Battle of Egypt Dream Match Set!

In two weeks, EAW will be taking their first stop at their worldwide tour as they land in Suez, Egypt for Battle of Egypt, a tri-brand supershow. This event will be one out of three tri-brand supershows held this season. 

There have been rumors from sites like Bleacher Report, and numerous sources about a series of “dream matches” set up for the event. Recently, it was reported that EAW Hall of Famer and two-time World Heavyweight Champion, Tyler Parker was backstage at Territorial Invasion. Rumors began to swirl about him making a potential appearance at Battle of Egypt. 

Here at Fight Grid, we confirm that Parker will be making an appearance at Battle of Egypt. He takes on fellow Hall of Famer and two-time World Champion, Jamie O’Hara in one of the so-called “dream matches” for the supershow. These two are known as the faces of their respective eras and surpassed the Elitists of their generation. Both know how it feels to carry the company on their back and have done a fantastic job in that. We are aware of what O’Hara is capable of, but it should be interesting to see what shape Parker is and if he can hang with the Elitists of today. 

According to the Vice President of Elite Answers Wrestling, HRDO, this will be the first of a series of dream matches for the event. We’ll do our best to keep everyone posted if any more news appears.

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