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Chelsea Crowe

The Black Heart

Chelsea Crowe is a woman who knows what she is doing. Behind the exterior of ‘Hot Topic-brand edginess’ lies a calculating mind, one that knows how to play the world like a violin. She knows what works: sex sells, marketable punk rock that you can suck on without fear of it cutting up your mouth sells. And so this is what she presents to the world, luring them in only to snap back at them with razor sharp wit and suffocating amounts of sarcasm. If you find yourself in her path, she will cut you up with her words before dicing you with her in-ring technique, with absolutely no remorse.

If you wanted someone who will cry about living her childhood dream – or someone who even had a dream of becoming a wrestler – then look elsewhere, because Chelsea is not your girl. She came into this business through someone else, and after being told she had a talent, she’s going to milk it for all it’s worth. Disrespectful, deceptive, and despicable, she has no time for your games or your oh-so-pointless catchphrases. Quit with the passion and legacy BS and show her who she has to beat to get a higher paycheck. She’s just here to prove she’s the most profitable woman around, and to do that, you don’t need a pet name for your fans or a new title to call yourself by – you just need a USP. And hers? Not giving a single fuck.

And all this has led her to rewards just six months into her EAW career: the Specialists Champion, a member of the elite group of women to have won a Specialist Rampage, and one of the fastest-rising stars in Empire history. But she didn’t get all this by walking on eggshells. Controversy creates cash, after all, and if you think Chelsea will handle you with care, then you have no idea who she is. You will, though. It’s simple – she’s one of the most important women around. That’s not opinion. That’s fact.

Cry about it.

Andrea Valentine

Layla Lockhart