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(Fight Grid intro plays.)

(The camera opens up to a shot of the EAW Headquarters located in Newark, New Jersey. After the aerial shot is concluded the camera pans to the inside of the building, as none other than Molly Waters is seen behind her signature Fight Grid desk with a smile on her face. She lets the camera pan closer towards her before she begins to speak)

Molly Waters: Welcome to another installment of Fight Grid! Where we have news for the EAW Universe all throughout the Land of The Elite! Today we have breaking news on the brand exclusive Free-Per-Views that are just on the horizon for us this Season, more specifically, Showdown’s Under Siege, and Dynasty’s Reckless Wiring!

Molly Waters: There will be a significant change to the date of each of the said Free-Per-View barring Voltage’s Shock Value which will be staying on the slated date of March 20th, 2021. It goes as follows, with each Free-Per-View now taking place a week earlier, Under Siege now officially takes place on March 27th, 2021! And we’re not done here, we also have Reckless Wiring which is now taking place on April 3rd, 2021!

Molly Waters: What exciting news as the wait gets even closer and closer each day for the festivities! And that is all we have for you today on Fight Grid, I’m Molly Waters, signing out!

(Molly waves towards the camera as it pans out once more, after a while from there, the camera fades out signifying the end of the scene)

(Fight Grid logo buzzes.)

Written by John Helms

Dynasty 3/5/20

Showdown 3/6/21