BREAKING NEWS: 9/8/19 Voltage Location Moved!

(The camera fades into Sofia Clarke standing in the middle of a nice beach. A lot of people are seen in the background are people sitting in lawn chairs as the faint sounds of protesting are heard from the Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum. Sofia finally starts to speak as the protesting quiets down)

Sofia Clarke: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to this Fight Grid exclusive breaking news report. Earlier today protestors from the state of Mississippi lined up at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum where Voltage was going to be at and demanded Voltage to not be held at the arena. An order by the state told Matt Daniels and Veena Adams that they were not allowed to hold Voltage there tonight. Well, I just got the news that Voltage will go on. Here with me now is Matt Daniels and Veena Adams.

(The camera widens out to show Matt Daniels and Veena Adams next to each other. Matt Daniels has a smile on his face while Veena looks at the camera with a smug look)

Matt Daniels: Yes indeed, despite all the problems that have come up Voltage will still go on. Whilst the nearest arena is miles away and we can’t move the show to a different state the day of, we have come up with something that’ll work out for sure. Voltage will not be live at an arena, instead, it’ll be live at…

(Quickly out of nowhere EAW Production Trucks pull up on cue as the people at the beach get excited. Many of the EAW staff crew jump down and waste no time getting a ring set up. The people sitting at the beach start to scatter as both Veena and Matt look with smirks on their face)

Veena Adams: THE BEACH!!! I don’t think they can stop us from doing this? Even if all you need to know is Voltage will go on. Oh yeah and as for you no good ingrates in Mississippi, there’s more we’d like to do for you.

Sofia Clarke: And what does that seem to be?

Matt Daniels: Well in the spirit of giving… Tonight, all proceeds generated from ticket and merch sales will be donated to the state of Biloxi, Mississippi as a thank you.

Veena Adams: No… as a fuck you!

Sofia Clarke: Is there any reason you chose the beach out of all places?

Veena Adams: Gosh you ask too many questions. Isn’t it obvious? It’s the most convenient to get to and since these Catholic snowflakes can’t bare hold a show in their bible belt shit when we’re trying to entertain some diehard fans, we’re doing it anyways, because we can.

Sofia Clarke: Will this affect the show in any way after what happened at the arena?

Matt Daniels: Nothing will change out of the norm, but trust me once everything around here comes into play, and when I mean everything, I mean EVERYTHING! Things will certainly start to get interesting.

Sofia Clarke: Last question, don’t you think you’ll get fired for doing this?

Veena Adams: …

Sofia Clarke: …

Veena Adams: Nah.

Matt Daniels: :usure:

Veena Adams: Maybe…

Sofia Clarke: Well you heard it here folks Voltage is coming to you live from the beach! Stay tuned! Any last words?

Veena Adams: Let’s just say, be prepared for anything. Because well, we’re Voltage! It’s not like we’re going to listen to pussies who cringe when they see a drop of red. I highly doubt they can do anything about it. Nothing’s going to change from what you’ve seen before, Voltage is still Voltage, and blood is still blood!

Sofia Clarke: Well Veena, Matt, thank you for your time.

(Matt and Veena leave the scene to help out on Voltage as Sofia Clarke is left beaming a bright smile as the camera fades to black)

(Fight Grid logo appears.)

Fight Grid: Huge Territorial Invasion Announcement!

Voltage 9/8/2019