Darcy May Morgan

The Leading Lady

Darcy May is the leading lady. She is theatrical, over the top, dramatic, sassy and arrogant to name a few. Everything is a show in the eyes of Darcy, and her main aim is to take the spotlight for herself. She craves the attention and for all eyes to be on her. After every match, she often takes a bow as if she is acknowledging her perfect performance in the ring. Darcy also has a very sarcastic sense of humour. She often likes to use poetry to get under the skin of her opponent, which comes from her Mother’s love of poetry. Although seen as a typical “airhead”, Darcy has a high IQ and isn’t stupid at all.

Darcy can also be described as a typical London Social Media influencer. She has a wealthy family, and has never had a problem with money. She is high glamour and would never be seen in anything less.

Becoming the leading lady was something that Darcy describes as being life saving. It highlights the change in her life from letting everyone walk over her, to then changing into someone who only did things for herself. She didn’t want to be walked over anymore, and the leading lady character does not let that happen. Leading this new life meant Darcy could change her life for the better.

Written by Fight Grid

Ronan Malosi

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