Raven Roberts for that Universal Women’s title. Raven managed to defeat our New Breed champion Jenny Cien as Jenny strived to out do what Raven attempted a year prior and that was become both Women’s world champion and New Breed champion at the same time. 

Jake Mercer: Can we give love to the Dropkick Darling Darcy May Morgan defending her Specialists championship inside the extreme elimination chamber match? Or even Lethal Consequences defeating Osamu Arcichida and Angel De Plata Jr as he continues his dominating reign as NATIONAL EXTREME CHAMPION?! Kassidy Heart EXPLODING inside the extreme elimination chamber, Impact and Cage looking prepared to kill each other dead, and the greatest bromance in the history of our sport seeing a poetic demise as Drake King and The Visual Prophet both fell to a double pin by Papi Champu, young pablito de seis dios?! TLA?! So much has been going on that idk if it can fully be processed!

Stew-O: So much is in store for the new year and especially tonight here inside The Birmingham Arena here in Birmingham, England. Justin Windgate and Jenny Cien will have a New Breed title match as our main event, the king of elite tournament begins along with the iconic cup tournament as entrants for both will include Ronan Malosi, Joy Cassidy, Sapphire Estelle, SKA, Archimedes J. Manson, The Visual Prophet, Sierra Bradford, and Minerva! I also have on good authority that TLA will be demanding to have a face to face with Drake King over his actions at Christmas in Dubai tonight as well as things-

(‘Mark My Words’ by Doll Skin plays. The crowd inside the Birmingham Arena is on there feet and roaring as out walks Raven Roberts. Her Universal Women’s Championship on her shoulder, wearing tight fitting street clothes as she stands on the stage soaking up the positive reaction.)

Stew-O: Looks like we have a visitor!

Flannery McCoy: Universal Women’s Champion in the building tonight! Raven Roberts is here!

Jake Mercer: We are not worthy! I knew I should have worn my Crowe’s Nest Vintage sweatshirt!

(Raven walks down the ramp as Stephie Love stands and speaks ringside.)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen, from Louisville, Kentucky…she is the Universal Women’s Champion…RAVEN ROBBBBBERRRTS!!!

Stew-O: Raven is not a member of Friday Night Dynasty but she is the reigning Universal Women’s Champion and has an obligation to defend her championship against all women on all of the brands within EAW. I wonder what brings her here tonight?

Flannery McCoy: I think it’s rather obvious, Stew. She beat Jenny Cien and now is turning her attention to the number one contender to her championship possibly.

Jake Mercer: Maybe she wants to give El Landerson a title shot? Lord knows he deserves one since I heard in the dirt sheets he was turned down for the 20th time by one of the 25 Ava Sisters. Might have been Catrina Elon Ava! She’s the one with the cleft lip but the big breasts. 

(Raven enters the ring and lifts her belt high as the fans go crazy.)


(Her music fades as the chants are strong and she is handed a microphone. Raven smirks as she motions for the crowd to quietly relax but it takes a minute for them to chill. As everyone gets quiet, Raven begins to speak.)

Raven Roberts: I know, I bet you weren’t expecting me to start of the 2020 year here on Dynasty. Seeing as I’m on Sunday Night Voltage and all. I hope I didn’t disappoint you guys. I’m not little Kassidy Heart and I’m not covered in Mr. DEDEDE fluids. Plus I’m alive but…

(The crowd laughs as Raven smiles.)

Raven Roberts: Thing is, the last month of 2019 was a busy one of not just me as Universal Women’s Champion but all of EAW. Most importantly, it was a big month for all of women’s wrestling. I mean, Darcy May Morgan defends her specialist championship, Jenny Cien tried to make history at my expense by attempting to beat me and become a double champion, Kassidy Heart had a great showing in the World Heavyweight Championship Extreme Elimination Chamber, Cameron Ella Ava won the Answers World Championship, Andrea Valentine won the EAW Championship, Harlow won the Pure Championship, and women now hold the majority of the gold in EAW. Shoot, Heavenly Hell retained their tag belts as well and look to be on an all time legendary run as champions together. All rivalries and feuds aside, you have to give it up to the ladies in this company putting forth some of the best performances and being rewarded for it!

(The crowd cheers as Raven laughs.)

Raven Roberts: All we need is Sierra Bradford to beat LC, Kassidy to beat TLA, and all the women would hold all the gold. When I was screaming FUCK EMPIRE, this is what I meant. I meant that watching women come to these rings whether it is on Voltage, Dynasty, or Showdown and showcasing to everyone that regardless of gender that we are as good and in many cases better than a lot of these men…I was laughed at and taken out of context. Now, I stand here with a title that is the center piece of a division filled with incredible women’s athletes and I look forward to continuing to raise the prestige of this belt all 2020 and beyond. But, let’s get into why I’m here tonight. I mentioned a lot of talented women’s elitist but I didn’t mention two of the most important names in EAW.

(Raven pauses as she adjusts her belt.)

Raven Roberts: At Road to Redemption, we saw a lot of horrific things done in the name of competition. From exploding Chancletas to pink light tubes being broken and impaled into elitist. One thing that caught me off guard was a match between the two women fighting for a chance at my title. The number one contenders match for the Universal Women’s Championship was between last year’s Grand Rampage winner and Impact’s cumdumpster. Serena Bennet and Sienna Jade had one rivalry for the ages last season and it continued all the way through this season and seemingly saw a very unsatisfactory ending as Sienna Jade defeated her to earn a shot at my belt. But, it was how she did it that didn’t sit well with me. A title this prestigious and she chose to cowardly attack Serena, throw her head first into those steel stairs, and nearly blind her as she left a gash the size of a pothole in her face. Then, mocked her for being physically unable to compete, teased her into entering the ring when she shouldn’t have even entered it, and may have ended her career. 

(Fire can be seen in Raven’s eyes as she speaks once again.)

Raven Roberts: I am a fighting champion and never in my career have I wanted to fight anyone as badly as I want to fight Sienna Jade. Our past is something I know she holds in high regard but the past is archived and put away and now all we have is the present and a violent future to look forward to. I want Sienna Jade to know that when the time comes, I will defeat her and humble her in a way she has never been humbled before and that is precisely why I’m here tonight to say to her face that she is not beating me for my championship and that she is not a real contender in my eyes.

(‘Unfuckwithable’ by Deez Nutz interrupts Roberts as the entire building begins heckling and booing. Out walks Sienna with the cockiest strut possible as she stands on stage in her backstage attire with her hands on her hips laughing hysterically. Sienna does a quick pace around the stage as she pulls a microphone out of her back pocket of her jeans and points at Raven while cracking up.)

Flannery McCoy: Sienna is very amused it seems but Raven didn’t come here to make her laugh. 

Stew-O: Number one contender Sienna Jade is seemingly mocking Raven similarly to how she mocked and ridiculed Serena Bennett and Raven is as serious as a heart attack as Jade’s music fades.

Sienna Jade: Hey guys, look! The thanksgiving turkey survived and is now out here bawking and clucking and being as boring as ever! Oh wait! That’s not a turkey, it’s just an ugly bird brain Raven Roberts! Showing up where isn’t wanted and trying to criticize me for doing what I had to do to finally rid myself and EAW of that under achieving, overrated, loud mouth, Compton groupie loser Serena Bennett! First off, you are NOT welcome to my show! I don’t know if StarrStan allowed this to happen but if he did he didn’t check in with me or my hubby and I’m inclined to ask my security guards to escort this escort out of the arena. This is Friday Night Jade and you already disrespected me by not wiping your feet off before entering my ring. But, you began to entertain me with your pro female bullshit and I couldn’t help but start dying laughing at all the crap you let fly out that beak of yours. “LOOK, SO AND SO HAS A BELT”, “THIS LADY DID A THING”, and “DARCY FARCY IS CHAMPION OF THE SPECIAL NEEDS DIVISION” and whatever else you started rambling about. All that was missing was a “YAAAAS QUEEN!!!” and you would have cut the most obnoxious female empowerment promo of the new decade. 

(Sienna laughs as Raven stares a hole through her.)

Sienna Jade: You have some balls, Raven Roberts. It seems that clearly Rex’s got stuck in your throat, because you suddenly have the balls to come out on my show to chastise me for doing what I had to do to put an injury prone Serena Bennett on the shelf once and for all and take a step towards regaining my belt. Meanwhile, you gloss over how you even won that belt in the first place. You ROBBED my bestie Kassidy Heart and now want to build this reputation as this fighting champion that is looking to make our division proud? News flash you suddenly uglier beast; I am the only thing that matters in this division. That belt belongs to me and now that Bennett is dead and buried, I’m coming back for it! 

Raven Roberts: You are getting a title shot and you will get shot right down if you think you have a chance at beating me, Sienna.

Sienna Jade: News flash, stupid! You have never beaten me and I have never lost to you! 

Raven Roberts: I see you are ignoring the fact that you cheated the last time we went at it?

Sienna Jade: Who won, tho? That’s all that matters! I am not undefeated in EAW but I am undefeated against you!

Raven Roberts: You can find peace in what you did in the past but you have to face the future now, Jade. This isn’t the Raven Roberts you beat and cheated to get by on. Ask your best friend Kassidy about me. Notice she never came after me for this title. Notice she hasn’t even SNIFFED at getting a rematch against me. I hope you have been paying attention to what I’ve been doing since winning this belt because I have been paying very close attention to how you have fared since losing it at Pain for Pride. Losing it to the very same woman you took out at Road to Redemption. A girl who, if she was focused and ready for your cheating ways, would beat you seven days out of the week. But don’t worry, I’ll kick your ass twice as hard not just for her, not just for these people that are sick of your cocky attitude, but because I REALLY want to shut down this one thing you have over me. Yes, you have beaten me and I have never beat you. Yes, you were a former champion. Yes, your husband has all the world championship reigns in the world and you are the queen of his castle. But you will never and I mean NEVER beat me for this belt and when I crush your jaded little heart in front of millions of fans from Dynasty, Voltage, and Showdown…I will make it clear that you are nothing but a loud has been living off what she used to do.

Sienna Jade: Blah Blah! You and me are destined for a fight and at the Qatar show, I say we get this over with so we can erase this boring title run and get back to me running this division and restore some order around here.

Raven Roberts: At Qatar? I have no problem making you eat your own words and finishing you once and for all. See you at Qatar, Sienna. I’ll make sure when I’m finished you get yourself another long sabbatical like Serena gave you after Pain for Pride.

(Ravens’ theme plays again as Sienna stands on stage mocking her with the spooky fingers as Roberts lifts her belt in the air.)

Flannery McCoy: Bad blood plus Universal Women’s Championship equals a blockbuster of a match up. Raven Roberts and Sienna Jade will collide and I wouldn’t be shocked if they manage to murder each other to prove who is the real champion in EAW.

Jake Mercer: I expect a 5 star classic, 7 stars if it’s in the Tokyo Dome!

Stew-O: Two women with all time great talent and no love lost surely will not disappoint when they lace up their boots and go at it one more time!

(The scene fades out as we see Sienna staring back down into the ring as Raven poses with her gold title and the fans cheer her mightily.)

(Commercial Break)

(The camera cuts to Stephie Love in the middle of the ring)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for…

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

Stephie Love: And it is the first round of the ICONIC CUP TOURNAMENT!

(“Desire” by Meg Myers to mixed reactions as Joy Cassidy comes out to the stage. With a smile she twirls and takes a bow before throwing her robe to the ground and making her way to the ring)

Stephie Love: Introducing first, from London England, weighing in at 130 pounds… THE REINCARNATION OF APHRODITE, JOY… CASSIDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: Last time we saw Joy Cassidy she was in the Specialist Elimination Chamber at Road to Redemption and I can say truthfully, she almost won.

Flannery McCoy: If anyone was the standout in that match it was certainly Joy. Well the spotlight is centered on her now as she now has a chance to move on in the prestigious Iconic Cup tournament. And I’m sure she’d want nothing else out of it.

Jake Mercer: Sources tell me she’s actually the reincarnation of Aphrodite, is that true?

Flannery McCoy: :skip:

(Joy goes onto the apron blowing kisses before entering the ring and rests on the ropes with a smirk as “Desire” fades out. “Kill V. Maim” by Grimes plays to cheers as Sapphire Estelle makes her way to the ring with a grin on her face. She then begins to make her way to the ring interacting with the crowd as she goes)

Stephie Love: And her opponent, from Normandy France, weighing in at 120 pounds… THE DEADLIEST DOVE, SAPPHIRE… ESTELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: I’ll be the one to say that Sapphire’s road to get to this point has been bumpy. Then again nobody is incapable of turning something around in a heartbeat. 

Flannery McCoy: And this is her chance, the Iconic Cup can turn careers around and change them for the better. Sapphire is going to fight tonight for sure and I’m sure her opponent is going to do the same. We’re in for a big match tonight.

Jake Mercer: Sources tell me she’s actually a dove, is that true?

Flannery McCoy: Jake, shut up.

(Sapphire goes on the apron and makes a gesture with her hand before entering the ring. She goes and rests against the ropes mirroring Joy Cassidy as “Kill V. Maim” fades off and the Ref signals for the bell)


Stew-O: Here we go as this round one match in the Iconic Cup tournament begins! Sapphire and Joy both lock up as this test of strength is seemingly equal matched. Joy slowly pushing Sapphire to the ropes but Sapphire bounces off it turning the tides as Sapphire quickly grabs the arm and locks in a hold. Joy quickly moving under as she grabs Sapphire from behind and slams her down to the ground! Joy leaping for a headlock but Sapphire quickly pushes herself out of the vicinity and up to her feet!

Flannery McCoy: Sapphire quickly running at Joy but Joy with a drop toe hold as she runs to the ropes. Sapphire quickly getting up and running to Joy as Joy stops herself as she grabs the ropes. Sapphire with a clothesline taking Joy over to the top rope! Sapphire running at Joy once more but Joy takes her back with a rope-assisted enziguri! Sapphire running at Joy again but Joy grabbing her by the head and pulling her out of the ring!

Jake Mercer: The Deadliest Dove manages to grab the ropes as she gets onto the apron. Joy going for a kick but Sapphire grabs the foot of Joy and pushes it away! Joy running at Sapphire at full force. SAPPHIRE WITH A SPEAR AS JOY LANDS BACK FIRST ONTO THE APRON! Joy slowly pulls herself up as Sapphire jumps off the apron and grabs her. BUT JOY TAKING CONTROL AND SLAMMING SAPPHIRE BACKFIRST INTO THE BARRICADE! Joy quickly grabbing Sapphire before she can fall and rolls her into the ring.

Stew-O: Joy rolling into the ring as Sapphire is pulling herself up quickly. Sapphire running at Joy going for a knee strike! But Joy moves out of the way as Sapphire bounces off the ropes. Joy with a punch forcing Sapphire back! Sapphire steps back but she reddens Joy’s chest with a chop that echoes across the arena! Sapphire taking opportunity as she grabs Joy and rams her knee right into her chest! Sapphire keeping a hold of her as she lifts Joy up off her feet! But Joy dropping her weight as she pushes Sapphire away as she runs at her. RUNNING DROPKICK TAKES SAPPHIRE DOWN!

Flannery McCoy: Sapphire stumbles back as she brings herself to a knee. Joy grabbing her by the head as she begins to unleash punches down on her face! But Sapphire pushes her away quickly managing to catch her breath. Joy going for a front kick right to Sapphire but Sapphire quickly rolling out of the way barely. Sapphire trying to sweep the leg of Joy but Joy quickly jumps over. Joy going for a stomp but Sapphire quickly rolls up to her feet. SAPPHIRE WITH A QUICK CLOTHESLINE TO JOY!

Jake Mercer: Joy knocked down but she quickly brings herself up as Sapphire comes from behind. But Joy ducking the axe hammer attempt by Sapphire to take her back down! Sapphire quickly turns around but Joy grabs her. JOY SLAMS SAPPHIRE DOWN WITH A NECKBREAKER! Joy grabbing Sapphire by the head and pulling her up as she grabs and slams her back down to the ground! Joy trying to weaken Sapphire as much as possible as she brings her up again. Joy pushing Sapphire into the ropes and going for a irish whip. SAPPHIRE TAKING CONTROL AS SHE RUNS IN WITH A KNEE RIGHT TO THE GUT OF JOY!

Stew-O: Joy falling to a knee as Sapphire brings her up what is she thinking? SAPPHIRE THROWING JOY SHOULDER-FIRST! Joy falling to the ground as Sapphire hooks the leg attempting a pin!



Flannery McCoy: KICK OUT BY JOY! Its apparent Sapphire is going to have do more to Joy to take her down. Sapphire bringing Joy up as she lifts her up! SNAP SUPLEX TAKES JOY DOWN! Joy rolling around as Sapphire brings her up slowly. But Joy is fighting back with multiple punches to the gut of Sapphire! Sapphire forced to move back giving Joy time to recuperate! Sapphire stumbling over to Joy looking to gain offense before it’s too late. But Joy with a kick to the gut as she grabs Sapphire by the head! JOY WITH A HAIR PULL WHIP SENDING SAPPHIRE ACROSS THE RING! 

Jake Mercer: Sapphire falls right into a knee as Joy grabs her by the head. JOY TAKING SAPPHIRE DOWN WITH A DDT! Sapphire grabbing her head yet she’s quickly getting up. Joy with a punch right to the head of Sapphire! Sapphire moves back but she lunges forward with a punch of her own! Sapphire gaining leverage as she begins to rain punches down on Joy! Joy pushed against the ropes as Sapphire runs to the ropes and Joy begins to run at her. ANOTHER SPEAR IMPALES JOY SENDING HER TO THE GROUND!

Stew-O: Joy grabbing her gut in pain as Sapphire drags her up by the arm. Sapphire irish whipping Joy. But wait Joy dropping her weight so Sapphire can’t move her! JOY PULLING SAPPHIRE IN AND TAKING HER DOWN WITH A SHORT-ARM CLOTHESLINE! Sapphire falls but quickly gets up as Joy runs at her. Joy attempts a clothesline but Sapphire ducks under and turns around! Sapphire with a gut kick as she grabs Joy! But Joy pushes away as Sapphire runs at Joy. JOY WITH A SICKENING UPPERCUT TO JOY!

Flannery McCoy: Joy grabbing Sapphire up in a hammerlock as I think she’s looking for The Brit Fit! But Sapphire ramming her elbow right into the gut of Joy as Joy is sent down to a sitting position! Sapphire sees opportunity as she runs to the ropes behind Joy. REBORN IN THE MORNING! THE ROLLING NECK SNAP CONNECTS AS SAPPHIRE GOES FOR THE PIN! 




Jake Mercer: KICK OUT ONCE MORE BY JOY! Sapphire definitely getting frustrated at the persistence of Joy as she gets to her feet. Sapphire waiting for Joy to get up as she stumbles to her feet. Sapphire with a gut kick as I think she’s going for her patented niagara driver! ICHIKI! NO! JOY SLIDES OFF BEFORE IMPACT! Joy quickly turning around and kicking Sapphire on the back of the leg as Sapphire falls to a knee. Joy grabbing the hair of Sapphire and slamming her right to the ground! Joy bringing Sapphire to a sitting position as she runs to the ropes and back. Joy attempting a kick but Sapphire rolls out of the way! Joy falls right into a sitting position as the tables turn as Sapphire runs to the ropes. BASEMENT DROPKICK RIGHT TO THE FACE OF JOY!

Stew-O: Joy still getting up quickly as Sapphire swings a punch at Joy. But Joy blocks Sapphire’s punch and pushes it away! Sapphire moves in but Joy kicks her right in the face stopping her leaving her stunned! Sapphire still not giving in though as she runs towards Joy! BREAK YA FACE! POP UP KNEE STRIKE OUT OF NOWHERE RIGHT TO THE FACE OF SAPPHIRE! Sapphire stumbling back but she’s still fighting as she goes for a clothesline. But Joy ducks under! Joy going for a kick but Sapphire grabs the foot and pushes it away! SAPPHIRE WITH A FORWARD RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP!

Flannery McCoy: Joy stumbles up to her feet as Sapphire kicks her trying to keep her down. Sapphire grabbing the head of Joy as she begins to fire forearm strikes right to her face! Joy with a gut kick pushing Sapphire away as she lets go of Joy. Sapphire swinging her arm but Joy ducks and grabs Sapphire into a german suplex position! But Sapphire with a stiff elbow right to the face of Joy stunning her! Joy pushed back but she runs at her as Sapphire turns around! DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE TAKES BOTH OF THEM DOWN TO THE GROUND!

Jake Mercer: Both of them are slowly getting up at the same time. Joy stumbles up focusing on Sapphire but Sapphire leaps onto Joy! THE BLACK LOTUS! SAPPHIRE HAS THE GUILLOTINE CHOKE LOCKED IN AS SHE TRIES TO TAKE JOY TO THE GROUND! But Joy with pure strength managing to keep herself up on her feet how! JOY PUSHES SAPPHIRE TO THE ROPES! 

Stew-O: Joy just barely escapes as she grabs the ropes trying to pull herself up but I think she’s too exhausted. Sapphire struggling here as the frustration begins to show on her face even more than it did before. Sapphire waiting for Joy to get up as she runs at her. THE DEVIL WITHIN! OH MY! JOY OUT OF NOWHERE WITH A GASP OF ENERGY AS THE BICYCLE KNEE CONNECTS RIGHT ON THE SKULL OF SAPPHIRE! JOY COLLAPSES ONTO SAPPHIRE GOING FOR THE PIN!





(“Desire” plays up to a mixed reaction once more as Joy Cassidy pulls herself up using the ropes. The Ref raises her hand in victory as she has a smirk on her face as she celebrates)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen, here’s your winner… JOY CASSIDY!!!!!!!!!!

Flannery McCoy: Joy Cassidy is officially moving on in the Iconic Cup to round two! Whilst Sapphire put up a good fight in the end Joy came out on top just barely to pull out the win.

Jake Mercer: Sapphire put up an excellent performance as well. Although she lost again it is apparent that she’ll dust herself off and continue on the way. But congrats to Joy!  

(The scene opens up outside of StarrStan’s office. We see Nathan Von Liebert standing outside the door, as Angel De Plata walks into the scene)

Angel De Plata: StarrStan called you over to his office too?

Nathan Von Liebert: Yeah, I wonder what this is all about.

?: Maybe it’s about how our team totally blew it at Christmas in Dubai..

(Mike Gambino walks into the scene)

Mike Gambino: Let’s be real. You guys got your asses handed to you in that triple threat tag team match. That was supposed to be ours to win, but what happened instead? Oh yeah, we were the first team to be fully eliminated.

Angel De Plata: Hey man, we fought hard in Dubai. I don’t care what you have to say, it just wasn’t our night that night.

Mike Gambino: That’s cool and all, but I don’t think that “it not being our night” is going to cut it for StarrStan when he entrusted us to beat Team Showdown and Team Voltage.

(StarrStan’s office door creeks open, as StarrStan stands in the doorway between all three elitists.)

Mike Gambino: Speak of the devil.

StarrStan: Alright guys, come into my office real quick. I have something important that I need to tell each of you.

(StarrStan holds the door open, as Mike, Nathan, and Angel all proceed to enter. StarrStan shuts the door behind him, as a new camera angle inside of his office is used. StarrStan walks over to his desk and sits down behind his computer monitor.)

StarrStan: So, I’m aware of the fact that Christmas in Dubai didn’t go as planned.

Mike Gambino: Exactly my point.

Nathan Von Liebert: Can you just shut up already? You were the first person on our team that got eliminated after all.. I don’t want to hear it from you..

Mike Gambino: Oh you’ll hear it, because I was only eliminated because none of you guys decided to help me out in the ring by breaking the pin. What great teammates you are..

Angel De Plata: Yeah, we’re greater teammates than you ever were. You thought about yourself in the match as opposed to the team. You tagged yourself in just to get the mess kicked out of you. It’s not our fault that you set yourself up for that.

Mike Gambino: Well I wouldn’t have had to be in that position if you guys weren’t slacking in the ring..

StarrStan: Alright guys, I didn’t invite you over to my office just to argue about your match at Christmas in Dubai.

Mike Gambino: Good, because I’m really not trying to waste my breath on these guys anyways. All I’m trying to say is, it’s not my fault that we lost.

Nathan Von Liebert: Then who’s fault was it then?

Mike Gambino: You want to take a look in the mirror numb nut?

(Nathan Von Liebert shoves Mike Gambino back and steps up to him as they collide and go face to face)

Nathan Von Liebert: You know, I felt bad that I couldn’t hang on long enough to secure the victory, but now I really don’t care at all. Why should I strain my back by carrying your dead weight to victory?

Mike Gambino: Dead weight?

Nathan Von Liebert: Yeah, you heard me. It’s not like you did anything in that match anyways. You were non-existent from my point of view.

(Mike Gambino shoves Nathan Von Liebert back)

Mike Gambino: I don’t care about your point of view punk.. That knee to the face by Korey Gaines has you all messed up if you don’t think I was a factor in that match.

Nathan Von Liebert: Yeah, a factor in why we ended up losing. Call me a punk again, and I’ll knock you out quicker than it took your worthless ass to get eliminated on Christmas night.

(Mike Gambino and Nathan Von Liebert collide heads once more before StarrStan gets up and out of his chair in order to get between both Elitists and breaks them apart)

StarrStan: Calm down.. Jeez.. I understand that you guys didn’t win, but can we please move on from that match? I didn’t call you guys down here to fuss about it.

Mike Gambino: Well-

StarrStan: Shut up Mike.. Let me talk.

Nathan Von Liebert: Even StarrStan doesn’t want to hear you make excuses anymore.

(StarrStan looks over at Nathan Von Liebert with an annoyed glare as he really doesn’t want these two to continue going back and forth. Nathan Von Liebert notices that he has annoyed StarrStan and backs off)

StarrStan: Can I speak now?

Angel De Plata: Whenever you’re ready Starr.

StarrStan: Thank you Angel. Alright, so I understand that the Elimination Tag Team Match didn’t go as planned. We lost to Team Showdown, and as much as that sucks, we’ve got to move on from it. I’m not going to hang my head over some brand bragging rights in late December. There’s no point. Dynasty will have other opportunities to demonstrate our dominance over the other brands this season. You all have been competing in some tough matches as of late. Not only was there the match at Christmas in Dubai, but Nathan and Mike, you guys also had that grueling 25 man Battle Royal at Road to Redemption as well. And Angel, don’t think I forgot about your match for the National Elite Championship either..

Angel De Plata: Yeah, that didn’t go the way I thought it would.

StarrStan: And that’s okay. You see, the reason why I brought you three down here is because I know you guys had a rough finish to 2019. Maybe you didn’t hit a move hard enough or you didn’t come into the last couple matches of the year as prepared as you had hoped. Whatever the case is, now is the time to bounce back. All three of you guys have tremendous talent, and I’m a man that believes that Elitists with your talent should be given opportunities and chances. So to start off the new year, you three will have a clean slate as I have entered each of you into the King of Elite Tournament.

Mike Gambino: Wait, so you’re rewarding those two for sucking ass?

StarrStan: No, but if that’s how you wish to take it, then I’m curious as to why you think I’m rewarding you.

Mike Gambino: Why wouldn’t you?

Nathan Von Liebert: Because you literally just participated in that tag team match. You did no damage whatsoever. You were just there. I could have hit up El Jr. or whistled for Steroid Dog to be in our corner, and they would have done ten times more than you did.

Mike Gambino: You need to watch what you say Nathan, because I’m this close to showing you how pathetic of a wrestler you really are..

Angel De Plata: Guys, come on. Not right now..

StarrStan: Yeah, don’t go killing each other now. You can save that energy for next week in your first round match in the King of Elite Tournament, because I have it already scheduled.. Mike Gambino vs Nathan Von Liebert. If you two still have some things to settle, then you can settle it next week against each other.

(Mike Gambino and Nathan Von Liebert look directly at each other, then back at StarrStan)

StarrStan: But this is more than just figuring out who the weak link at Christmas in Dubai was. This is an opportunity for you two to start off the new year on top. Make a name for yourself in this tournament. There is a ton of talent throughout EAW competing in the King of Elite this year as expected, and this could be a great test for guys like you who are trying to break out as not only a top Dynasty talent, but a top talent in EAW as a whole.

Mike Gambino: Oh I’ll be ready. Next week I’m going to make a statement to all of the other competitors when I beat you Nathan..

(Mike Gambino turns around and exits through the door. Nathan Von Liebert looks back as the door slams shut)

Nathan Von Liebert: Hopefully his definition of “ready” is different now in 2020, because if he comes at me with the same energy that he had on Christmas night, the only statement he’ll be making will be one for me, as everyone sees how much more fierce I am in the ring than him.

(Nathan Von Liebert turns around and walks out the same doors. Angel and StarrStan are still standing in the middle of the office, as StarrStan makes his way back behind his desk and computer monitor.)

Angel De Plata: So what about me? Who am I facing next week?

StarrStan: Oh, I’ve got a special match for you Angel. So while Nathan Von Liebert and Mike Gambino settle their differences against one another, you’ll be facing none other than this Elitist right here..

(StarrStan turns the computer screen monitor around so that Angel can see it. On the screen is the scheduled card for next week’s Dynasty. Once Angel De Plata sees who he is matched up against, his eyes widen up. Angel nods his head at StarrStan)

StarrStan: Good luck!

(StarrStan turns the computer screen back around, as Angel has a determined look on his face. Angel turns around and makes his way out of the office through the door, as the screen fades to black)

(The camera cuts to Stephie Love in the middle of the ring)

Stephie Love – The following contest is scheduled for…

Fans – ONE FALL!!!!

Stephanie Love – And it is a First Round Qualifier match for King Of Elite!!! 

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

(“Pharmacie” by SCH plays to a mixed reaction as SKA comes out with a smug look on his face. He spreads his arms out before making his way to the ring. Specifically, as he makes his way to the ring he has an armband with the words “Captain” on it.)

Stephie Love: Introducing first, from Paris France, weighing in at 256 pounds… COLD BLOODED, SKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: The very first match of the King of Elite 2020 tournament starts now! This guy very well might be a sleeper pick to make it out of Dynasty.

Jake Mercer: I wouldn’t disagree SKA is my kind of guy, bold brash and confident and backs it up!

Flannery McCoy: Lets hope that confidence doesn’t blind him and backfire tonight. This is a promising up and comer but he’s still a rookie and mistakes can happen especially against the more experienced opponent he’s getting ready to face.

(Christopher Cool enters the ring and throws one arm up and takes a circle around the ring before heading to his corner and meeting with Justin as “Bring Em Out” fades out. “Applause” by Lady Gaga plays too loud cheers as Archimedes J. Manson comes out with his trombone and pure excitement on his face. He plays his trombone as he makes his way to the ring)

Stephie Love: And his opponent, from the Divided States of Hysteria, weighing in at 205 pounds… THE ANIMANIAC, ARCHIMEDES…J….MANSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: Archimedes has had a bit of an up and down journey here in EAW but he looks to get things on track with the opportunity of a lifetime!

Jake Mercer: His time in EAW may not be the most successful but he is more than capable of flourishing here it’s a matter of applying himself. If you seen his work over at WrestleCastle alongside Viktor Velocity and Roman Darksky you’d be surprised that it’s the same person!

Flannery McCoy: Lets hope he brings that energy here tonight then.

( Ding Ding Ding! ) 

Stew-O: And here we GO! This First Round King of Elite Qualifier is officially on the way! Both men are circling each other around the center of the ring sizing each other up trying to go for the first offensive move of the night. Archimedes tries to go for a leg sweep but SKA doesn’t seem to be bothered as he circles around Manson by simply walking with a composed look on his face. Archi suddenly stops and faces SKA with a cold stare of his own, he actually mimics his opponent mirroring him a while much to his amusement and that of the crowd who laughs at the antics of God’s Gag Gift! SKA doesn’t look impressed however as he WOAH!! HE SPITS ON MANSON’S SHOES WHO FOLLOWS UP WITH A BITCH SLAP!! 


Jake Mercer: Was that a Dave Chapelle reference?? Did he just parodied Rick James??


 Referee: ONE!!!


ANGRY KICK OUT BY SKA WHO ROUGHLY SHOVES ARCHI OFF OF HIM AND TRIES TO GET ON HIS KNEES TO RECOVER WHILE HOLDING HIS JAW. Meanwhile Manson gets on the offensive once more not wanting to give a chance to SKA to recover! He grabs him by the arm and irish whips him into the ropes, SKA bounces off and gets collected by a perfectly executed diving bulldog from Archi who had just ran against the opposite ropes. SKA goes down once more as Archi screams WHO LET MY DAWGS AT?? And goes for the cover!! 


SKA kicks out quickly once more! Seems like this is only pissing him off further. Manson on his end is all smiles and awaits for his opponent to get back up provoking him to bring it to him positioning himself like Neo from the Matrix and does the famous hand gesture. SKA has enough of the shenanigans and he bolts forward for a clinch with Manson or so he tries as Archi ducks to the side evading the click in a juke manoeuver and yells OLE!! As if he just dodged a charging bull! SKA turns around trying to tackle the funny man again but he gets ducked as well followed by a smack on the ass from Manson who really adds insult to injury here! He is trying to humiliate his opponent! 

Jake Mercer: Not a smart business decision if you ask me! 

Stew-O: Ever so resilient SKA attempts to tackle Manson again who in turn predictably dodges however SKA follows the dodge and positions himself behind Archi wrapping his arms around his waist! GERMAN SUPLEX!! Archi didn’t see it coming at all as the top of his back and low of neck slams hard on the mat! SKA doesn’t let go of his opponent as he repeats the procedure going with a second and even a third German suplex which sees massive impact on Manson who doesn’t seem to find it amusing anymore!! SKA throws himself backward for a fourth German in the middle of the ring but still doesn’t let go of Manson. He looks around, he positions oh god really will he do that!! A fifth German suplex is applied only he gives all his might in it and sends Archimedes flying against the nearby corner against the turnbuckles!! Manson crashes hard as SKA gets up and dusts himself. 

SKA : Who’s laughing now you working class bitch! 

Stew-O: Sick burn from the Frenchmen as the referee is looking after Archie but SKA doesn’t care for that and shoves the official aside who warns him not to touch him again. He is ignored by the man who grabs onto the ropes and proceeds to apply a stiff mudhole stomping a slew of kicks on the chest of Manson who crumbles under the assault! SKA pretend spits on Archie, payback for the humiliation from Manson earlier as he then jogs to the opposite corner then charges in with a SOLID KNEE TO THE FACE OF MANSON! SKA drags Archie to the center of the ring and goes for the cover. 

 Referee: ONNEEE!!!



Flannery McCoy: Seems like it will require more than this to keep God’s Gag Gift down. 

Jake Mercer: He seems to be in a painful predicament right now, but we know better from him!

Stew-O: SKA doesn’t look like he is in a mood to laugh as he climbs on top of Archimedes and proceeds to pummel his face with a series of stiff elbow strikes. The referee warns SKA again but he gets ignored until the referee tries to get in the way of the man who seems to be set on busting the funny man’s skull open! SKA moves up and looks at the official getting up letting go of his target to enter in a verbal argument with the referee with colorful words flying out of the Frenchman’s mouth. Things are getting rather heated between the two the official is holding his ground as…

Jake Mercer: LOOK OUT SKA!!!


 Referee: ONEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!



Stew-O: Maybe if he was not to be taken by the official this wouldn’t have happened! Archimedes is pulling himself up this required some effort but an angrier SKA slams down Manson with a running knee strike forcing the funny man back on his back. Ska moves rapidly behind Archimedes as he sits up and wraps his arms around the man’s neck attempting a sleeper hold! Manson is fighting to get out of the hold as the official checks on him as he slowly fades away but then we see him try to snap back into life. Smacking his own face are you kidding me he is slapping himself awake and it seems to fuel him! He is on a knee as Ska tries to keep him down but can’t! Archimedes is yelling! Powering himself out of the hold with some solid elbow strikes to the ribs of his opponent! He gets free! But Ska shoves him irish whipping him of sort to the ropes, Manson bounces back launching himself at Ska with a bulldog that misses! Ska charges into the ropes both men meets at the center of the ring JUST KIDDING THE SUPERKICK AGAIN FROM NOO!! SKA DODGES IT WITH A BASEBALL SLIDE AND QUICKLY GETS UP BOUNCING OFF THE ROPES HE GOES FOR THE HEMORRAGE KNEE BUT IT’S DODGED BY A RUNNING ARCHIE WHO ALSO BOUNCED OFF THE ROPES HE GOES BUT A SHINING WIZARD AGAIN EVADED! BOTH MEN GOES AGAINST THE ROPES MEETING AGAIN AND WOAH!! THE DETONATOR DROPKICK!!! SKA APPLIES HIS FINISHER SO CLOSE AFTER HE NEARLY GOT CONNECTED BY MANSON’S!! WILL IT BE ENOUGH??

Referee: OOOONNEEE!!!!



( Ding Ding Ding! ) 

Stephie Love: The winner of this bout and moving to Round Two of the King of Elite tournament… SKAAAAA!!!!!

Jake Mercer: What a fast paced match!! What a way to get the Tournament going!

Flannery McCoy: Both men battled hard but in the end only one goes to round two! Congrats to SKA! 

(The camera cuts from the ring area and switches backstage where Michael Belfort is standing by. The tenured backstage interviewer has a smile on his face as he starts speaking.)

Michael Belfort: Ladies and gentlemen, we closed out this past decade in unprecedented fashion here in EAW. Nine out of eleven championships are currently being held by female Elitists, which has never happened in all the years we have been around. Right now, Dynasty is the only brand currently being represented by two male champions and with me right now is one of those men. Please welcome the National Extreme Champion, Lethal Consequences.

(The camera shot widens to show LC standing beside Belfort. The champion has a sneer across his face and he doesn’t even bother to hide his disgust.)

Lethal Consequences: A disgrace I tell ya.

(Belfort looks puzzled.)

Michael Belfort: What is, LC?

Lethal Consequences: Women.

Michael Belfort: :skip:

(LC looks at his National Extreme Championship, which is on his shoulder, and then shakes his head.)

Lethal Consequences: Don’t act surprised, Michael. You know the vibes. This company has always had a men’s division and a women’s division, and there are reasons for that. Why they have chosen to go soft now is beyond me especially when the Chairman carries around this whole ‘hard on hoes’ mentality and expects everyone to fall in line. It’s disheartening to see what we’ve become and that is a company full of pussies who insist on letting the lines get blurred.

Michael Belfort: What lines do you feel are being blurred?

Lethal Consequences: ALL lines. Women competing for world championships that don’t have ‘women’ in the name. Women competing for other championships that aren’t whatever the other one made for them is called. I’m sure they have some OTHER championship. Let me ask you this, Michael. Why is there a women’s division in the first place if these bitches are going to be allowed to play with the big boys and hold the championships WE have put the time and effort into building and holding? What has a woman ever done for the National Extreme Championship, huh? What do women even know what about extreme wrestling?

Michael Belfort: Uh, well. Just on Dynasty we have a woman who’s entire background is deathmatch wrestling. The other championship you were referring too, the Specialists Championship, is a belt that is regularly defended in extreme environments, and two women just won male dominated Extreme Elimination Chambers to win their brand’s respective world championships…

Lethal Consequences: That’s cute.

Michael Belfort: So I take it you’re not a fan of the women’s movement here in EAW?

Lethal Consequences: This ‘women’s movement’ is EAW pandering to these goddamn SJW bitches and I’m fed up with it. It’s senseless to appease these sensitive ass SNOWFLAKES when they have their own shit to compete for. Granted it’s on a far lesser scale than our championships. There has never been a bitch in the history of EAW that’s been worth a damn and they certainly haven’t done anything for the division I’ve ruled with an iron fist since Territorial Invasion. That’s not ever going to change because there ain’t a bitch here worth my time and effort, and women’s wrestling surely isn’t. I’m not about to be used to appease some little slut’s ego; some bitch that thinks she can hang with a man inside the ring. One thing you will NEVER see here in EAW is me defending this championship against a woman. Imagine me losing my National Extreme Championship to someone in a lesser another division who has their own championships to compete for. :dave:

???: No need to imagine.

(Michael Belfort and Lethal Consequences both turn to the right and the camera shot widens. Kassidy Heart comes strolling into the picture with an amused look on her face. LC looks down his nose at her.)

Lethal Consequences: Who says?

(Kassidy steps to the opposite side of Belfort and brushes her wavy blonde locks off her shoulders.)

Kassidy Heart: Says the woman who’s two for two against you so far this season.

(Kassidy settles her mischievous green eyes on the National Extreme Championship.)

Kassidy Heart: I really wasn’t trying to listen to you as I was walking by, but the sheer stupidity of everything you’ve said just made me stop and shake my head. I’ll be honest. I’ve never really given a fuck about the National “Extreme” Championship or any other belt that’s not a world or tag team championship, but… I can make an exception. I don’t think I’ve hidden my disdain for you and your lack of an actual work ethic. The fact you hold a championship here is an actual disgrace. In fact, it makes me sick.

Lethal Consequences: I’m sorry. Who are you again?

(Kassidy practically rolls her eyes to the back of her head. LC smirks.)

Lethal Consequences: Look sweetheart, you might be able to say you have two victories over Lethal Consequences, an actual Hall of Famer, and probably the highest level of talent you have ever faced, but are these victories important? I can’t really seem to recall either of them, or if I even remember you specifically. I’m going to assume that nothing was on the line and that I didn’t take you seriously.

Kassidy Heart: That’s your problem. You take nothing seriously and how you’ve been able to skate by with a title for this long is beyond me, and just shows the lack of depth Dynasty has. There are definitely better options for champions and that’s saying a lot seeing as how I literally hate everyone on this brand except for Sienna Jade, but that’s just how useless you are, LC.

(Lethal Consequences decides to give Kassidy the cold shoulder and turns back to Belfort.)

Lethal Consequences: This is a prime example of why men and women don’t belong in the ring together. I’m going to assume this bottled blonde is the one who faced me in an Extreme Elimination Chamber qualifying match, and if my memory serves me correctly, she was helped to victory by a fan who ended up never showing his face again. Because this charity case got a chamber spot gift wrapped for her, she now assumes she belongs inside the ring with me, fighting me for my championship. That’s delusion, Michael, and that’s the biggest problem these bitches in EAW have. Hell, that’s the problem with all women wrestlers. They are entitled, delusional cunts who really do believe their vagina makes them worthy of beating their chests and fighting for equality.

(Lethal chuckles to himself and finally turns his attention back to a stone-faced Kassidy.)

Lethal Consequences: Why don’t you go burn a bra or something? Or better yet, fight in your own division for your own titles.

(Shaking his head, Lethal Consequences walks off which leaves Kassidy standing with Belfort. Belfort holds the microphone out to Kassidy.)

Michael Belfort: Kassidy, do you have any reply for that?

(Kassidy’s eyes narrow, and she runs her tongue across her ruby red lips.)

Kassidy Heart: My response is simple. I remember how nice Lethal Consequences blood tastes when I sank my teeth into his ear and tried to rip it off and I also know how nice ‘Triple Crown Champion’ would read on my resume. Something died inside me when I got blown up in that chamber, and when my love had me fixed, I was put back together and programmed to be a hell of a lot more meaner. LC better not test me because I damn sure won’t lose any sleep by switching my focus over to the National “Extreme” Championship and painting the canvas with his blood while I take it from him. These goddamn people are going to learn not to fuck with The Mauler.

(A smirk crosses Kassidy’s face and after tossing her hair, she walks off. Michael Belfort simply shakes his head as Dynasty fades into commercial break.)

(Commercial break for the Lakers versus Pelicans featuring a random bozo in a Lamelo jersey.)

(Dynasty returns to the backstage area and the visiting Sierra Bradford from Voltage is seen walking towards the guerilla curtain area. The rookie’s Iconic Cup tournament first round match against Minerva is next, and Sierra looks a little nervous. She wrings her hands a bit and takes a deep breath.)

???: Erra!

(Sierra’s eyes light up at the sound of Drake King’s voice. She stops and turns around, unable to keep the smile off her face as Drake walks up to her.)

Drake King: Hi.

Sierra Bradford: Hi.

(The two stand in front of each other, and finally it’s Sierra who overcomes her shyness.)

Sierra Bradford: I had fun ringing in the New Year with you…

(A grin crosses Drake’s face.)

Drake King: It was a fun night. Look, I know your focus is on Minerva and rightfully so, the match is going to be tough, but if you are free after the sh-

Sierra Bradford (Interrupting): I’m free!

Drake King: :mjgrin: Great. So, we’ll meet up afterwards.

(Sierra nods her head.)

Drake King: I’m rooting for you tonight.

Sierra Bradford: I’ve always rooted for you. I can’t wait to have Drake King as MY World Heavyweight Champion. Jake could NEVER.

(Drake smirks because in his mind, he’s basically the uncrowned World Heavyweight Champion anyway. He’s ready to step up and take that championship and on impulse, he takes Sierra by the shoulders and kisses her on the forehead. It’s the world’s cutest and most conservative show of affection.)

Drake King: Go kick Minerva’s butt.

(Sierra blushes a bit and nods her head.)

Sierra Bradford: I got this.

(Drake and Sierra exchange smiles and Sierra heads for the entrance area.)

(The scene cute to the splendidly beautiful Stephie Love in the ring waiting to speak.)

Stephie Love: Our next contest is scheduled for one fall and is a first round match up for this years Iconic Cup Tournament!

(‘Hey Superstar’ by Madina Lake plays as the crowd cheers the arrival of Sierra Bradford to the stage. Sierra puts her hands inside her entrance jacket as she faces her back to the crowd before quickly turning, raising her hands, and bringing her hands together before beginning her slight jog down the entrance ramp.)

Stephie Love: Entering first…hailing from San Jose, California…weighing in at 141 pounds…The Bullet Time Chick…SIEEEERRRRA BRAAAAAADFOOOORD!!

Flannery McCoy: A little over a month into her career, I think it’s safe to assume this young lady is going to go places in the wrestling business. Sierra Bradford is a Voltage elitist entering this Iconic Tournament as a supreme underdog considering who her first opponent is but she seems ready to pull of a huge upset tonight on Dynasty.

Stew-O: Such a positive young lady, she had an excellent showing in the Extreme Engima Memorial Battle Royal despite not winning. Her and all the other participants missed out on the huge cash prize as Justin Windgate proved his age and experience would lead him to victory. 

Jake Mercer: Winning this won’t lead her to the 100k she didn’t win at Road to Redemption but it could lead to her becoming our next Iconic Cup winner like Kassidy Heart became last year. Never forget, winning The Iconic Cup is what allowed Kassidy to finally get that Women’s World championship shot where she became Universal Women’s Champion at Pain for Pride. Sierra Bradford could make history and tonight could be the start to her potential World Championship journey!

(Sierra rolls into the ring and poses a bit as her music fades. ‘Children of the Son’ by Pipe Choir plays as fans instantly turn from cheering and happy to angry booing. The lights go down low and dark, the tron plays a familiar video before we see a light shining on Minerva on her hands and knees licking her bottom lip, gesturing towards the ring. Dark glasses with red lenses over her eyes, a black top hat on her head, her gypsy chain in her hand, as she tilts her head and stares into the ring.)


(Minerva slowly stands up as she continues twisting her hands and biting her lip as Sierra stands in the ring looking a bit freaked out but still ready for a fight.)

Stephie Love: From Coyote Flats, Texas…weighing in at 125 pounds…she is one half of the Unified Tag Team Champions…THE GYPSY MOTH…MIIIINEEEEERRRRVAAAA!!!

Stew-O: A finalist in last years Iconic Cup, she had arguably as good if not a better rookie year as any other Elitist in the company. Her transition from the ending of Empire into a member of Heavenly Hell alongside Constance Blevins has seamlessly lead to one of the greatest tag teams in EAW history.

Jake Mercer: Don’t sell this queen short! She is the absolute favorite to me to win this tournament as she has experience as a champion and experience in this tournament on her side. Also, she’s a hell of an athlete and she likely knows black magic. Hard to beat a witch in a fist fight, Stew.

Flannery McCoy: I think Minerva is everything and more but Sierra Bradford could be this year’s Minerva. She could be the newcomer that rises up the tournament and ultimately gets a step away from winning like The Gypsy Goth did. Shit, Bradford maybe even wins the entire thing! March Madness isn’t the only tournament with Cinderella stories!

(Minerva gets half way down the ramp before her eyes roll to the back of her head and she licks her lips even more.)

Jake Mercer: I bet she knows how many licks it will take to get to the center of a Tootsie pop!

(Minerva rolls her eyes back and looks in the ring before sliding under the bottom rope. She slithers around on the mat before making her way to her corner where she removes her entrance attire and uses both hands to pull her sell off the ground via the ring ropes. Not before giving a suggestive air hump and one last lip licking.)

(Ding! Ding!)

Jake Mercer: The spooky music is gone and the lights are back to normal as this match begins.

Stew-O: First round of this years Iconic Cup match up and I’m expecting a barn burner as Minerva meets Sierra in the middle of the ring. Both women lock up until Minerva goes under and behind Bradford and applies a hammerlock to the rookie. Sierra slips out of the hold and catches Minerva with a hammerlock of her own. Minerva does a hip thrust backwards right into Sierra’s gut as she breaks up the submission. Bradford steps back as Minerva turns to throw a short arm clothesline but misses a ducking Sierra.

Flannery McCoy: Sierra retaliates with a shoot kick to the knee as Minerva leans to her left. Another shoot kick to the right side as Minerva’s knee nearly buckles. Sierra steps back and goes for a bicycle kick but no! Minerva ducks under that and is behind Sierra. Bradford turns as Minerva leaps and LOU THEZ PRESS!

Jake Mercer: Who exactly is Lou Thez and why was he so pressed?

Flannery McCoy: Minerva is striking Sierra with right hands as she mounts her and works her over a bit. Sierra is dodging as best as she can as she wiggles and squirms until she can successfully slip away from Minerva. Both women begin to get up as Sierra is a step slower than The Gypsy Goth. Minerva throws another clothesline but Sierra catches her right in the chest with a shoot shuffle side kick to the chest as Minerva clutches her collarbone. Sierra follows that with another stiff shoot kick to the gut before locking Minerva in a tight headlock.

Stew-O: Those are some lethal kicks by Sierra. That headlock is perfectly executed as well. Sierra tightens it a bit. We have a weight advantage for Bradford but a height advantage for Minerva as Minerva begins clobbering the rib cage of Bradford with forearm shots.

Flannery McCoy: Minerva pushes herself and Sierra to the ring ropes. Minerva breaks out of the headlock and Irish whips Sierra Bradford who goes sprinting across the ring. Sierra bounces off the ropes and charges Minerva who easily scoops her up in the air and slams her back down with a spine buster. Sierra clutches the back of her head as Minerva slithers again but this time over Sierra. The Gypsy Goth with the cover!



Flannery McCoy: Nearly a two count by Sierra as Minerva rolls off her and begins to stand. 

Stew-O: Sierra is still holding her head as Minerva grabs by her opponent by the hair and aids her off the ground. Minerva licks her lips as she cocks her fist back very far and BOOM! Closed fist punch to the face rocks Sierra and she drops to one knee. Minerva lifts her chin up and BOOM! Another right hand from that closed fist leans Sierra backwards. Minerva wraps her arms around Bradford and lifts her off the ground and into the air with a solid powerslam.

Flannery McCoy: Minerva may be under 140 pounds but she has sneaky strength. That powerslam was solid as she gets back up and pulls the hair of Sierra and sits her up right.

Stew-O: Minerva is in control as she gets Sierra in her hands and has her in a suplex position. Sierra is helpless as Minerva hooks her leg, lifts her up high, and SEEDS OF EVIL! The fisherman buster connects as Minerva drops Sierra on her head once again!

Flannery McCoy: Minerva just might have it right here and now as she bridges it into a cover!




Stew-O: Kick out at two as our first round Iconic Cup match up continues! Seeds of Evil is a move that can and has left several professional wrestlers out cold but Sierra is showing her resilience after kicking out of that move. Minerva is getting back up as she licks her lips and looks around the crowd as the fans booing her watch as she rolls her eyes in the back of her head and raises her hands high.

Jake Mercer: Sierra is clutching at Minerva’s ring boots as Minerva snaps out of her trance and begins to stomp away at Sierra’s arms and shoulders. Minerva snatches her opponent off the ground by her hair and has a handful of the brunette’s hair. Minerva has both hands behind Sierra’s head as she shakes her around aggressively and licks her lips in the rookie’s face. 

Flannery McCoy: LOOK! Sierra breaks out of Minerva’s clutches! Shoulder thrust by Sierra followed by a chop to Minerva’s chest. CLOTHESLINE BY MINERVA…DUCKED AGAIN BY BRADFORD! Minerva turns around…BICYCLE KICK DROPS MINERVA ONTO HER BACK! 

Jake Mercer: Minerva is quick to roll off the mat as Sierra is ready. Minerva is up and goes after Bradford but THUNDERBIRD! Sierra hits the roundhouse kick and drops Minerva again and this time she looked stunned!

Stew-O: What a quick kick by Sierra as she turns to the ring ropes and leaps over the top from inside the ring to the outside apron. Minerva shakes her head as that last kick may have shaken something around in her brain. Minerva begins to get off the crowd as all the fans start cheering. Sierra is holding on the top rope from outside as Minerva stands up. Minerva is in the middle of the ring standing as Sierra hops up and onto the top rope, bouncing, and soaring back into the ring…





Stew-O: Kick out after two by Minerva! The tag team champion shows resilience as well as this match rages on!

Flannery McCoy: Minerva is reeling as she sits up and Sierra gets back up really quickly. Sierra looks at the crowd who are going wild for the newbie!


Jake Mercer: This is hotter than a bag of Cheetos for this kid! Sierra is visibly hype as she licks her lips and licks back in on Minerva who is still seated. Sierra runs to the ring ropes, bounces off, charges back and hops in the air…ELECTRIC FEEL! SHINING WIZARD BY BRADFORD PUTS MINERVA ON HER BACK AGAIN AS SIERRA BRADFORD IS IN FULL CONTROL!

Flannery McCoy: I am shocked at how well Sierra is performing here on Dynasty, guys! Incredible showcase of this young woman against one of the best in the business!

Jake Mercer: Sierra Bradford, or as she is known on Reddit “The Beach Walking Beauty”, is now helping Minerva off the ground. Sierra kicks Minerva in the gut and SNAP SUPLEX PUTS HER ON THE GROUND ONCE AGAIN! Sierra is dominating right now as Minerva is flailing her arms trying to catch a break. Sierra steps back as Minerva rolls over and begins to rise. Sierra looks to catch her off guard and rushes while she is on one knee. Minerva watches as Sierra attacks and ENZIGURI…BLOCKED BY MINERVA! Minerva gets both arms up to block Sierra’s enziguri kick as Sierra falls to the mat and rolls around. Sierra gets to her hands and knees as Minerva stands up and takes a few steps back. 

Flannery McCoy: Bradford is getting up as Minerva prepares herself. Minerva charges and SIERRA WITH ANOTHER SHOOT KICK…FOOT CAUGHT BY MINERVA! Minerva has Sierra hopping as Bradford is left hopping and


Flannery McCoy: Minerva was dominating but the young rookie Sierra is being a fight to the champion! Sierra looks to make sure Minerva is on her back and Minerva isn’t moving. 

Stew-O: Sierra looks like she wants to finish this as she is in the corner waiting for Minerva to move. The Gypsy Goth is slowly stirring as Sierra is listening to the crowd goes crazy for her and cheer her on. Minerva has her back to Bradford and finally stands straight up. Sierra looks ready as she rushes and gets behind Minerva. SLEEPERHOLD APPLIED AS MINERVA BEGINS FLAILING! NOWHERE TO GO FOR THE CHAMP AS SIERRA BEGINS TO LIFT HER OPPONENT OFF HER FEET AND 


Flannery McCoy: WAIT NO! SIERRA WENT TO LIFT UP HER FOE BUT MINERVA SLIPS OUT OF THE SLEEPERSLAN ATTEMPT! Sierra flails her arms upward as Minerva is on her hands and knees rubbing her mouth. Sierra gathers her self and s walks over to the now kneeling Minerva who has one hand on her throat. Sierra looks to grab the back of Minerva’s head as




Stew-O: Minerva climbs over Sierra, hooking the leg, and now going for the cover!




(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

(‘Children of the Son’ by The Pipe Choir plays again and fans begin screaming and booing loudly.)

Stephie Love: Here is your winner…THE GYPSY GOTH…MINERVA!!!!

Flannery McCoy: I’m shocked. Minerva has to pull out the mist to survive Sierra Bradford. Sierra was on fire throughout and kept catching Minerva off guard with those brilliant and stiff kicks. Sierra might have ended this entire match had she hit that sleeper slam suplex but Minerva has the wherewithal to escape and the dastardly ethics to use a, what I always assumed, illegal tactic with that mist.

Stew-O: Sierra should feel robbed but this optimistic young lady likely isn’t going to dwell too much on a loss. But, it never is easy to lose this early in a huge tournament especially with how this solid matchup found its way to the conclusion that just happened.

Jake Mercer: We can say we are upset but the outcome is what it is. Minerva did exactly what she needed to do to win! We can’t act surprised, this is par for the course for her!

(Minerva crawls off of Sierra and has her hand raised by the referee as the music plays. Bradford is out on the mat with that black mist still covering her face minus the spot Minerva just licked. The scene transitions and fades out as Minerva stands up and rolls her eyes behind her head as the hard camera gets a prime shot of her.)

(The camera pans backstage where Sophia Clarke is standing by.)

Sophia Clarke: I’m standing by with The Orchestrator, Osamu Arcichida, who we last saw at Road to Redemption just fall short of capturing the National Elite Championship for the second time last year. Osamu, coming off of the big loss against Lethal Consequences, where do you go from here?

(Osamu takes a deep breath and looks into the camera intensely.)

Osamu Arcichida: I was this close to defeating Lethal Consequences and taking what is rightfully mine — that National Elite Championship. I defeated him weeks before. I could’ve done it again. If it weren’t for that son of a bitch, Angel de Plata, being added to the match… I would’ve soared to victory and that championship would be sitting on my mantle back in Osaka today. Lethal Consequences cheats to win and that’s not something I wasn’t prepared for. But I lacked the knowledge necessary to win in triple threat conditions. I lacked the preparation to know that he would take advantage of the circumstances. The Orchestration… just wasn’t there.

Sophia Clarke: Where do you go from here? What’s left for you on Dynasty?

Osamu Arcichida: The options are endless, Sophia. Should The Orchestrator want to cause more havoc and chaos in the life of the ‘living legend’, the National Elite Champion, I just might do that. Perhaps I’ll go back and take that belt off the pretty little waist of Jenny Cien and take over the New Breed as I’ve always done, preventing any of them from climbing up the proverbial ladder. I may even leave this brand and go orchestrate some chaos somewhere else. But let it be known, Sophia. I’m not satisfied. I’m not content. And I’m not going anywhere. This year… is a new era. It’s a new era for Osamu Arcichida, who isn’t going to be bogged down by the doubts and words of others who proclaim that my momentum has come to a halt and that I no longer hold the keys to my own destiny. Everyone in this company is filth beneath my feet. Rats dwelling in the sewers of this city hold more knowledge of my plans than any competitor dragging their feet through these hallways. The maggots festering on the corps of all your dead grandmothers have a better understanding of what I’ll do than any of these vapid fans who think they have every bit of information at their tip of their fat Cheeto incrusted fingers. I’ve always done what I wanted to do. And I’ve always gotten where I wanted to go, nobody ever standing in my way. There’s a reason Daryl Kinkade’s face hasn’t been seen in this company for over six months. And there is just no telling what I’m goin-

(Osamu pauses, looking out of the camera frame. A look of anger and disgust comes over his face. The camera pans over, revealing Angel de Plata Jr. standing a few feet from Osamu.)

Angel de Plata Jr: Once again, Osamu. Blaming your own downfall and failures on me? Such a sad state of affairs. You really are pathetic. Maybe if your father was alive, he would slap some sense into your silly looking face.

(Osamu steps forward, as if he’s going to come at Angel. Sophia quickly runs out of the camera frame out of harms way. Angel laughs and puts his hands up.)

Angel de Plata Jr: Woah, Osamu. How about you save that pent up anger and frustration. I just came out of StarrStan’s office. And I was informed that next week, it’s going to be me … against you. One more time. Except this time, it’s Round One of King of Elite. And you’re going to help crown me King. See you next week.

(The camera pans back to Osamu as Angel walks down the hallway, whose face goes from disgust to a sick and sadistic smile. The camera fades back to ringside.)

(A promotional ad for Saturday Night Showdown airs hyping up the highly anticipated rematch for the Answers World Championship featuring the champion, Cameron Ella Ava, defending against the former champion, Mr. DEDEDE. Catch this match, as well as several other first round matches in the King of Elite tournament, tomorrow night as Showdown comes to you from the O2 Arena in London!)

(Dynasty fades back in to the sounds of “Spotlight Saviour” by Iggy Azalea playing across the public address system. The fans didn’t have to be told to stand and cheer this week, as they have already opened their hearts and their arms to their country woman, the EAW Specialists Champion, Darcy May Morgan.)

Stew-O: Welcome back to Dynasty, ladies and gentlemen!


(Darcy is all smiles and arrogance as she heads down the ramp and towards the ring.)

Flannery McCoy: As you can see, Darcy May Morgan is making her way to the ring. Back at Road to Redemption, Darcy successfully defended her Specialists Championship inside of the extreme elimination chamber, and what a performance by her.

Jake Mercer: ‘The Dropkick Darling’ showed up and showed out at Road to Redemption, with the chamber coming down Darcy and Voltage’s Joy Cassidy. There was never any doubt in my mind that Darcy wouldn’t emerge victorious from the chamber, and she did so in dominant fashion. Guys, I know this championship reign is still in its infancy, but I’m not sure if anyone is going to be able to dethrone her…

Stew-O: It’s hard to argue with that, if I’m being honest. Darcy waited patiently to have her moment here in EAW, and there’s no denying she’s going to do whatever she can to hang on to that championship. I’m definitely curious to see who steps up and challenges her next.

(Darcy has made her way into the ring and Stephie has passed her the microphone. Her music is fading out, but the fans in her home country haven’t stopped welcoming her home. Darcy removes her sunglasses and nods, proud of herself and proud of what she’s accomplished in a short time in EAW. She pats the championship on her shoulder and raises it in the air, which garners her a huge round of applause.)

Darcy May Morgan: It feels great to be home.

(Darcy places the belt back over her shoulder and takes a moment to soak in her homecoming.)

Darcy May Morgan: I find it hard to believe that people doubted my ability to retain the Specialists Championship at Road to Redemption BUT if there was someone out there who looked at any of those other so-called women and actually thought that so and so could knock me down and take my championship, well I more than proved them wrong. I ran through that chamber and exposed the lack of talent Showdown and Voltage have, and I definitely showed that my victory over Andrea was far from a fluke. Andrea’s 190 boring days as champion is about to pale in comparison to my reign, and unlike Andrea, I plan to defend this championship whenever and wherever I can. Humiliating the opposition is fun for me, and I’m definitely not scared of anyone. A ‘Specialists’ is a person who concentrates primarily on a particular subject and is highly skilled in that subject, and I think it’s more than fair to say that I am a Specialists when it comes to professional wrestling. There might be other women here who hold championships, and other women who can win the popularity contests when it comes to who is considered ‘elite’ or whatever, but I know that each of them pale in comparison to me and what I bring to the table.

Darcy May Morgan: I have spent a lifetime of comparing myself to other people and feeling inadequate, and even when I signed my contract with EAW, those feelings continued to linger. I had to scratch, fight, and claw to earn my keep around here, and trust me, it wasn’t easy. I was constantly frustrated, tired of being overlooked, and really sick of questioning myself and what I could have done better. I’m not so arrogant that I can’t admit that some of the blame falls on my shoulders. There are things I could have done better, but it’s all a learning curve, and everything taught me the lessons I needed to learn in order to push forward. At House of Glass, I defeated Osamu Arcichida and finally… FINALLY… I was able to take control of my destiny. Now there’s no looking back. There is no second guessing. There is no one in this company who can deny me of my place, and how important I am to Dynasty, and this company as a whole. I AM the Leading Lady, and no one will ever be able to tell me differently going forward. There’s not a single woman in this company who step up to me and challenge that claim, but I welcome them to try.

(An arrogant smile crosses Darcy’s pretty face.)

Darcy May Morgan: I know there are several snotty bitches who will turn their noses up at the Specialists Championship because they have no respect for the women’s division that made them, or believe they are above this championship. But I also know there are hungry, arrogant women in this company who would die for a chance to face me for this belt. I meant what I said about being a fighting champion and as you can see, I’m dressed in my gear tonight. I’m ready to wrestle and see if there is anyone in the back who can try and earn a chance at my championship.

(A referee has gotten into the ring and Darcy walks over to the ropes to hand her championship to Stephie. She gets set and waits a few seconds to see who comes out of the back to face her.)

Flannery McCoy: :lupe: You can hear a pin drop in this building right now.

Jake Mercer: Clearly everyone is scared of Darcy and wants nothing to do with her.

Stew-O: I’m not sure if that’s really the case. With the Iconic Cup and King of Elite tournaments going on, I’m sure a lot of our female Elitists are saving themselves for those events…

Jake Mercer: Darcy is out here offering someone the chance to earn a Specialists Championship shot against her! What bigger prize is there right now?! She just dethroned a record holder who lucked her way into an EAW World Championship, and backed that up by winning a Specialists Chamber! If you ask me, Darcy May Morgan is the best female Elitist in this place and everyone else is afraid of her.

Flannery McCoy: I really don’t think that’s the ca-

Jake Mercer: Then why isn’t anyone coming out here right now, Flannery? Can you answer that for me??

(Flannery couldn’t answer and inside the ring, DMM looks far from impressed. She gives it a few more seconds before twirling the microphone and raising it back up to her mouth.)

Darcy May Morgan: Wow. Candice? Kensingten?? Sarah??? Joy, are you still back there???? Sapphire????? Surely there is someone who wants to come out here and wrestle me tonight. No?

(Darcy shakes her head, completely beside herself. The crowd is buzzing because they want to see Darcy compete as well. Darcy lets out a sigh and looks out at the crowd.)

Darcy May Morgan: I came here to compete and I’m not going to be satisfied until someone steps up and faces me. If my fellow ‘Elitists’ are to scared to come out here, then I reckon I’ll give one of you the chance to step up and face me. How does that sound?

Stew-O: Did Darcy just say she would face… a fan??

Jake Mercer: WOW! How gracious and giving is our Specialists Champion?! Willing to face anyone and give everyone a chance.

(Darcy is looking around at the fans and finally she points to a young woman who is in the third row. The young woman looks around and finally points to herself.)

Fan (Off Mic): Me?

Darcy May Morgan: Obviously. Security, can you help that woman come to the ring?

(The fan still seems a bit shocked but nevertheless she allows security to help her over the railing and she shyly gets into the ring. The woman is likely in the same age bracket as Darcy and is of average height with a nice athletic build.)

Darcy May Morgan: What’s your name?

Fan: Heather Brees.

Darcy May Morgan: Well Heather Brees, tonight’s your lucky night. If you can beat me here on Dynasty, then I’ll give you a Specialists Championship shot next week on this very program. How does that sound?

(Heather isn’t sure how to respond since she’s clearly not a wrestler.)

Heather Brees: Um, good? :lupe: Yes, it sounds good.

(Darcy nods her head, satisfied with that answer and then… )


Darcy May Morgan (Off Mic): RING THE BELL NOW!

(The referee hesitates but then calls for the bell.)

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)



Flannery McCoy: This is so uncalled for.

Stew-O: Darcy scrapes poor Heather Brees off the mat and hoists her up… THE CURTAIN CALL! GO TO SLEEP CONNECTS AND DARCY ARROGANTLY DRAPES HERSELF OVER HEATHER!




(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Stephie Love: Um, ladies and gentlemen… here is your winner, Darcy May Morgan!

(Darcy’s music begins to play as she stands up and demands that the referee raise her hand. He reluctantly does so, and the crowd that was so behind Darcy to start off with, seem to have mixed feelings now. They clearly feel bad for Heather Brees, who gets kicked in the face, and that causes them to jeer.)

Flannery McCoy: I don’t even blame this crowd for booing Darcy right now. Her actions were completely uncalled for. Heather Brees is not a trained wrestler.

Jake Mercer: Are you kidding me right now?! Darcy just gave a fan the opportunity of a lifetime, and it’s not her fault Heather Brees wasn’t ready to contend with a championship caliber athlete. No one bothered to come to the ring and face Darcy, so what the hell was she supposed to do, Flannery? Darcy is a fighting champion!

(Darcy celebrates her victory inside the ring, while the referee is helping Heather Brees.)

Stew-O: Darcy might be a fighting champion, but Heather Brees is no fighter. She never had a chance here tonight.

(Darcy’s not worried about the small details. She’s got her championship and is holding it up in the air as she backs up the ramp. She doesn’t seem bothered at all by the reaction she is getting and as she steps on the stage, she takes a bow.)

(Dynasty fades to commercial break.)

(Commercial break for crisp, tasty Bud Light featuring Darcy’s former partner, Remi Skyfire. Remi is seen passed out, face first in a pool of her own vomit, with several empty cans of Bud Light around her. :wow:)

(The camera cuts to Stephie Love in the ring.)

Stephie Love: The following contest is scheduled for…


Stephie Love: One fall! And it is a Round One Match in the annual King of Elite Tournament!!!

Jake Mercer: This is almost as exciting as the time I attended the 1825 Drag Queen Olympics in Perth, Australia. Was I simply a viewer or also a contestant? I’ll never tell!

(Charlie Harper – Devil Inside hits to boos from the audience. A “Quit Ronan Quit” chant begins in the audience as they await the arrival of the Cape Town Crippler.)

Stephie Love: Introducing first from Cape Town, South Africa weighing in at 275 pounds he is “The White Lion” ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONAN MALOSI!!!

Jake Mercer: Speaking of South Africa.

Flannery McCoy: No.

Jake Mercer: What?

Flannery McCoy: We aren’t tolerating your shit in 2020.

Jake Mercer: What? I was just going to say its a real nice country.

Flannery McCoy: Uh huh. Sure. You weren’t going to mention some sort of tournament or special match that happened there were you?

Jake Mercer: I’m appalled you would suggest that.

Stew-O: Well ignoring the past we are here in a new year and a new decade. Ronan Malosi is looking to start the year off right with a dominant victory to move along in the King of Elite Tournament.

Flannery McCoy: Agreed. But you have to imagine that he drew poorly being placed up against The Visual Prophet who could easily be seen as one of the favorites to win this whole tournament at least from a Dynasty perspective if not overall.

Jake Mercer: Not to mention the way that The Visual Prophet has turned the fans against Ronan here tonight! These disgusting Brits are actually chanting for this man Ronan to lose his job! Do they not realize he has to earn a paycheck to survive? Truly uncalled for!

(“Another one bites the Dust” by Queen hits as the crowd’s jeers and taunts immediately turn into cheers.)

Stephie Love: And his opponent currently residing in Engadine, Michigan weighing in at 240 pounds he is “Views” THEEEEEEEEEEEEEE VISSSSSSSSSSSSUAL PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOPHETTT!!!!

Jake Mercer: Speaking of Michigan…

Flannery McCoy: No.

Jake Mercer: :noah:

Stew-O: The Visual Prophet could definitely be the most dominant man in this entire tournament! After his performance last year in the Extreme Elimination Chamber he proved how close he is to reaching World Title status. Unfortunately it seems like he is being made to wait his turn!

Flannery McCoy: Maybe so but he may not have to wait too long. This King of Elite tournament is just as big of an opportunity as any other if not bigger than what he is looking for. However, that only applies if he can actually make results happen!

Jake Mercer: Yeah well I’m absolutely over The Visual Prophet at this point. Bullying your opponents? Trying to make them quit the company? I’ve lost all respect for this man and won’t be supporting him in 2020!

Stew-O: I am sure he is heartbroken over this.

Flannery McCoy: I know I would be.


Stew-O: We are underway as Prophet immediately grabs a charging Ronan up over his shoulders. He tosses Ronan up who lands on his feet and immediately springs up to the top rope. But Prophet follows him with a hard right hand. He climbs the ropes. But Ronan is still fresh! He leaps! Flip over Prophet as he pulls him over… Powerbomb from the top rope! Both men sprawled out in the ring! Chaos commencing early on in the opening moments of this match! Ronan may have tweaked his ankle there but he is pulling himself back up to his feet as well. This gives Prophet an opportunity to strike Ronan… but Ronan kicks him in the gut… Stunner connects! RONAN WITH THE COVER!!!


Flannery McCoy: Kickout by Prophet! Ronan Malosi is pissed.

Ronan Malosi: F…

Stew-O: Cover your ears. He’s gonna say it!

(The EAW censors remove the next several moments of the show from the broadcast. When we return Ronan Malosi has mounted on top of The Visual Prophet and is destroying him with hard shots to the face.)

Flannery McCoy: Leave Vizzy alone! Vizzy is bae!

Stew-O: Visual Prophet trying to get out of this here but Ronan is too relentless. His raw striking prowess just laying waste to Visual Prophet. Do you think that Prophet may still be hurt from last year? I mean it’s been awhile. He’s not that fragile right?

Jake Mercer: Probably is bruh! Look at him just take them! No defense at all!

Flannery McCoy: OH SHIT THE STRENGTH! Visual Prophet holds back Ronan’s fists… and he lurches forward carrying Ronan up with him! Ronan tries to pull Prophet back down… But Prophet grabs his legs… and throws him back! Fallaway Slam to Ronan Malosi! You were saying Jake?

Jake Mercer: I stand by everything I said! Visual Prophet now showing off with a Springboard Moonsault into the cover! It’s not over!


Stew-O: Kickout by Ronan Malosi! Visual Prophet pulls up Ronan and grabs him by the head… SNAP DDT IMMEDIATELY PLANTS RONAN RIGHT BACK DOWN!!! The tides turn so quickly in this business it is a wonder that we are so surprised by them every single time! The cover by Visual Prophet!


Flannery McCoy: Quick quick out there by Ronan! Visual immediately back up as he leaps in the air… and lands with both feet onto the abdomen of Malosi! Prophet now holds his arms up to the cheering crowd taking in all their adoration!

Jake Mercer: So arrogant. Come on Ronan! Roll him up from behind! DO IT!

Stew-O: I think he’s still regaining his breath. Looks like you are going to have to endure The Visual Prophet in all his glory a few moments longer.

Jake Mercer: I’m closing my eyes. I’m imagining that I’m back in Cuba watching Fidel Castro win the World Heavyweight Championship in a Steel Cage Match against El Landerson. Landerson’s only defeat as far as I know!

Flannery McCoy: I said no. Anyway, Visual Prophet is enjoying this British crowd here tonight but he needs to focus on your opponent. He grabs the arm of Ronan Malosi twisting it up around his head using his own arm to choke him out as he leans him back into the mat. Ronan struggling to breath as he already had the air knocked out of him from that last attack. Prophet really forcing that arm into Ronan. Ronan literally biting into his own arm as he tries to break free! This man so wants to win this match I think he will gnaw his arm off to escape! Prophet rolls over onto Ronan continuing to shove his arm down onto his own face but uses his other arm to force down Ronan’s shoulders! He’s got him trapped!

Referee: ONEEEEEE!!!! TWOOOOO!!!!!! THRRR-

Stew-O: Ronan Malosi powers out! He lunges forward with all his strength shoving his arm back into the face of The Visual Prophet! Bam! Right across the nose! Ronan leaps forward and sinks his teeth into the neck of the Prophet! Ronan going full vampire here tonight as he tears into the skin of Prophet! The referee has had enough as he forces Ronan off! And Ronan shoves down the referee in his rage! He big mad!

Ronan Malosi: F….. U….

Jake Mercer: He’s gonna say it! No Ronan it’s not worth it!

Ronan Malosi: C….. K… YOU!!!!

Jake Mercer: NOOOO MY EARS!

Flannery McCoy: Ronan Malosi rolling out of the ring now as he shoves the timekeeper aside and grabs a steel chair. Ronan slams the chair shut with authority as he slides back into the ring measuring his prey!

Stew-O: Ronan is cheating!

Jake Mercer: Good good. Punish this arrogant piece of shit! Humble him! Break his back!

Flannery McCoy: Malosi got some really mal intentions right here. He going to swing that chair and put an end to more than The Visual Prophet’s chances in this tournament! He swings!

Stew-O: He doesn’t score! The referee back up now as he takes the chair back from Ronan Malosi! Ronan is enraged!

(The referee is shown handing the chair back to the timekeeper as they share a bro hug.)

Jake Mercer: They were working together the whole time! The fix is in! I’m going right to the office after this!

Flannery McCoy: Ronan Malosi now threatening the referee using language that I can’t even say on television! It’s a PG show Stew.

Stew-O: It sure is and that is wh-




Stephie Love: Here is your winner…. THE VISUAL PRRRRRRRRRRRROPHET!!!!

(“Anotha One Bites the Dust” by Queen ft. DJ Khaled hits as the crowd erupts with cheers and pelvic thrusts.)

Flannery McCoy: Bae did it! He is going to Round Two of this King of the Elite Tournament!

Stew-O: Visual Prophet using Ronan Malosi’s dark intentions against him tonight! Ronan was unable to keep a clear head and in the end that was his downfall. Hopefully he can chill out a little more from now on.

Jake Mercer: Fuck that he should have won! This is the referee’s fault and the timekeeper too! Not to mention these ignorant British fans taunting him from the moment he stepped foot in the arena. This would be a different story if we were in South Africa. The Visual Prophet would stand no chance against a handsome African king like Ronan Malosi!

Flannery McCoy: I don’t know if… wait did you say handsome?

Stew-O: Just pretend you didn’t hear it over this celebration for The Visual Prophet who will continue to represent Dynasty in this tournament and will be one hell of a force to overcome!

(The camera takes a final shot of a victorious Visual Prophet, who moves on to the next phase of the King of Elite tournament, and then cuts to the back.)

(We reopen backstage where the number one contender to the Universal Women’s Championship, Sienna Jade, is seen walking down the corridor. Despite the confrontation with Raven Roberts earlier, Sienna is all smiles and sunshine. The blonde saunters around a corner and finally stops in front of a door. The camera closes in on the nameplate on the door, which reads ‘Cage’. A smirk crosses Sienna’s lovely face and she knocks on the door, taking a step back. A few seconds later, the door is ripped open and Sienna finds herself smiling up at Cage.)

Sienna Jade: Just the man I wanted to see.

(Cage immediately narrows his eyes because the last person he wants to see is Sienna Jade.)

Cage: What the fuck do you want?

(Sienna bats her beautiful eyes sweetly at Cage.)

Sienna Jade: I just want to talk is all.

(Cage crosses his arms across his chest.)

Cage: Then talk.

(Sienna sighs, seeing just how well this conversation is about to go.)

Sienna Jade: Look, I know you and my sexy White Mamba have this little tift going on, and perhaps it’s not my place to get involved, but I don’t want any trouble from you. You see, my priority is beating the fuck out of Raven Roberts and winning my third world championship, and whatever my love has going on with you, or with anyone else on Dynasty, is not really my problem. I heard what you said in Dubai, and you threatened me. I don’t take too kindly to that, Cage. You have no reason to have my name in your mouth.

(Cage chuckles.)

Cage: Then perhaps you need to have a conversation with that pussy who’s dick you keep in your mouth and tell him that things between the two of us are from over. I will spill Impact’s blood and if that means taking a railroad spike to your skull and turning that plastic face into a crimson mask as well, then so be it. I’m not fucking around and that kind of shit is fun for me. I don’t give a fuck about you.

(Sienna rolls her eyes and holds her up in surrender.)

Sienna Jade: I get that your angry because Impact is the greatest man to ever walk the face of the Earth, but threatening me isn’t going to get you any closer to my love. I’m not your enemy, Cage, in fact, I’m probably the voice of reason that you need to hear right now. There are bigger fish to fry on Dynasty right now. This brand is being dominated by losers like Viz and Drake, people who shouldn’t be able to hold your jockstrap if we’re being honest, and they’re the ones you should have the issue with. They’re the ones who hold victories over you, and have been constantly dragging your name through the mud. You shouldn’t be targeting Impact and me. You should be going after the two of them, and working your way back towards the World Heavyweight Championship. Why don’t you just put this bullshit aside with Impact, and REMEMBER that I am facing Raven at Clash of Kingdoms. Winning the Universal Women’s Championship is the only thing I’m concerned about so you have no reason to come for me. I have no ill will towards you despite the horrible things you have had to say.

(Cage eyes Sienna suspiciously and steps out of his lockerroom.)

Cage: You’re a dense fuckin’ broad if you think I don’t got my eyes on Viz, Drake, and whoever the hell else wants to get some of Diamond Cage on this brand. You can save your beggin’ and your pleading, and don’t think that I actually give a fuck about your hopes and dreams of becoming the Universal Women’s Champion. You stick your nose in my business again, and I’ll beat the shit out of you.

(Sienna raises an eyebrow.)

Sienna Jade: Are you sure about that?

(Before Cage can reply, Sienna reaches into her pocket and throws a handful of salt in Cage’s face, blinding him!)


(He never gets a chance to finish that thought because Impact slams into him from the side! Cage hits the ground and Impact is all over him, raining down stiff punches to a defenseless Cage. Impact quickly gets back to his feet and begins stomping all over Cage!)


(Impact jerks Cage up and tosses him head first into the wall! Cage is cursing as he falls to the ground and he rolls to the side, trying to force himself up. Impact greets him with a violent kick to the ribs and Cage’s hands shoot out, searching for something, anything to grab on too. He comes up with nothing but somehow manages to avoid another kick from Impact! Cage quickly reaches for Impact’s leg and pulls him to the ground, and that finally allows him to jump on top of his rival and start hammering away!)

(Impact quickly tosses Cage off of him and scrambles up his feet, but Cage is up as well! Impact lunges for Cage, but Cage side-steps him and has to put the brakes on before he hits the wall! Impact turns around right as Cage nails him with a boot to the face! Impact is forced back against the wall and Cage slams his fist into Impact’s gut! Impact fights back with several brutal punches of his own, but it’s Sienna who nails Cage between the legs with a kick. Cage drops to his knees and Impact nails him with ‘Fist of Fury’! The right-handed KO hook knocks Cage flat on his back and Impact takes a deep breath, looking down at the knocked out Cage.)

(Sienna slinks over to Impact and wraps her arms around him, running her tongue across her perfect pink lips.)

Sienna Jade: Nice right-hook daddy.

(Impact tears his eyes away from Cage and looks at Sienna, and a slow smirk spreads across the Hall of Famer’s face.)

Impact: You like that?

(Sienna lowers her lashes and runs her hand down Impact’s chest.)

Sienna Jade: Mmmhmm. The message was sent. Cage got exactly what he deserved.

(The couple look down at Cage once again and then turn back to one another. Sienna presses her lips against Impact’s, and Impact wraps his arms around the small of her back, deepening their kiss, and taking control of his woman. They stand there kissing over Cage’s fallen body and Dynasty fades into a commercial break.) 

(Commercial for the upcoming draft into World War III which also doubles as the long awaited return of Empire!)

(Camera pans to Stephie Love standing inside of the ring awaiting the next contest)

Stew: Coming next on the first Dynasty of the New Year, we have a New Breed Championship Match! Let’s take a rich look and history at former EAW New Breed Champions)

(An instrumental of “Clout” By Offset begins to play as we see a quick highlight reel of past New Breed Champions going all the way back to when it was the Alternative X Championship being held by the likes of Ronn Banks,  Alexander Da Vinci, Hurricane Hawk, Cyclone and Mister K. And then transitions to the carnation of it becoming the New Breed Championship with champions like Superior Quality 85, Chris Elite, Devan Dubian, Xavier Williams, Rex McAllister, Jamie O Hara,  TLA, Visual Prophet and the current champion Jenny Cien)

(Camera cuts back to the sold out crown in Birmingham, England! As they anticipate the New Breed Championship match as the graphic appears on the screen to the enjoyment for not only the home audience but the live crowd)

Jake Mercer: Tonight, we write another chapter in the history of the New Breed Championship tonight!

Flannery McCoy: And that is why we are going to stop the anticipation and get right to the action here on DYNASTY! 

(Camera shows Stephie Love as she begins to announce)

Stephie: Ladies and Gentleman, the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALLL!!!

Crowd: ONE FALL!!


(“Go Off” By Lil Uzi Vert, featuring Quavo & Travis Scott begins to blast through the speakers of the arena to a BIG reaction! As the Justin Windgate makes his entrance through the curtain and down the ramp draped in custom red attire and a blazer with New Breed Classic written on the back of his blazer as he continues his strut down the ramp)

Stew: This match has a big fight field, we have two top competitors battling for the prize of being the New Breed Classic and a little bit of symbolism sent with the attire here tonight!

Flannery: Windgate has competed for the championship before back when it was called the Alternative X Championship and now here we are in this New Year about to enter the next decade with the best wrestling in the planet and he has a chance to become the New Breed Champion!

(“Jenny From The Block (Track Masters Remix)” by Jennifer Lopez, Jadakiss and Styles P blast throughout the speakers of the arena  as Jenny Cien makes her entrance with the New Breed Championship around her waist to an equal BIG response of adulation from the audience)

Flannery: She’s coming off possibly the BIGGEST match of her career and she suffered it in losing fashion and she’s looking to end that scratch on her mark by keeping her reign on the New Breed Championship intact!

Jake: Have to wonder if that loss has started a downward spiral because Justin Windgate looks very gamed and determined to take that championship away from her!


(Spotlight shines down on both competitors as they stand on opposite sides of the corner as the Stephie follows up with the introductions)

Stephie Love: Introducing first, the challenger! From Detroit, Michigan! Weighing in at 225 Pounds! Who would now like to acknowledged as THE NEW BREEED CLASSIC!!!! JUSSSSTINNNNNNNN WINDGATEEEE!!!

(Windgate stands with a smirk on his face as he begins eyeing the New Breed Championship in Jenny’s hands!)

Stephie Love: Introducing the champion,  From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… Weighing in at 145 Pounds!! SHE IS THE  CURRENT EAW NEW BREED CHAMPION… “THE BADDDDDIEEEE”… JENNNNNYYYYY CIIIIEEEEEEEENNNNN!!

(Jenny Cien raises the New Breed Championship above her head as she rubs it in the face of Justin Windgate who simply smirks at her before she hands the belt over to the referee and he holds it high for the audience before handing it to the timekeepers area)


Stew: That’s the signal for the start of this match as CIEN CHARGES AT WINDGATE! Windgate side steps it and quickly floats over for a school boy ROLL UP! But Cien quickly kicks out before the referee can drop down for the count! Cien and Justin quickly up to their feet as Cien quickly slaps on a side headlock on Justin Windgate! There’s a big height difference obviously and an eighty pound weight difference but that has never stopped the current New Breed Champion as she quickly tightens her hold on Justin Windgate! Windgate trying to muster his way out of this headlock as he grabs Jenny Cien by the waist and locks and connect with a  BACK SUPLEX! He lifts her breaking the side headlock, but Cien manages to land on her feet! Windgate running at Jenny Cien for a clothesline! Cien manages to dodge the incoming collision as Windgate turns! CIEN JUMPS FOR THE JENNY CUTTER! Windgate quickly pushes her off as he grabs a side headlock takeover of his own and wrestles Jenny Cien down to the canvas as he begins to use his weight and being on the mat for more leverage in the contest! Jenny! Manages to use her legs for a headscissors counter breaking the head lock of Windgate! Jenny applying pressure tightening the headscissors!

Jake Mercer: Windgate manages to bridge his body up just enough! Before he executes a kip up! Rising back up to his feet as he runs off the ropes! Jenny slaps the mat and drops as Windgate hurdles over Cien as she quickly rises up to her feet! Windgate coming forward off the ropes again, as his momentum sends him forward, CIEN CONNECTS WITH AN ARM DRAG! AND THEN SHE FOLLOWS IT UP WITH ANOTHER ARM DRAG! This time holding onto the arm of Windgate as she applies pressure with an arm bar! Textbook wrestling in the early going between these two competitors! Jenny working over that arm of Windgate as Windgate looks to put something together to counter this offense by Jenny Cien! Windgate begins to rise up to his feet!  AND HE SENDS CIEN OVER WITH AN ARM DRAG OF HIS OWN! Cien rising up to her feet! Windgate makes his way over to her after rising up to his feet as he comes towards Cien quickly grabbing her by the hand and sending her into the ropes for an irish-whip! Cien being sent as momentum sends her back! Windgate bends for a back body drop, Cien rolling off the back of Windgate! Whoa! Windgate turns! Running at Jenny! CIEN QUICKLY RUNS AS WELL AS SHE GOES FOR THE RUNNING HURRICANRANA!! But Windgate cartwheels out of it and lands on his feet! What athleticism by Windgate as we are still pretty much at a stalemate in this match as the audience shows their approval for the wrestling in this match!

Flannery: Jenny Cien and Windgate looking around this audience who are fully invested in this match! As they meet in the center of the ring for a collar and elbow tie up! Windgate overpowering Cien! He’s backing her up! Trying to back her into a corner! Cien quickly giving up on the tie up! AS SHE CONNECTS WITH A LEG SWEEP! Windgate dropped to the canvas! Cien QUICKLY TURNS FOR A STANDING MOONSAULT! Windgate moves but Cien lands on her feet! Windgate up on his feet as he rises up quickly AND HE CATCHES CIEN RIGHT IN THE FACE WITH A STANDING DROPKICK!  Cien dropped to the canvas! Windgate grabbing Cien who was still trying to gather herself after being kicked in the face as he applies a front facelock! AND HE GOES A SUPLEX! He’s lifting Jenny Cien high in the ring! But Cien quickly dropping her knee to the head of Windgate! Repeatedly! As he drops her and she lands on her feet! Cien running off the ropes as Windgate was holding his head! AND CIEN WITH A SHORT DROPKICK TO THE KNEE OF WINDGATE AS HIS KNEE KIND OF BUCKLES! Windgate immediately favors his knee! Cien holding her jaw before going back on the offensive attack! Windgate rising kind of gingerly after the short dropkick! Cien immediately targeting that right knee as he DELIVERS A BIG CHOP BLOCK DROPPING WINDGATE DOWN TO THE CANVAS AS HE GRIMACES IN PAIN! Cien not done as she grabs the right knee  pressing it down to the canvas with both hands before HANDSTANDING AND DRIVING BOTH OF HER KNEES DOWN TO THE KNEE OF WINDGATE!!! Windgate may have just taken himself out of this match as he has that right wheel being targeted!

Stew: Cien grabbing knee of Windgate placing it in position! Before she leaps AND JUMPS! DOUBLE FOOT STOMP TO THE KNEE OF JUSTIN WINDGATE!! Cien has found her spot to take advantage! Windgate is in noticeable pain as he let out a scream in agony from that stomp! Cien though isn’t stopping as he grabs the right knee specifically turning Windgate over, AND SHE BEGINS TO APPLY THE CALF SLICER!!! !! SHE’S PULLING ON THAT KNEE!!! DETERMINED!! SHE’S TRYING TO MAKE JUSTIN WINDGATE SUBMIT!! Windgate’s knee has to be badly damaged and he’s still surviving in this calf slicer submission hold! Cien pulling with everything she has! Furthering the damage she’s already started with on the knee of Windgate! Windgate trying to claw himself to the only saving grace he may have in this match and it’s reaching those ropes! Windgate clawing himself to the ropes, trying not to submit his opportunity at New Breed Championship gold! Windgate instead though,  USING HIS ELBOW!! ELBOW TO THE JAW OF JENNY CIEN!!! AND THEN HE DELIVERS AN ELBOW TO THE NOSE OF THE NEW BREED CHAMPION!! AND A REPEATED SHOT TO THE NOSE BY JENNY CIEN! AND ANOTHER AS SHE FINALLY RELEASES THE CALF SLICER!!! Jenny Cien rolling around, as Windgate, barely, stumbling and pulling himself up to his feet with use from the ropes! As Jenny Cien has a trickle of blood pouring down here nose. Cien holding at her nose as the referee quickly applies gloves to his hands and tries to wipe the blood off the nose of Jenny Cien! Cien pushing the referee away as she rises up to her feet!

Flannery McCoy: Cien going over to Windgate and sends a roundhouse kick to the knee of Windgate, But WINDGATE fires back with a forearm smash to the face of Jenny Cien! That staggers the champion as Windgate comes forward with another forearm smash to the face of the champion! Cien firing back with A ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE KNEE OF WINDGATE! Windgate dropping but rising up quickly as he’s a big amount pain! And he comes forward WITH A EUROPEAN UPPERCUT TO THE JAW OF THE CHAMPION! A little bit of blood still coming from the nose of the Baddie! Windgate grabbing a hold of Jenny Cien! HE LOOKS TO GO FOR A DDT! Cien spinning out of his grasp, AS SHE DELIVERS A BIG OPEN HANDED CHOP TO THE CHEST OF JUSTIN WINDGATE! That sound heard all throughout this arena, Windgate  WITH A BOOT TO THE MID-SECTION OF CIEN! He lifts her high in a powerbomb position. BUT CIEN RAINING DOWN BIG SHOTS TO THE TOP OF THE HEAD OF WINDGATE! AND SHE LOOKS TO GO FOR A TORNADO DDT! Windgate catches her, AND MUSCLES HER UP!! BRAINBUSTER DROPPING JENNY CIEN INTO THE CANVAS!!! WINDGATE STILL FAVORING THAT KNEE THOUGH, BUT HE, HE MANAGES TO HOOK HER LEG!!


Jake Mercer: SHE KICKS OUT!!! Windgate, rising slowly up to his feet, his knee obviously bugging him as he staggers to the outside apron! And he begins making his way slowly to the top turnbuckle! High risk might not be where he needs to go right at this moment! But he’s still doing it, Cien though! She manages to rise up, and she sends a forearm to the face of Windgate! And she begins to climb the turnbuckle as well! Windgate with a body shot to the mid-section of Jenny Cien! Cien coming back with a right hand! Cien and Windgate rising on the top turnbuckle as the anticipation continues to grow in this arena for what’s about to happen!  CIEN JUMPS!! JUMPING HURRICANRANA OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE SENDING JUSTIN WINDGATE CRASHING TO THE CANVAS!! Windgate sent halfway across the ring! Justin in pain and Cien laid out on the canvas as the fans in England continue to slap the barricade as they are enjoying the action that is being put on by these athletes, some of the best in the world on the best show in the world, DYNASTY! Both competitors down trying to scramble up to their feet to fight for the prestigious New Breed Championship! Windgate pulling himself up with use from the ropes as Cien pushes herself up off the canvas and stands to her feet as her nose is a mess and she may have a broken nose!

Flannery McCoy: Cien! As Windgate turns A RUNNING A YAKUZA KICK KNOCKING JUSTIN WINDGATE OUTSIDE OF THE RING AND ONTO THE RING SIDE FLOOR! Windgate falls down to the outside floor as he quickly tries to gather himself and get back up but he’s rocked! Meanwhile Cien, climbing the top turnbuckle! AND SHE LEAPS!!! DIVING CROSSBODY FROM THE RING TO THE OUTSIDE FLOOR CRASHING INTO JUSTIN WINDGATE!!!! RISK TAKING ACTION!!!! DELIVERED BY THE BADDIE!! THE NEW BREED CHAMPION! Cien has lost blood from her nose and she continues to fight on! As she struggles to grab the heavier Justin Windgate up to his feet and she slowly, but surely rolls the former National Elite Champion inside the ring! Cien, she isn’t done! As she enters the ring! She begins scaling that top turnbuckle again! She’s perched, JUMPING ON THE TURNBUCKLE AND TURNS FOR A JENNY SAULT!!!! WINDGATE MOVES OUT OF THE WAY!!!!   JENNY CIEN GOES CRASHING INTO THE CANVAS HARD!! Windgate! Backing himself into a corner! As he’s pulling himself up, and he makes his way over to Jenny Cien! Placing her between his legs before punching the feeling back in his knee! AND HE MUSCLES HER UP!! AND HE RUNS!!! RUNNING TURNBUCKLE POWERBOMB BY JUSTIN WINDGATE!!! CIEN HIT’S THE TURNBUCKLE HARD!!! AND AS SHE RICOCHET’S BACK!! WINDGATE CONNECTS WITH A BIG SUPERKICK TO THE FACE OF JENNY CIEN!!! AND HE FALLS TO THE COVER!!! THAT HAS TO BE IT!!


Stew: CIEN POPS HER SHOULDER OFF THE CANVAS!!!! SHE KICKS OUT OF THAT ONSLAUGHT BY WINDGATE!!!! This crowd standing on their feet appreciate the effort that these competitors are putting on here tonight on the first Dynasty of the New Year which is shaping out to be one hell of a show and this match is one of the reasons why! Windgate can’t believe she kicked out of that insane moveset combination! Windgate rising up to his feet signaling the end of this match he grabs the lifeless Jenny Cien by her arm and begins dragging her all the way to the corner! Windgate, setting up  FOR CARDIAC ARREST!!! HE JUMPS FOR THE SLINGSHOT DROPKICK!!!!! IN THE CORNER!!! BUT JENNY CIEN MOVES!!!! WINDGATE GOES CRASHING BACK AND NECK FIRST TO THE CANVAS!!! Cien, avoiding further damage! Windgate rising up to his feet holding his lower back as Cien rises! AND CIEN WITH A FOREARM SMASH TO THE FACE OF WINDGATE! WINDGATE COMES BACK WITH A FOREARM OF HIS OWN! CIEN WITH A FOREARM SMASH ONCE AGAIN TO THE FACE OF WINDGATE! AND SHE BEGINS UNLOADING WITH A BUNCH OF FOREARM SMASHES TO THE FACE OF WINDGATE!! UNLOADING UNTIL WINDGATE FINALLY DROPS TO A KNEE!! CIEN BACKING UP, AND SHE RUNS!!! AND COMES FORWARD FOR A SHINING WIZARD!!  BUT WINDGATE POPS UP AND IMMEDIATELY TILTS HER AROUND FOR A TILT A WHIRL BACKBREAKER!!!! HE DROPS JENNY CIEN’S LOWER BACK ACROSS HIS KNEE!!!

Jake Mercer: Windgate, looking like he’s about to take another risk! As exits the ring to the apron and he begins to climb the top turnbuckle! Despite the pain that knee has to be in! Windgate still doing whatever it’s going to take and try and win this match here on Dynasty! WINDGATE PERCHED HIGH!!! AND HE LEAPS FOR A FROG SPLASH!!!  HE MISSES THE FROG SPLASH!!! CIEN MOVES!!! Cien up on her feet as Windgate rises, he’s holding his mid-section! JENNY CUTTER!!!! RUNNING CUTTER CONNECTS DRIVING WINDGATE FACE FIRST INTO THE CANVAS!!!!! CIEN HOOKS THE LEG!!! SHE MAY HAVE JUST RETAINED THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!




Stew: JENNY CIEN KICKS OUT ONCE AGAIN!!!!! SHE’S STILL ALIVE IN THIS MATCH!!!! Windgate wasting no time as he climbs up to the top turnbuckle! He’s going to take another risk! Whoever can deliver the most impactful aerial assault might just win this match! Windgate high! But Cien, she’s rising up to her feet while Windgate was getting his footing right, AND SHE RUNS FOR A RUNNING ENZIGURI TO THE FACE OF WINDGATE!! WINDGATE IN A SITTING POSITION ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE! Jenny Cien begins climbing up as well, she could be looking for the move she delivered earlier! She could be going for that SUPER HURRICANRANA!!! SHE JUMPS FOR IT!!!! BUT WINDGATE HOLDS ONTO HER!!!! AND HE LIFTS HER HIGH!!!! HIGH IN THE AIR FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!!!! AVALANCHE POWERBOMB LUNGBLOWER FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!!! DOUBLE KNEES TO THE SPINE AS JENNY CIEN POPS UP HIGH IN THE AIR AND CRASHES TO THE CANVAS!!! And Windgate, favoring his knee, but ignoring the pain, he feels he’s closing in on the championship! WINDGATE HIGH IN THE AIR ONCE MORE!!! ONE LAST SHOT!!! WINDGATE JUMPS!! X—FACTORRRRRR!!!!! SHOOTING STAR PRESS FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE CRASHING INTO JENNY CIEN AS HE HOOKS THE LEG!!



(“Go Off” By Lil Uzi Vert, featuring Quavo & Travis Scott begins to as Windgate jumps up to his feet and immediately begins to celebrate as the fans cheer him on as he is helped up to his feet by the official and handed the New Breed Championship)





(Camera shows Windgate raising the New Breed Championship before heading out of the ring and celebrating with the England fans as he jumps the barricade and raises the title high for the crowd as he soaks in the adulation)

(Camera fades elsewhere)

(Recap of the Extreme Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Championship at Road to Redemption airs ending with the final sequence of TLA over Drake and The Visual Prophet. It then shows TLA’s match at Christmas in Dubai against Charlie Marr which ended in interference from Drake King causing TLA to lose.)

(The camera transitions back to the arena as crowd grows quiet but the largest pop of the night is heard the second the familiar piano keys of ‘Ambitionz az a Ridah’ by 2Pac plays. Out walks the World Heavyweight Champion TLA as he smiles from ear to ear with his belt around his waist.)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen, hailing from The Poon Palace in Miami, Florida…he is the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…TLAAAAA!!!!

Stew-O: The man that had the biggest win of his career with all the pressure mounting, five of the best elitist of the company on his heels, weapons sprawling, and the pressures of potentially becoming a transitional champion…TLA is still out World Heavyweight Champion. 

Jake Mercer: It was the greatest performance I’ve ever seen from La Pantera Sexual and that includes when he wrestled a 69 minute classic in San Juan with Demonic Technio for the Spanish Rice Intercontinental Championship back in 04. 

Stew-O: I doubt very much that match existed but he did look to follow up that performance with another classic against Charlie Marr at Christmas in Dubai until…

Flannery McCoy: …Until Drake King interfered and stomped his face into the ground and knocked him out.

Stew-O: It’s evident TLA has taken pride of his status as the champion here on Dynasty after his long journey to get to the top but it’s also clear Drake King is very envious and hell bent on being the one to end TLA’s title run and assert himself in his spot.

(TLA enters the ring and gives a quick shimmy before standing on the turnbuckle, slapping his chest, unbuckling his belt, and lifting it high. TLA watches the crowd going crazy before he hops down and is handed a microphone as his music fades.)

TLA: ¿Cómo van las cosas los blancos?

Crowd: T-L-A!! T-L-A!! T-L-A!! T-L-A!! T-L-A!! T-L-A!! 

TLA: Fire. Yeah. We back! Still got my strap. Shit is crazy, mane. Super fire. Intense match up. Scary hours before and during Road to Redemption. I can’t front. I can’t lie. I seen the doubters and haters expecting me to fail. Expecting me to struggle. Expecting my run to end quickly. People chiming in from all over the globe telling me Impact was coming to regain his throne. Screaming about how poetic it would be for Cage to beat me in the chamber a year from the day he lost his world title. How Kassidy is not just the best women’s wrestler but how she owns me in the ring. How Vizzy and his sexy hips were going to gyrate with this belt around his waist. How Drake King was better and wanted it more than me. Damn shame none of that shit happened and I still have this right here in my possession Demonios si!

(The fans jump for joy as TLA raises his belt high again.)

TLA: I proved to everybody that I’m for real. Yea, doubters and haters can eat my culo now. No more transitional champ talk. I’m THE big dawg now and I will be all of 2020, too. Big shit talk by big boi champ. Jokes aside, I put my pride and my life on the line not just for this belt, not just for my legacy, not just for my career…but for the respect and love that you people all give me and how hard you root and cheer for me every time I walk out here and perform. Plus, now I can charge triple at the Poon Palace for johns who want to take a pic with this belt after they get their world rocked by Michelle McGillislutty.

(Laughs ensue as TLA begins rubbing his chin.)

TLA: Then, I got a Christmas gift with a potential classic match at Christmas in Dubai vs that rat face Captain Caveman looking Vato Charlie Marr and I was so close to beating him but it seems a certain King thought different and decided to stomp my head into the mat and leave me knocked out on freaking Christmas Day. This is the worst Christmas since my Abuela got my cup of Spoons when I clearly told her and Santa I wanted a Butt and some Poon. All that is to say that, it’s clear Drake wasn’t satisfied with me dropping him on his head with the Mexican Destroyer and pinning him along with his husband Viz and wants more smoke with La Pantera Sexual. Shits crazy, man. He wins a tag team match against me and Landerson, gets beat fairly in the chamber, stomps on my head and thinks that means he deserves a title shot. I don’t even care about him not earning it because in EAW a lot of people get things they never earned. That’s fine, I’m not the one to come out here and tell everybody how to book a show, StarrStan has clearly had that taken care of. But, as World Heavyweight Champion I do have some pull around this bitch.

(TLA stops smiling and begins to get serious.)

TLA: Suddenly sexy, Raven Roberts called started 2020 on Dynasty calling out her challenger and I have the luxury of doing the same. Difference is, despite how she did it, Sienna earned that title shot versus me basically handing this young boy one. So, young boy…it’s clear you want a fight with me. It’s obvious you want my title and I have no problems giving you a chance at both. So, Drizzle Kizzle climb your ass out of Viz’s bed, put on your wrist tape, and come get the fight you claim that you want…right here, right now vato.

(The crowd is roaring until Adelita’s Way is heard and “Ready to War” blasts out the public announcement speakers. A few seconds go by as a charged u Drake appears on stage huffing and puffing with intensity in his eyes. A mid reaction filled the building as a huge chunk began to boo Drake whilst a solid section began to cheer him on. Drake furiously punches his chest with both hands as he stares at TLA balling his fist up daring him to try him.)


Jake Merced: The man who was pinned simultaneously with The Visual Prophet and rebuffed for a second year in a row inside the extreme elimination chamber has made it obvious he wants to be the one to take that belt off TLA and it looks like their fight is going to happen right now!

Flannery McCoy: DRAKE IS CHARGING DOWN THE RAMP AS HE…HE…wait…he stops.

Jake Mercer: I’m confused right now.

Stew-O: Drake has stopped right in his tracks ringside as his music continues to play and TLA stands in the ring with the belt dangling from his left hand and his right hand cocked and ready to swing. Drake’s intense demeanor is fading away as he stops huffing and puffing and stares at TLA stoically. Drake slowly walks around the ring, grabbing a microphone as he makes his way completely back to the side facing the stage as he turns and slowly walks up the steel stairs. The crowd that was split begin to hush as his music fades and he begins to speak.

Drake King: TLA, once again with the inspirational mumbo jumbo with all his cliche phrases and cookie cutter respond. “DRAKE WANTS TO FIGHT, LETS FIGHT RIGHT NOW”, “IM NO TRANSITIONAL CHAMPION”, and whatever else nonsense you said right before I came out here…

(Drake reaches the top of the stairs and walks the apron as TLA stares him down.)

Drake King: We get it, you’re the hero. You are the one that did what I couldn’t essentially twice and that’s beat Impact when that World Heavyweight Championship was on the line. We know how much these fans love you and support you and worship the dirty ground you walk on. I understand how hard of a journey it was for you and how badly you want to leave a lasting impression and a good legacy for not just you but luchadores, Mexicans, and everyone that roots for you to feel proud of. I get it, I got it, and frankly, I am over it. I am over all of it. I am over all of this. I am especially over you and at Christmas in Dubai I honestly thought that I was going to be the one to end this all inside that Extreme Elimination Chamber but…I did not. I failed. I failed like everyone else did inside that extreme elimination chamber and I realized that this feeling I have for you and especially for the mere idea of you still having that championship was eating away at my very being as a man. My soul was rotting every time I had to look up at the EAW website and see that with that belt on your shoulders. My stomach turned every time I would cut on a television set and see you on every commercial with that championship in your possession. I was losing my mind having to hear people applaud you for managing to prolong this championship run knowing that If I got one more crack at that belt that I could end this reign and finally begin the one I have been destined to have. 

(Drake enters the ring and stands opposite TLA who finally relaxes and stands straight as Drake continues.)

Drake King: I could have simply went to StarrStan and pleaded my case as to why I deserve to be next in line for that belt. I could have taken on Kassidy, Viz, Imp, Cage, or whomever they deemed the perfect opponent and fought for this contenders spot “the right way” as everyone puts it. Or, I could have just brought the fight right to you and do exactly what I did to you at Christmas at Dubai and that’s watch you wrestle one of the most grueling matches I’ve ever seen you have, wait until the referee was out of the picture, watch you almost make Charlie Marr tap out in that cross armbreaker, and jump 40 inches in the air and curb stomp your skull through the ring mat and give you a concussion that would make an NFL player wince right up. I came through the crowd, gave you the Fallen Kingdom, and told Charlie Marr to pin you right in the middle of that ring and I am not going to apologize for it.

TLA: I would never expect a bitch ass puto like you to apologize Drake. It’s not in your character. You are the King of running into matches that dont involve you and fucking shit up vato. You ran and fucked up my match with Kassidy Heart, you ran in at Battle of Egypt and fucked up Viz vs Cage, you ran in and fucked up my match at Christmas in Dubai…that is what you do, mane. You are a certified runner, Drake.

Drake King: Don’t call me a runner, TLA.

TLA: You even ran out here just now like you was about to miss a train. Drake running right for the train, I bet Viz loves to hear this type of stuff. :mjlol:

Drake King: Thats another reason why I have to beat you for that belt. That right there. Always joking and not taking anything serious. That title deserves a better champion and I am that better champion.

TLA: Well first off you not better. More importantly, you ain’t no champion homes. You just a guy who doesn’t cuss and is cucking his old best friend. You Lil Fizz and Jake Smith is Omarion!

Drake King: Make all the stupid pop culture references you want. Make all the Chancletas you have explode. Play red rocket with your HGH puppy and sexually harass all the sex workers you can…but, I want to make one small change about you and that’s relieve you of that World Heavyweight Championship. I will do just that and then restore order back to this company by forcing you to admit I’m the best right after pinning you in the middle of the ring.

TLA: Restore order? You been watching too much Star Wars on Disney+ or something. May the force be with cho head ass homes. How about I accept this here challenge for King if Elite and force you to learn to respect not just this belt but respect me as your reigning and defending World Heavyweight Champion? I thought Mexican Destroying you from the top of the chamber into the ring would have knocked some sense into you but it looks like I’ll be needing a few swag shots to help shake that tiny brain of yours again, homes. You keep taking me for a joke but ain’t nobody laughing right now. Funniest thing about all this is the fact that it sounds like you don’t want the fight right here and now, do you?

Drake King: Sorry to disappoint the public but no. We are not fighting here tonight regardless of how much these people want it to go down. You may be the champion but I am the King and I am not going to let you trick me into wasting anymore of my time standing out here and arguing with you let alone fighting before it’s time for that belt to be defended. I will say, keep your head on a swivel and watch your back. TLA, King of Elite will be the night I take that title off of you and finally sit at the throne that only I deserve to sit as the King of The World and the NEW World Heavyweight Champion.

(Drake shakes his head.)

Drake King: I had to listen to Impacts feeble jokes. I was helpless to his GAWD contract cheating ways. I had to deal with not just you but four other elitist at Road to Redemption. Now? I am in control. We aren’t fighting because I said we are doing it at King of Elite and I’m making sure everyone especially you realize this time will be different. I am setting the tone, I control the pace, and I will have the final decision when the match ends. That decision being I will win and you will fail!

TLA: King of the Elite, you do that? Nah. All you gon’ do is sit on a dick and choke under pressure once again because you definitely not stopping this reign, homes. I’ll see you at the ppv, bro.:smugcena:

(‘Ambitionz az a Ridah’ returns as TLA makes sure to shoulder bump Drake as he walks past him, hoisting his belt on to his opposite shoulder, and exiting the ring. Drake turns as he watches the champ walk up the ramp and he glares at his King of the Elite opponent as TLA turns to stare back at him.)

Stew-O: It’s set in stone and I’m sure every fan of this sport can’t wait to see these two go at it. Drake King, looking to manifest this third World Heavyweight Championship shot into a victory will challenge TLA at King of Elite. TLA is riding high some of the best performances of his career but can he keep it going with Drake at his hungriest standing in front of him?

Flannery McCoy: I’ve never wanted to see two elitist go at it so badly. Both men are arguably the biggest names in EAW now and I’m excited to see them showcasing their talents and giving everything they have in order to decide who will be the World Champion for 2020!

Jake Mercer: I’d bet my man bun that this is finally Drake’s time. This is his chance to finally solidify his career and be the man everyone expected him to be following his incredible rookie season and his improvement filled 2019. But, I know TLA has been at his peak this season and it won’t be an easy victory for either man!

Stew-O: What a way to kick off 2020 and get us on a pathway towards our next FPV, King of Elite! I’m Stew-O and with Flannery McCoy, Jake Mercer, and all of EAW by my side I say have a wonderful night and see you all next week!

 (The last shot is of Drake alone in the ring as the fans can be seen cheering on TLA who is up the ramp with his belt on his shoulders as he does one last shoulder shimmy before the camera fades out completely.)

(EAW Logo buzzes.)

Written by Fight Grid

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