Archimedes J. Manson

The Anamaniac

“The Animaniac” Archimedes J. Manson thinks he’s hilarious. He considers himself to be the funniest, most entertaining and superior performer to ever step foot into a wrestling ring. The self-proclaimed God’s Gag Gift to Sports Entertainment looks at the world through animated eyes and sees everyone and everything as an opportunity for a laugh. He doesn’t take anything or anyone seriously, reveling in the chaos that he leaves in his wake. He has taken it upon himself to use the EAW as his latest vehicle through which to preach his zany gospel. He’s fully aware that he’s completely insane and embraces his foolishness, living his life however he wants and regardless of how it affects anyone else. In his heart of hearts, he believes he’s the most hilarious and entertaining wrestler of all time and if he has to kick everyone’s asses to prove it… he will.

Written by Fight Grid

Lindsey Kingsley

Helena Merriman