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    Most Valuable Elitist #181

    Rising Star of the Week Bowie Gray After several weeks in a hiatus, Bowie Gray made his return just a couple weeks before Gateway to Glory. I was not sure if he was going to be placed on the card, but for him to have the opportunity to get into the Cash in the Vault […] More

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    FULL MATCH – Vic Venom vs Bowen Castillo vs Martin Daniels

      (“Valkryia” by Amon Amarth plays to a big mixed reaction as Vic Venom comes out to the ring with Scott Venom, Vic whispers in Scott’s ear and Scott nods as he leaves to go back backstage) Maria Del Ray: Introducing first, from Norway, weighing in at 225 pounds…THE LEGACY, VIC…VENOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clark Ruggerio: Vic Venom […] More

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    Fighting Spirit: Seoul (2019)

      Match Card Main Event: Charlie Marr w/Jordie Ripley vs Daryl Kinkade – Barbed Wire Massacre II Noah Reigner © w/Evelyn Ridley vs Jackson Blayde w/Jazmin Garcia – World Heavyweight Championship Lethal Consequences vs Impact The Visual Prophet w/Veena Adams & Nina vs Rex McAllister (if The Visual Prophet wins the match, Veena Adams becomes co-commissioner alongside […] More

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    BREAKING: Major Pain for Pride Main Event Update

    EAW Week has continued to prove itself to be a huge success. Despite the four day live event chain in Seoul not yet being over, already the world has been awed, shocked, horrified, and astounded with the performances from the company’s best. And now, as Gateway to Glory, the red brand’s very own event for […] More

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    FULL MATCH – Dallas Houston vs Coyote Nash

      (“The Man” by the Killers plays as Coyote Nash comes out with a smug look, he spins around showing off his attire before winking at the camera and high fiving crowd members) Maria Del Ray: Introducing first, from The Mojave Desert, weighing in at 240 pounds…COYOTE, NASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clark Ruggerio: Coyote Nash has big hopes […] More

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    FULL MATCH – Silver Ann Gold vs Brianna Blair

    (“We R Who We R” by Ke$ha plays to cheers from the limited crowd here as Silver Ann Gold comes out excited to be here, she twirls before skipping around and high fiving the fans) Maria Del Ray: Introducing first, from Los Angeles California, weighing in at 110 pounds… THE GLITTERBOMB, SILVER…ANN…GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clark Ruggerio: Well […] More

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    Wrath of the Dragon (2019)

    (EAW Intro Plays.) (We open to see a deep blue evening sky overlooking Seoul, South Korea.) Narrator: Ancient legend tells a tale of the immortal dragon who ruled the skies… (Various flashes from recent episodes of Showdown begin to play.) Narrator: One that was sealed away by the mightiest warrior of the land… (Drake King, […] More

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    Terminus (2019)

    (EAW intro plays.) (“POP/STARS” by K/DA (ft Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Jaira Burns) begins to play over the scenic footage that begins to play.) “You know who it is Coming ’round again You want a dose of this Right now It’s K/DA” (Our footage starts up by showing off some of the scenery of Seoul, South […] More

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    FULL MATCH – Vic Venom vs Archimedes J. Manson

    (“Valkryia” by Amon Amarth plays as Vic Venom comes out to the stage with his father, Scott Venom. He brings a chill as the members of the audience are left skeptical as he passes by making his way to the ring) Maria Del Ray: Introducing first accompanied by Scott Venom! From Norway, weighing in at […] More

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    Captain Charisma Gives a Medical Update on Rex McAllister

    (Kathy Kush, one of the lead Interviewers for the EAW company, stands backstage in the midst of all of the commotion going on. The big news was that Rex McAllister was just attacked by the Visual Prophet not too long ago and was rushed to the local hospital for medical examination. The medics on site […] More

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    Voltage 5/12/2019

    (EAW intro plays.) (As usual, the show fades into a highlight video of the previous episode.) ● Jackson Blayde and Oskar Wagner are seen shaking hands on their new found partnership! It’s also announced that Wagner will face Jack Ripley for the National Elite Championship at Fighting Spirit!!! ● Bowen Castillo versus KYOTO versus Adam […] More

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