Constance Blevins

The Forgotten

Constance Blevins, the calm, down to earth, wholesome, good natured one of Heavenly Hell, is an intelligent young woman that methodically takes what she wants within the limits of her own code of conduct without much regard for whom it may affect (w/Minerva being the exception to this). She doesn’t believe in betrayal or lying. Whether you agree with her ways or not, she will always tell you the truth. With that said, she cares about tradition, loyalty, and order.

Having made her return at Road To Redemption after her tag partner Minerva’s huge victory over Sienna Jade, the woman who destroyed not just her career but changed her life maybe forever, the woman who tried to remold herself as ‘The Revival Of’ Constance Blevins has surprisingly much better perspective about things and is ready to face everything she’d avoided for months while she allowed her body and mind to mend.

After rushing back too soon late last season following an ankle injury she had sustained during Heavenly Hell’s unsuccessful tag team title defense back at Under Siege which ended their record setting reign, Constance claimed she was back to be the Revival of the women’s division. But the truth is, the Women’s division had never been stronger with women holding great standing within their own ranks just as much as they were amongst the men’s. In actuality Constance had become bitter that she was forgotten about on the sidelines, and with that wanted nothing more than to make people remember her in some form or fashion. So she came up with the failed ‘Revival’ run that came to a head after her TaiPei Deathmatch at this season’s Bloodsport, where she got humiliated by Sienna Jade. Adding insult to injury, Sienna became noted as the ‘Eye Collector’, all at Constance’s expense.

Now with taking a weakened Sienna Jade out at Road To Redemption after Minerva finally put her down with The Black Wedding, this brings back Heavenly Hell the longest reigning tag team champions in the company’s history, and perhaps there is more to come from here now with Constance back in the picture. But ‘The Revival’? That is but a distant memory as far as Constance is concerned. Many will probably bring it up to use against her going forward, but going forward Constance is set on proving once and for all that she has the ability to be a major player in the company without all the endorsements, exposure, fanfare, and overall popularity that many others in the company have received. She’s no longer bitter as she was previous, but she knows she has a long way to go before she can truly earn any respect back that she may have lost during the last nine months. Forgotten. Moved on from. Completely written off. That’s who she is now, and she accepts it. What’s the difference at this point? She didn’t get into this business because she wanted to be on all the merchandise and posters. She did it originally to make her mother who was befallen by cancer and all her true supporters proud, so why stop there? At this point she’s got nothing to lose?

Written by Anna C. Flowers


Harlow Reichert