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    Most Valuable Elitist #187

    Rising Star of the Week Kai Zolomon For Rising Star of the Week, Kai Zolomon takes this spot after a victory over Shortfuse PAKA, similar to how his opponent this week earned this same category. Looking ahead to this week’s edition of Voltage, he finds himself in a good position as he challengers Cepheus St. […] More

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    Voltage 7/14/2019

      (EAW intro plays.) (Voltage fades into a highlight video of last week’s episode. Veena Adams is seen opening the show, hating her life, and announcing her vacation. Before she goes, she talks about the upcoming Voltage exclusive event, Bloodsport, and makes an EAW Championship match between Malcolm Jones and Charlie Marr! Cepheus St. Claire […] More

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    Showdown 7/13/2019

    (EAW intro plays.) (Instead of the Showdown theme, “Let It Go” by A$AP Ferg is playing throughout the speakers of the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana as the camera hones in on the EAW Chairman and Answers World Champion who stands in the center of the ring. Mr. DEDEDE wears his championship around his […] More

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    Dynasty 7/12/19

      (EAW Intro Plays) (The camera rolls as we see a brief recap of what happened on the first episode of Season 13. We see Osamu Arcichida, Vic Venom, TLA, and Jake Smith winning big matches. We soon see King’s Court staring at Ripley and Cage backstage, Fatal Destiny offering Osamu a chance to join […] More

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    Most Valuable Elitist #186

    Rising Star of the Week Cepheus St. Claire On the season premiere of Voltage, Cepheus St. Claire managed to start things off in the right foot with a victory over a fellow newcomer, Shortfuse PAKA. After a well-fought battle with TLA, Cepheus needed this well-deserved victory. He needed something that was going to get the […] More

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    Voltage 7/7/2019

      (EAW intro plays.) (The intro fades into a highlight video of the EAW Draft Show. A graphic showing the various faces of members of the EAW Roster is shown, rapidly going through every person before finally stopping. The face of EAW Champion, Malcolm Jones, pops up. The process is repeated and the face of […] More

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    Showdown 7/6/2019

      (EAW intro plays.) (A quick recap of the EAW draft show begins to play immediately after the EAW intro, reminding the viewers watching at home of the changes made to the Showdown roster this season.) (“DNA” by Kendrick Lamar begins to play and we transition to a shot of the pyrotechnics blasting off in […] More

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    Dynasty 7/5/2019

      (EAW Intro Plays) (“Dynasty Intro” by Jay-Z instrumental plays.) (The camera opens as a recap of last season plays. Highlights featuring former Dynasty stars such as Mark Michaels, Ms. Extreme, Theron Nikolas, Shaker Jones, Jamie O’Hara, The FloBros, and everyone no longer on the show as a beautiful recap of some of their highs […] More

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    EAW Draft (2019)

    (EAW intro plays.) (The intro immediately fades into the Pain for Pride recap video, featuring Migos’ song “Position To Win.” All four world championship matches are spotlighted, starting with the ‘Three Stages of Hell’ match between Malcolm Jones and Chris Elite. Jones would go on to win that match, being one of only three champions […] More

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    Fight Grid LIVE! 6-29-19

    (The camera cuts to Maria Del Rey, who is standing in the ring holding a microphone.) Maria Del Rey: THE FOLLOWING CONTEST IS SCHEDULED FOR… Crowd: ONE FALL!!! Maria Del Rey: Introducing first!!! (“Styles Clash” by Yonosuke Kitamura hits to a silent reaction that indicates most of the crowd may not have even noticed the […] More

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    Most Valuable Elitist #185

    Rising Star of the Week Felix Hartley To introduce this Pain for Pride edition of Most Valuable Elitist, we gotta commend our new New Breed Champion, Felix Hartley on attaining the championship from SOSA Henderson. For those, who bet against this women, they should be regretting it. But, I was happy to see a bunch […] More

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    Pain for Pride XII (2019)

      VIEW THE OFFICIAL PAIN FOR PRIDE XII WIKI FOR THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS MATCH STIPULATION TIME Theron Nikolas(c) vs Jamie O’Hara vs Mr. DEDEDE vs Darkane Fatal Four Way match for the Answers World Championship Malcolm Jones(c) vs Chris Elite Singles match for the EAW Championship Noah Reigner(c) vs Impact vs Rex McAllister Triple Threat match for […] More

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