Alex Bowden

The Black Hawk

Born to a family of French farmers in a small village near the Spanish border, Xander never particularly sought to join the family profession and instead wanted to be a member of law enforcement. Despite his best efforts however Xander was disallowed from joining the police force due to his many eccentricities interfering with his effectiveness not to mention providing him an all too prevalent eagerness for violence.

After failing to join the police Xander attempts to join the military instead to at least make the best use of his violent urges but was turned away there too due to an incident with left a drill sargeant hospitalised. Now seeing no real path for himself in life and unable to secure a regular job, Xander slipped into a period of depression and substance abuse while wandering Europe which culminated in a violent brawl in a bar in Denmark. The two men Xander had fought with and taken down were in fact members of a local wrestling promotion whose promoter offered to pay Xander’s bail in exchange for him appearing at their next show to capitalise on the incident.

Finding a place for himself among the violence loving world of wrestling, Xander worked odd jobs to pay for training to enter that world himself, finally finding a place that was not only accepting but encouraging of his eccentric nature and love of a good fight.

Charlie Marr

Cameron Ella Ava